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Anabolic AfterGrowth Review – Massive Gains or Another Huge Waste?

A Groundbreaking New Workout That Packs Lean Muscle on Even When All Else Fails! – Now Doesn’t That Sound Disgustingly Familiar…?

For anyone that has ever struggled to make muscle gains, trying practically every ‘expert secret’ on and off the internet, that old line about promised results seems as worn-out as a weakling after a triathlon. If anabolic-aftergrowth-reviewyou’re seriously dedicated to achieving your bodybuilding goals, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re fed up with hearing inflated claims and trying workout techniques that ultimately under-deliver. You know how the story goes – some guy with some problem making gains suddenly, and quite by accident, discovers a ‘hidden’ training formula that causes him to pack on 20 pounds of lean, sexy muscle in less than 30 days, and now he’ll sell his success secrets to you…

So, just what is the real deal with the Anabolic AfterGrowth workout? Is its creator Chris Wilson on to something that actually is good for muscle mass growth, or just out to line his pockets and cause more brouhaha in weightlifting forums? Keep reading to find out what we uncovered when we took a deep, hard look at Wilson’s new program…

Or just check it out for yourself.

Just What Is Your Money Getting You With This?

Alright, now Anabolic AfterGrowth is a workout program. The entire program is based on a principle called, ‘The Aftergrowth Effect’, which was uncovered during a study performed in the UK. Apparently, the researchers who performed the study found that the testosterone levels of those who lifted weights in the morning stayed elevated longer than those who ran sprints in the morning, or who didn’t work out at all in the morning. The program is designed to help you capitalize on this ‘Aftergrowth Effect’.

It means that instead of doing cardio, interval training, or spending hours in the gym, you get to exercise for just 3 hours a week, and that’s what’s supposed to give you better results than the stuff you’ve been trying.

Uh-huh, well, it does sound a bit intriguing…

  • The Anabolic AfterGrowth Booklet – This downloadable PDF serves as your guidebook for the entire program. Not only does it describe in detail the exercises this system calls for you to perform, but it explains the science behind the Aftergrowth Effect, teaching you about growth hormone, testosterone, & IGF-1 – basically the anabolic hormones responsible for your muscle growth. Reading this booklet shows you why and how to stimulate these hormones.
  • Follow-Along Videos – Just to make sure you’re fully equipped to follow the program as recommended, Chris Wilson even when to the extent of including videos that you can follow along with. Not only does having these videos mean you can workout at home instead of the gym, they also make it easier for you to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly, and working out at the right pace and for the right amount of time.
  • A 60-Day Guarantee – Now here’s the real kicker: The Anabolic AfterGrowth program is supposed to only be 60 days long, ergo the 60-day guarantee. To top it off, Wilson is even calling for his customers to take him up on a 60-day challenge. Follow the program as prescribed for a short 60 days, and if you’re not pleased with the results you get after that time, then you get 100% of your money back. All you have to do send an email to Al, the customer support manager.

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Who is it supposed to help?

So far it probably sounds like Anabolic AfterGrowth is just for those who’re either newbies or who’ve been having problems getting gains despite all their efforts. While it’s true that these stand to benefit from what this program teaches, the fact is that the principles taught can also help those who’ve seen some success in packing on mass and just want to find out how they can do even better. This means that even pros can find the system useful for getting on more pounds of lean muscle in a short amount of time.

Anabolic AfterGrowth is a playbook for those who just aren’t satisfied for looking ‘average’. This is the tool for those who want to build massive muscle, adding inches of lean, hard mass to their pecs, quads, and having truly ripped abs. It’s for those who want to leave their gym buddies perplexed by working out less while gaining more, but just who is this guy behind this revolutionary new program, Chris Wilson?

Chris Wilson Revealed

Chris isn’t just some average Joe who happened to stumble upon an amazing muscle building strategy. He’s a certified personal trainer, and head strength coach over at Critical Bench. This guy’s been in the fitness world ever since the late 90s, when he got a job with a world gym chain. From there, he’s worked as a fitness trainer and manager in high class facilities all over the US. Then, a couple of years ago he teamed up with Mike Westerdal over at Critical Bench, who just happens to have been a good friend of his ever since high school. Now Chris can be found doing daily videos on YouTube for the Critical Bench channel, giving out tips on form, and on how to get results in the gym, but only in Anabolic AfterGrowth does he reveal how to get the most benefit from the ‘Aftergrowth Effect’.

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The Pros and Cons of Anabolic AfterGrowth

The Pros

  • No Silly Supplements – As Chris points out, a lot of those bodybuilding supplements out there are just a waste of money. This program brings real results without you having to down even a single chalky protein shake or gulp down one of those horse pills.
  • A Short Routine – This program is great for those who are sick of spending endless hours in the gym. It only takes 3 hours of exercise a week, making it perfect for those who actually DO have a life.
  • Easy-to-Follow Directions – You don’t have to read like a graduate student just to understand how this program works and follow it. There’s charts and the videos, meaning no guesswork for you.
  • Eliminate Weak Spots – This workout program balances your strength, getting rid of those weak spots that make lifting right near impossible.
  • Stimulates Anabolic Hormones – The entire Anabolic AfterGrowth program has been designed to stimulate testosterone, growth hormone, and IGF-1, and keep your body in the anabolic state longer, maximizing your lean mass gains.

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The Cons

  • It’s Counterintuitive – Those who have the popular teachings on how to gain muscle ingrained into their cranium might have a hard time sticking with this program exactly as it’s laid out. They may money-back-guaranteeend up feeling like they’re not workout out enough, regardless of whatever results they get.
  • It’s Cheap – The price is so low that a lot of people might overlook this program, thinking that no one in their right mind would give away a solution so effective at such a low price, and that’ll stop them from experiencing the massive gains and fat loss before they even have a chance to get started

The Bottom Line

Actually, this program is recommended. Yeah, we like it. The reason is that this workout strategy is backed by a lot of research, and it does produce some dramatic results. We know that of the people who dare to give Anabolic AfterGrowth a real shot, most, if not all of them are going to be impressed by the great transformation their body undergoes. This program saves you from wasting time in the gym and wasting money on useless supplements. Plus, the 60- day guarantee means there isn’t any risk in giving this program a try. Thanks Chris- we know you’ve just saved a lot of folks from painful frustration by finally revealing the right way to pack on lean muscle mass fast.

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