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Springtime Tips To Get You A Bikini Ready Body For Summer

Springtime Tips To Get You A Bikini Ready Body For Summer

Springtime Tips To Get You A Bikini Ready Body For SummerWith the end of the winter blues comes the spring time sun, and you know what that means, summer is right around the corner. Many people choose winter as a time to get active due to New Year resolutions, but summertime is what you should really work for. This is the season when all those heavy layers come off, the world becomes a much warmer place, and it’s suddenly fun to work out without the use of indoor gym equipment. It also means bathing suit time, and nobody wants to be caught on the beach looking unprepared.

Dress For The Weather

The first tip for a good spring workout is to dress for the weather and this means packing an extra layer just in case. Unlike winter when you know it’ll be cold, or autumn when there’s a distinct chill in the air, spring is a mix of different temperatures and weather conditions. You could start a run in the sunshine and end in the rain, or find it a bit cool when you set out, but come home sweating hot. Lisa Maloney of She Knows explains:

You need full-body protection against splash-back when you run through puddles, and using lightweight, packable gear ensures that you won’t leave it behind to cut weight and then end up wet and cold.

Look for a packable wind breaking jacket or water proof pants that you can pull over your other clothing when the weather takes a turn for the worst. This will keep you wanting to continue your workout rather than cutting it short due to discomfort.

Get Back Outside

It’s finally warming up and that means you don’t have to wake up to an icy blast of cold if you want to get a morning jog in before work. Take advantage of this mild weather and find outdoor activities that you can do on your own or with friends. Join a running club, take yoga in the park, or break out your bicycle from the garage to get moving.

Clean Out The Cupboards

As the winter season fades out, so does the need for all that fatty junk food that came with the assortment of holidays you took part in. This means that leftover Christmas chocolate, New Year candies, and any other bits and pieces you’ve got hanging around need to go. Shape.com says:

Still have that tin of popcorn from the holidays or a box of chocolates from Valentine’s Day? Get rid of them.

Out with the old and in with the new food; it’s time to stock up on nutritious healthy choices that are easy to grab on the go, or that will give you access to a nice home cooked meal if you’ve got the time to cook. Go for clean ingredients without added sugar if you really want to tone up that midsection.

Prepare For Allergies

Don’t let allergies be your excuse for cutting your workouts short; get yourself the medication that you need, or steer clear of paths and fields where you know there’s a lot of spring time flower foliage. Joe Zemla of Yahoo Voices writes:

The spring is known for its high pollen and mold count, so if you are susceptible to allergies, consider using an antihistamine pill or eye-drops before heading out.

Drinking plenty of water can also help during this time, and if you do wind up feeling a little bit sneezy after a walk or a run then hop into the shower and get your face washed to rid yourself of any leftover particles that could be hanging around. The hot water and steam will help to open up your nasal passages and make you feel much more comfortable in no time.

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