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Ways To Improve Your Form At The Gym

Ways to Improve

Ways to ImproveOne of the most important things to think about when it comes to exercising, whether you’re at home or the gym is your posture and technique. If you’re not using proper form when lifting weight, striking a yoga pose, or even just stretching, then you could be in for a world full of hurt. Many newcomers to the active lifestyle, especially those with new gym memberships often find themselves feeling intimidated by the assortment of machinery and workout areas, and part of this could stem from not knowing exactly what it is they’re supposed to be doing with those equipment. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can get informed and better educated on the subject.

Get Professional Help

This might seem like an expensive idea to some, especially if you’re a student or single parent, but you’d be surprised what kind of deals you can get for your first workout with a trainer, and even if you only meet with them one time you can gain a lot of insight and knowledge about how to lift, move, and stand when performing different tasks around the gym. This is especially important if you plan on doing anything intense during your training, because just one small move during certain processes could throw off a muscle or cause an even more serious injury; Jessica Matthews writes for Shine Yahoo saying:

Although the deadlift is undoubtedly one of the effective exercises for developing functional strength, it has great potential for injury if performed incorrectly.

Deadlifts are a surprisingly common exercise used during leg day, and although it is considered fairly dangerous, if you know what you’re doing there’s no reason you should worry.

Use A Mirror

An even more obvious technique for getting your form just right is to use a mirror, and this works great because it’s likely that you have one or two at home you can use, and most workout facilities offer them as well. Reader’s Digest reports:

Many fitness centers line exercise rooms with mirrors to allow you to watch your form as you work out.

Mirrors are also often found in specialty rooms setup for classes and fitness workshops to meet in, which means that you can see how your form is during yoga, dance classes, and even spin class.

Look At A Picture

Before you start watching yourself in the mirror, you have to see what it is that you’re supposed to be doing and if you can’t afford a session with a personal trainer then you might have to settle for a book or magazine. Don’t be intimidated by how difficult a step looks in literature; sometimes when you try it for yourself it’s not nearly so hard. Rawchallenge.com.au explains:

The best way to see the proper form is to download an app or print out pictures that show the proper form for your exercise. It can be difficult to analyze your form if you don’t know how the exercise is really supposed to look.

As mentioned above, there are also several weight loss and fitness apps that you can add to your smart phone for access to pictures and descriptions of form for different workouts.

Find A Video

For an even better view than the one that a magazine or book is going to give, tune into an online video channel and search for somebody doing the exercise that you’d like to complete. Check to see that what you’re watching is legitimate by using videos of professional and celebrity trainers to make sure that what you’re seeing is accurate and aiding in the perfection of your posture rather than giving you the wrong idea about what you should be doing.

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