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Mission Unbreakable Review – Is Dr. Kareem Samhouri’s Program Really Good?

10 Minute ‘Body Repair’ Circuits That Will Not Only Restore Your Body, But Accelerate Your Results!  Is There Honestly Such A Simple Way To Get Fitter And To Double Your Fat Loss Results…?

When it comes to ways that can improve your exercise program there’s certainly no shortage of ‘answers’ out there, that’s for sure.  But whether they work or not is another matter.  So when we came across Mission Unbreakable, a program that’s all about stretching, we have to admit to thinking that its claims are pretty outlandish.

Mission Unbreakable Review

But never let it be said that we jump to conclusions.  So there was nothing else to it but to get down and dirty with Dr. Kareem Samhouri’s latest offering.  Because when you read the marketing blurb, what it’s promising (if it works, that is), could be pretty crucial to your exercise results.  From fitness to fat loss; pain relief to strength, apparently the way we warm up and become more flexible is crucial to reaching our goals.

Below is exactly what we found out.  And, we have to admit, what we discovered certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Mission Unbreakable?

Okay then, so what Mission Unbreakable is all about is the way you warm up your muscles ready for exercise.  It’s about releasing the tension, and regaining the flexibility we all begin to lose as the years roll by.  And, according to Dr. Kareem, all it takes is a mere 10 minutes per day.

This instantly downloadable program includes the following:

  • 1: The Evaluation Center – First of all it’s essential to assess your personal posture and muscle imbalances.  Find out if your back is in alignment, as well of exactly how this is so.  Discover whether your shoulders are in balance, and which muscles are out of whack as a result.  It also includes a 3-minute, follow along movement screening evaluation that’ll show you whether or not you move in symmetry.
  • 2: The Tutorial Center – Following your evaluation, you’ll then chose from a set of exercises that are specifically targeted towards your individual needs.  The movements, stretches and tissue releases are laser targeted towards relieving your personal muscle imbalances.  Not only will this make you more flexible, but because your muscles will be working correctly, fat loss will be more efficient and any pain you suffer from will be alleviated.
  • 3: The Implementation Center – And now the work begins.  Here you discover 3 separate unique and specific pre and post-workout routines.    These are, ‘Follow Along Flexibility,’ ‘Follow Along Mobility,’ and ‘Follow Along Tissue Release & Activation.’  Each of these 10 minute routines are set to music and video, so you know exactly when to start, stop and which order to perform them in.
  • The Self-Diagnostic Checklist – Exactly as the title suggests, this gives you a quick screen to understand your own mobility, flexibility and tissue quality.  And it only takes 2-3 minutes to identify what areas of your bod7 are creating tightness, and how to improve your muscle quality.
  • The 4-Step Flat Stomach Formula – This is a bonus to the program, and is all about learning how to maximize your fat loss potential and get the abs you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Create My Workout – A groundbreaking fitness tool that’s fun to use.  It builds you brand new, personalized workouts in about 3 seconds flat!

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Who is Mission Unbreakable for?

You might well think that Mission Unbreakable is only for those who exercise on a regular basis.  And whilst, naturally, it’s great for this group, it’s actually a wonderful tool for pretty much everyone on the planet.  Our busy, 24/7 lifestyle means that pretty much every one of us has postural issues.  From sitting too many hours at the computer, lounging on the sofa to issues such as major or minor injuries – this all has the result of tight, less flexible muscles.

But if you can learn to re-energize these muscles once again, the results can be pretty amazing.  From fitness to strength; fat loss to speed, ensuring that you’re as flexible as possible can have remarkable results on your quality of life, not to mention reaching your fitness goals in the shortest time possible.

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Who is Dr. Kareem Samhouri?

Dr. Kareem SamhouriOften referred to as simply, Dr. K – this is a guy who is truly a metabolic fat loss and exercise expert.  He’s created some great programs in the past, such as Full Throttle Fat Loss and Double Edged Fat Loss, and is a true fitness professional.  He is also the owner of Global Fitness LLC – a service that provides a complete wellness solution to a plethora of happy customers around the world.  He also holds a bunch of professional qualifications, and has worked in some of the best hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in the US.  So he certainly knows what he’s talking about…

The Pros and Cons of Mission Unbreakable

The Pros

  • Each and every exercise, stretch and movement has a video demonstration so you can be sure that you’re performing the move in the correct manner.
  • The program is fully customizable for your own personal posture and flexibility issues.  This is one of the most advantageous parts of the program, because every one of us has slightly different problems to the next.
  • This is a valuable program even if you have past injuries.  This is because by learning how to correctly stretch and mobilize your muscles allows them to receive a good blood supply.  And it’s only through this – and the nutrition and oxygen this gives the muscles – that they truly begin to work once again in the manner they should.
  • Mission Unbreakable has been proven to help with the following conditions:  Tight hips and/or back, rotator cuff tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, muscle strains, knee cap pain, shoulder pain and many, many other conditions as well.

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The Cons

  • Money Back GuaranteeWell, the biggest ‘con’ will probably be your own doubts that Mission Unbreakable can actually help you.  After all, you’ve probably done loads of different stretching over the years.  But the sad truth is that ‘stretching’ in the way that most of us go about it, doesn’t do anything at all to help.  And that’s because we all do it at the wrong time – such as before a workout.  It’s a proven fact that your muscles will not stretch and flex to their full ability without a combination of aerobic and anaerobic activity for at least 20 minutes.  What Mission Unbreakable teaches you is how strategically release tight muscles, and it’s this that improves your flexibility and muscle function.

The Bottom Line

Well, we fully admit that our first thoughts when we came across Mission Unbreakable were going to be that this was not a lot of cop!  But we have to say that we couldn’t have been proven more wrong.  Because what this program is, is a way of totally rejuvenating your muscles (no matter how stiff or in disrepair they might be), and allowing your body to once again function as it should.

But the great thing is that you don’t simply have to take our word for it.  And that’s because Mission Unbreakable comes with a no quibble, 100%, 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.  And if an exercise program can’t give you results in a full two months, then it shouldn’t be on the market, in our humble opinion…  So we think it’s well worth giving a try, because it might well be the answer you’ve been looking for.  It’s a no-risk way of discovering whether muscle tightness is preventing you from achieving your targets.  A win-win situation, in other words.  Well done, Dr. K.  We think you’ll have a whole bunch of happy customers with this one…

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