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Brain Bright Review – Will Biotrust’s Product Work for You?

Brain Bright ReviewWhen your brain is drained from being overworked, it becomes hard to excel in life. Relationships, work, and everyday chores become harder to get through, and that can cause more stress on the brain, which drains it even further. If you are not experiencing brain drain yet, then the chances are good that you will as you age, get busier with life, or experience more stress.

But, overworking your brain is not the only problem that contributes to poor brain health. For example, when you don’t get enough sleep, your ability to remember things, stay clear minded, and feel good are reduced. In fact, studies have shown that a lack of sleep can lead to brain shrinkage, which is a notable factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Moreover, research has shown that eating a healthy diet can help maintain a healthy brain, whereas eating a diet high in toxins, GMOs, and additives can have a negative effect on your brain. Some foods and drinks can even be neurotoxic and interfere with, or destroy, nerve cells in the brain.

biotrust-brain-bright-drain-reviewA small list of neurotoxins includes aluminum, mercury, fluoride, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, aspartame, and yeast extract. If you think you are not ingesting these ingredients, think again. These additives can be found in common processed food, canned food, and even drinking water.

Reducing your stress, getting more sleep, and eating a better diet only goes so far. There are other factors that affect your brain’s health negatively, and that’s where Brain Bright which is the Brain Drain Solution comes in.

The Brain Bright is a supplement that helps fight back against all these negative effects on your brain and offer your brain protection. Find out how in this Biotrust Brain Bright review.


*I may earn compensation for my review of the Biotrust Nutrition products discussed on this website

What Do You Get For Your Money with Brain Bright?

You get a supplement that includes some powerful ingredients proven to help promote a healthy brain and prevent future issues with the brain.

First, it provides your brain with nutrients that are essential for good brain health. Many people are not getting these nutrients in their diet.

The supplement also includes the purest version of Ginkgo Biloba around. Why is that important? Because even though Ginkgo Biloba has been proven to be a powerful neuro-nutrient and antioxidant that can help improve memory, blood flow to the brain, and brain metabolism, it can contain a toxin that is harmful to the brain.

This toxin is called ginkgolic acid, and it can damage DNA and hurt nerve cells as well as the immune system. It is naturally found on the Ginkgo leaves, but the extract used for consumption must contain less than 5 parts per million of the acid to be considered safe.

Most supplement companies buy cheap version of Ginkgo, and sadly that results in an extract that contains more than the safe amount. But in the Biotrust Brain Bright supplement, there is less than 1 parts per million. Therefore, if you are going to buy a supplement with Ginkgo, this is the one to buy.

Other ingredients found in the supplement include:

  • RhodiolaMax: Rhodiola rosea has been shown to increase the ability to concentrate, improve short-term memory, and decrease mental fatigue. In RhodiolaMax, there are 67% more rosavins and 100% more salidrosides, which are the active components that contribute to the brain health benefits. This means that this supplement contains one of the most concentrated forms of rhodiola rosea around.
  • N-acetyl-L-tyrosine: This is an amino acid, and it has been proven effective at reducing the amount of cortisol in the brain and recharging neurotransmitters. In fact, it is so effective that fighter pilots and athletes use it to stay ready for action.
  • Acetyle-L-Carnitine: This ingredient helps to boost the energy supplied to the brain. This results in reduced mental fatigue and the ability to process information faster.
  • L-Theanine: The effect of this ingredient on the brain is visible. In fact, it seems that brain waves are smoothed out and memory and focus centers light up and become active in imaging scans after people ingest this extract.
  • BioPerine: This is taken from a plant native to India, and while it is used as a spice, it is also used as a nutrient absorption enhancer. In studies, it has increased absorption of various nutrients by up to 60%, which makes it a vital ingredient in a supplement where increased absorption means increased benefits.

All of these ingredients work together to boost brain health in a big way.


Who Is Brain Bright For?

If you are not getting enough sleep, under a lot of stress, or not eating a well-balanced diet, you will benefit from Biotrust Brain Bright. Why? Because the only way to improve your brain health naturally is to get enough sleep, limit stress, and eat a well-balanced diet that supplies a lot of nutrients to the brain for optimal brain health. If you are not doing that, then this supplement can help you achieve good brain health, even if your healthy habits are lacking right now.

However, as we said earlier, there are many elements that affect your brain health that are out of your control. For example, according to the National Cancer Institute, studies have found a consistent link between cell phone use and cancers of the nerves, brain, head, or neck. And even if you don’t use a cell phone, the electromagnetic radiation can still affect your brain.

What Is BioTrust?

biotrust review reviewsThe company behind this supplement is BioTrust. Many supplement companies are not willing to reach out to customers and non-customers, or proudly talk about how their company is run, but BioTrust is different. You can find them actively participating with people in their forum or on their Facebook page. And they proudly display their team members, quality assurance routine, and back-story on their site.

Moreover, they support a charity with every sale they make. Make-A-Wish, No Kid Hungry, and the Williams Syndrome Association are a few of the charities that benefited from BioTrust. If you want to do something good for your body and for the world, buy your supplements from BioTrust!

The Pros and Cons of Brain Bright

The Pros

    • Improve the health of your brain simply by taking a powerful supplement
    • Uses ingredients guaranteed to be more pure and potent than anything else on the market
    • Protect your brain from the toxins found in foods and the environment
    • Protect your brain from damaging factors beyond your control, such as electromagnet radiation from cell phones

Money Back Guarantee

  • Affects your brain in a few different ways to recharge, renew, and protect
  • 1-year money back guarantee with purchase

The Cons

  • Can take up to a few weeks to be delivered, depending on where you live
  • If you have a neurological issue, it is important to contact your doctor before starting these supplements

The Bottom Line

Everyday your brain health is attacked by various factors. Stress, lack of nutrients, electromagnet radiation, hidden additives, and lack of sleep can all have a negative influence on your brain’s health and lead to brain shrinkage, fewer brain cells, damaged myelin, and even brain rancidity. Protecting your brain by living a healthy life can help, but there are factors that you can’t control, and that’s where the Brain Drain Solution comes in.

During this Brain Bright review, we looked for a brain health supplement that combined these kind of powerful ingredients together, and we were unable to find anything close to this formula. In other words, if you want to improve your brain health, then this is a supplement that you should choose before all others.


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