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Bodyweight Flow Review – Is Tyler Bramlett’s Program Good?

Flexibility is important for good health. It also gives you the ability to workout properly. And it reduces pain that often accompanies a stiff body. But many of us are not as flexible as we could be. That’s one of the reason we wanted to do a Bodyweight Flow review. Its promise of increasing flexibility in only 2 bodyweight-flow-reviewminutes through a yoga-like routine seems like something we (and probably you) would want to learn.

But, there was another reason this program caught our eye. They also claimed that you can burn 53% more calories with this method as well. We were intrigued! How could a simple bodyweight movement help to burn more calories? Here is what we found.

What Do You Get For Your Money with Bodyweight Flow?

Inside Bodyweight Flow, there are upper body, lower body, and full body exercises to help improve your flexibility and strength. All of these are broken up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. And, all of these exercises are given to you in video format where you get to watch the exercise being performed by either Tyler or Sylvia, as well as hear some tips and tricks to make sure you are doing it right.

For the program, you should follow along with one routine for a minimum of 5 days per week. This means that you can spend as little as 10 minutes a day for 5 days a week and see results instead of hours per week doing yoga, Pilates, or stretching.

You can do these exercises pre-workout or just on their own. If you want to do them before your normal workouts, there is a bonus that helps you pair these Bodyweight Flow exercises with whichever workout you are doing, such as cross training, body building, running, swimming, or aerobics. Simply find your intended exercise, check out which Bodyweight Flow exercise will go best with it, choose the beginner, intermediate, or advanced version, and then do the exercise before you begin your workout.

If you just want to do the Bodyweight Flow exercises, you get three different calendars – labeled beginner, intermediate, and advanced – that will help you organize your monthly workouts with the exercises. Even if you think you want to plan your own daily exercise practice, you still may will want to use these calendars. If you don’t, you might spend more time picking out which flow routine you want to practice than you do working out. This is because there are 7 different flow routines for upper body, lower body, and full body. In addition, there are 7 routines for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced of each of these areas of the body.

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In short, the calendar gives you a clear focus on when to perform each one so that you don’t have to decide – you just do it.

If you are unsure of where to start, you will receive a quick start manual. This manual will help you quickly figure out what to do to get up and running today. It helps you decide which sequence to do first, and gives you insight that will help you get the best results.

And once you get comfortable with the program (or right from the beginning if you want), you can use the suggested 10, 20, or 30 minute workout flows to increase your results even more and get a full body flow routine. For instance, there are 14 different 10-minute flow routines you can choose from. Each suggested routine includes an upper body flow, lower body flow, and full body flow to practice, with a 1 minute rest in between each exercise. There are also 14 different suggested routines for 20 minutes and 30 minutes. And of course, you simply choose between the beginner, intermediate, or advanced routine depending on where you are.

Who Is Bodyweight Flow For?

The Bodyweight Flow routines have been tested on everyone – young, old, man, woman, and all physical states of health. Because these routines are based on biological principles, and not on how much you can do, what you can do, or how long you do it, the results will be the same for anyone.

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About The Creators

tyler bramlettTyler Bramlett is also known as the Garage Warrior. His discovery of bodyweight exercises is what got him to where he is today. He is best known for CT-50, which is a cross training program that consists of a unique combination of movements to encourage fat burning. You can find him on Facebook, with over 67,000 likes, and you can also find some of his videos on YouTube through various channels. It’s obvious that he knows how to get you the results you want. It’s also obvious that he is passionate about helping people get the results they want.

You will notice that a woman named Sylvia is in the videos as well. Tyler actually discovered this whole system thanks to her. She is a Pilates expert who taught Tyler that short bodyweight routines could help increase flexibility and force it to get loose and change.

The Pros and Cons of Bodyweight Flow

The Pros

  • No special diet involved
  • Routines are 2-3 minutes long (anyone can fit that into their daily workout routine for better health)
  • No equipment is required, just bodyweight
  • Burn more calories because you are able to do more movements and exercises with more flexibility
  • Get more out of your workouts
  • Reduce aches in joints and feel more fluid
  • Experience a greater range of motion
  • Comes with a calendar to help you practice daily easily
  • Comes with 14 different 10-minute, 20-minute, or 30-minute routine suggestions

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The Cons

  • If you are going to do the full routines, you have to either know what the flow movement is or have Money Back Guaranteequick access to the video for the movement.

The Bottom Line

These Bodyweight Flow exercises will help you become more flexible and perform your regular workout routines better, which will burn more calories. You simply do them on their own, or before a workout, and that’s it. They can help you move past plateaus, or possibly get moving altogether.

If you have a hard time touching your toes or just feel that you could be more flexible, the Bodyweight Flow program will benefit you. It’s been tested and proven. But if you are not totally sure, rest assured that you have 60-days to decide whether it is right for you or not. If you are not happy, you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

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