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Subliminal Guru Review – Are Inspire3’s Audios Good?

According to scientists, subliminal messages have an impact on us, even though we are not aware that we heard or saw them. Subliminal messages can influence many important decisions that we make in our life. Much of the subliminal advertising that was once used unethically in advertising has been banned; however, people now use subliminal messages knowingly to enhance their Subliminal Guru Reviewlives. This Subliminal Guru review will look at this top subliminal website and what it really has to offer you and your happiness, success, and health.

What Do You Get For Your Money with Subliminal Guru?

Subliminal Guru is a website that has over 350 separate subliminal MP3’s available for users to help change habits, thoughts, and negative patterns.

Many of the subliminal messages are embedded right into music, and you have your choice of music to listen to, depending on your mood. For instance, if you are relaxing, then you may want to choose the relaxation music with your subliminal audio. Or, if you are working out, you may want to choose the workout music to get you pumped while you listen to your subliminal messages.

You cannot really hear the messages behind the music; however, if you listen close enough, you can hear that someone is talking. The point of subliminal messages is that your subconscious mind is the one that can hear it and often acts on what it hears. For instance, if a movie quickly flashed the message, “Drink Pop!” in a way that your conscious mind couldn’t catch, your subconscious mind might be able to see it and, consequently, you may get up and get some pop without knowing what brought on the craving.

When you use constant positive subconscious affirmations, there is a good chance that those affirmations will become a part of your belief system, and your habits, thoughts, and patterns in life will change according to your new beliefs.

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All of the subliminal audio messages use various subliminal techniques, including:

  • Whisper Method: This uses affirmations that are spoken at a barely audible level that you will not pick up consciously, but the subconscious mind will hear.
  • Stereo Confusion: This technique overlaps the affirmations in the left/right channels at the same time. While this is too much for the conscious mind, the subconscious mind can soak in these messages.
  • Lighting Technique: Just like that “Drink Pop!” message I was talking about earlier, this technique increases the speed at which you hear the affirmation, and the subconscious can easily pick it up.
  • Reverse Speech: As the name suggests, this is when the affirmations are played in reverse. While there is not a lot of evidence supporting this technique and its effectiveness, there is some evidence that it may be beneficial.

subliminal guru audios
If you would rather choose an audible version, then you can download that option as well. They are mixed using a special subliminal process that allows you to hear the messages. It is important to note that this MP3 can get a little distracting because you can hear the different techniques being used. For instance, there are many affirmations overlapping each other at one point, and if you focus on it, you might stop focusing on whatever else you are doing. Therefore, the audible MP3 would be best to listen to when you are going to be in a meditative state, focused intently on something else with little chance of having your focus pulled away, or as you go to sleep.

Lastly, you can download subliminal messages with brainwave entrainment. This simply means that the audio will help your mind get into a more relaxing frequency, such as when you fall asleep or are deeply reflective about something. This is great when you are feeling chaotic and want to relax while listening to your subliminal messages.

No matter which MP3 you choose, each separate download is 10 minutes long. There are 14 separate tracks for each download, which means you get a total of 140 minutes of MP3 time for each subliminal download you buy. If you want, you can also buy a CD to listen to when you cannot listen to your MP3’s.

Lastly, you can buy subliminal bundles that contain different MP3’s focused on specific aspects that combine together to help a certain area of your life. For instance, you can buy a brain boosting subliminal bundle that contains the subliminal downloads Boost Your IQ, Think Like A Genius, Whole Brain Thinking, and Get a Razor Sharp Intellect. This bundle will help you tackle all areas of boosting your brain power.

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Who Is Subliminal Guru For?

Anyone who wants to release negative habits or limiting beliefs, and develop positive and self-serving beliefs and habits, will benefit from the messages that Subliminal Guru has on their site. There are so many MP3’s to choose from that everyone would be able to find one that they are interested in. Whether you want to lose weight, attract more to you, stop being critical of yourself, stop blushing, love your body, be more productive, stop smoking, overcome anxiety, or anything else, you will find a subliminal MP3 dedicated to you.

About The Company

Subliminal Guru was founded by Inspire3, which has a wide network of methods to unlock the power of your mind. They create subliminal messages that stand above the rest by using 4 different techniques to for maximum effect, as well as music that matches your mood and fits into your routine. But, most importantly, they are a company that guarantees the success of their subliminal messages with a 14-day money back guarantee.

The Pros and Cons of Subliminal Guru

The Pros

  • There is a lot of research to back up the effectiveness of subliminal messages.
  • Subliminal messages are embedded into 6 different types of music to fit your mood.
  • 1 spoken version is available for times when you do not want music.
  • Brainwave entrainment versions are available, with music and audio, to help your mind get into a more relaxed state naturally.
  • Find subliminal messages for health, fitness, sleep, mental skills, emotions, personal power, attraction, success, habits, addictions, phobias, illnesses, relationships, adult issues, parental issues, skills, music, and sports.
  • You can buy CD albums as well as the MP3’s.
  • Subliminal Guru has bundles to help you really achieve the results you want.
  • 14-day money back guarantee if you are not happy.

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The Cons

  • Should not listen to brainwave versions or brown noise version when you need to be alert and awake, such as driving.Money Back Guarantee
  • Cannot listen to these messages if you are epileptic.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Not recommended for those who wear a pacemaker.
  • Cannot download all of the various options at once as they needed to be downloaded one by one.

The Bottom Line

With 350 subliminal downloads to choose from, and 140 minutes worth of audio per download, this is one of those investments that will pay off. Subliminal Guru has made sure they created messages for every area of life that could benefit from positive affirmations and new beliefs.

A better life may be just a subliminal message away. Check them out, try a download, and if you are not happy you can get a refund. You really have nothing to lose!

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