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Wholetones Review – Is Michael Tyrrell’s Product Really Good?

Wholetones ReviewWholetones Review – All of us have felt the power of music. We use it to pump ourselves up, calm ourselves down, and celebrate with friends and family. Most of us are aware that it has the ability to affect our mood instantly, no matter how happy or sad we are. But, there are other ways that music can benefit us.

For instance, music can boost endorphins in the body. Endorphins act similarly to morphine and codeine, and have a relaxation and pain-reducing effect on the body. They also help to enhance the immune system and help regulate appetite.

We also know that various frequencies of sound can benefit us physically and mentally. Different frequencies can promote relaxation, stress-relief, pain relief, awareness, productivity, and more. Listening to the frequencies help tune our mind into certain states that induce certain reactions in our body.

Knowing all of this, one man created music using frequencies that are meant to benefit the body and the mind in many different ways. This Wholetones review will take a look at what he is offering and why it can be beneficial for you.


What Do You Get For Your Money with Wholetones?

Wholetones are healing frequencies embedded into calming songs. The creator believes that one of the frequencies he is using in the music has been passed down by God to King David who is known for his music in biblical times. David played in a different key from his fellow harp players, which the creator of Wholetones believes is 444 hertz, and his music helped to promote peace and restoration. But belief is not necessary for the power of these songs to benefit you.

The healing effects that are known to accompany binaural beats and their frequencies are what will be of benefit here. You will get 7 songs with different frequencies ranging from 396 Hz to 852 Hz. All of the songs are instantly downloadable, and if you want you get a 7 CDs as well that are shipped to your home.

Song 1: Beneficial for healing and helps to support good organ function.

Song 2: Beneficial for energy and creativity, and helps to support digestion.

Song 3: Beneficial for stress reduction with its calming effect.

Song 4: Beneficial to your cellular health and body functions.

Song 5: Beneficial for developing emotions such as forgiveness, and helps to support good overall health.

Song 6: Beneficial for healing during troubling emotional or spiritual times, and good for immune health.

Song 7: Meant to be a purely spiritual and celebratory song.

You also get a 91-page book called ‘Wholetones: The Sound of Healing’, which can help you discover and unlock your hidden potential. It explains the frequencies and how to make the most out of the songs. And, if you are a musician, you will learn how to play in the healing frequencies.


Who Is Wholetones For?

This is for anyone who wants to experience better health, which pretty much means everyone. It can affect the mind and body positively.

Some people might be skeptical that this is a hoax or scam because it is so unconventional. And other people may be worried that because they are skeptical, they are not going to experience any benefits. I want to address that quickly.

The truth is that you don’t have to believe in the power of holistic medicine to use this to heal yourself or your loved ones. You just have to believe in the power of music and sound. You just have to recall a time when music or sounds made you feel better, happier, more empowered, and stronger. With that thought in mind, you will allow yourself to open up to the healing that Wholetones can provide and benefit from it.

About The Author

michael tyrrell reviewsMichael Tyrrell is obviously a religious man who seems to have touched many people in a kind and loving way. He started playing music at the age of ten and studied classical guitar later on in his life. His life took a turn for the worse, filled with cocaine and a disconnection from his faith, and ultimately got to the point where killing himself was an option. When it didn’t work, he transformed his life, and music had a huge part in that. He currently has a ministry called ‘The Network Center’.


The Pros and Cons of Wholetones

The Pros

  • All you have to do is listen to music for better health.
  • Increase your energy.
  • Experience a host of physical benefits such as balanced metabolism, improved digestion, and elimination of pain.
  • Experience a host of mental benefits, such as increased productivity, increased creativity, and freedom from addiction.
  • Experience a host of relationship benefits, such as forgiveness, awareness, and love.

Money Back Guarantee

  • Available on digital tracks or CD.
  • Tons of positive reviews about the power that this music and frequencies have.
  • Money-back-guarantee for a full 3 months after purchase.

The Cons

  • Resistance to the music may make it less beneficial because the mind and body will be resistant to the frequencies.

The Bottom Line

Our Wholetones review found that these are simply beautiful songs at frequencies that are known to heal, promote well-being, and encourage a healthier body and mind. If you listen to the samples, it is easy to see that they have an effect on you, and whether you choose to listen to them as you are relaxing or at times of need, they will help align you with a powerful and beneficial frequency.

Resistance to the music may damper its effects, though. For instance, if the religious aspect of what Michael says bothers you, than resistance to allowing the music and frequencies to help you can occur. Resistance can cause you to think negative thoughts, tighten up, and stress out about the music, which will be counterproductive to what the songs are trying to do for you. Therefore, it is important to listen without judgement. Hear and feel the music, and let your opinions fall to the side as you embrace the healing power that these songs have proven to have on many different people.

In the end, as stated in this Wholetones review, if you are not happy with the songs, and you don’t experience any healing in your body or mind, you can simply get your money back with the 3 month guarantee.


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