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Unleash Your Thin Review – Will Dr. Jonny Bowden’s Program Work for You?

Not Another Diet Plan That Promises To Succeed Where Others Have Failed…  If Only For Once There Really Was A Genuine Method To Ditch The Lard For Good…

Unleash Your Thin ReviewThe thing is, when it comes to weight loss, there’s probably not another subject in the existence of mankind that evokes such strong emotions.  After all, we all want to look fabulous.  But slimming down to that perfect size 6 (or even a semi-perfect size 8 or 10) AND managing to stay there, honestly does seems to be something that eludes many of us.

So when we came across Jonny Bowden’s program, Unleash Your Thin, you’ll have to excuse us for thinking this would just be another diet failure to add to your list of – been there, done that…!

But, we do have to admit that we’ve got a certain amount of respect for Dr. Jonny Bowden.  So rather than ‘dis’ his latest program without another thought, we decided to jump into bed with it and discover if it really could offer something different.  After all, the advertising blurb is making some pretty radical weight loss promises, and it’s only right that we should find out if they’re fact of fiction.

Below is an in-depth summary of what we discovered.  And it certainly makes for interesting reading, that’s for sure…

What do you get for your money Unleash Your Thin?

So, what Unleash Your Thin is, is certainly NOT a regular weight loss program.  But what it actually is, is about changing the way you think about food, and altering your eating habits for good.

And this is provided in four different sections:

  • The Fat Burning Blueprint – Here you get to follow a step-by-step process that’s all about losing those excess pounds.  It’s a complete diet guide, set out in 130 jam-packed pages that give you everything you need to know about which foods you should be eating (and even more importantly, which ones to avoid).  But one of the best things you learn in this section is how to select foods that actually cause your body to burn fat more quickly.  And this is one of the key parts of the eating plan.
  • The Craver Crusher Action Guide – Fed up of cravings?  Well follow this incredible program and you’ll be amazed at how they simply melt away.  You see, there are reasons that we suffer cravings.  And once you can address the underlying cause (and these might well surprise you), then the cravings diminish and eventually go away.  There’s a quiz to undertake at three weeks and then again at six weeks so you can look back and see how you’re cravings are disappearing…
  • The 10-Minute Meal Guide – Because who on earth wants to spend half their lives worrying about what to purchase and cook.  This provides a hand day-to-day guide that covers meals, shopping lists and recipe guides.  And there’s a huge variety to choose from, ensuring that even the most fussy of eaters won’t every get bored.
  • Membership to the Private Forum – Because no matter how well you’re doing, it’s always great to have the support of others who are going through/have gone through exactly the same battles as you.

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Who’s Unleash Your Thin for?

So,  if you’re looking to lose some weight – any amount of weight – then Unleash Your Thin could well be the program with a difference that you’ve been searching for.  And because this is a diet that will change your eating habits for good, what it does is give you the best possible chance to lose weight – and keep it off for ever!.  If you’re fed up with calorie counting, fighting cravings and trying to work out if a carb is ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ then you’ll be genuinely surprised at how different this eating plan really is.

For anyone, male or female, young or old, fat or not so fat, then Unleash Your Thin is perhaps one of the most refreshing (and life changing) diet plans you’ll have ever come across.

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Who is Dr. Jonny Bowden?

Jonny BowdenWell, Dr. Jonny also goes by the nickname of The Rogue Nutritionist.  And that’s because he’s been constantly providing advice that is far advanced from what’s provided by most other so-called ‘nutritionists’ out there.  And guess what?  They don’t like that…  And that’s because Dr. Jonny’s methods really do provide the results they promise.  He’s not into giving advice that simply allows you to lose weight and then put it all back on again – oh no.  What he’s about is teaching folks how to change their relationship with food for good.  In other words, you drop the excess fat through altering your diet, and then this ‘diet’ becomes the normal for you.  So you remain at constant weight that is healthy for your height and build.

The Pros and Cons of Unleash Your Thin


  • The program not only is designed to help you lose weight.  It targets other important issues such as foods that cause sluggishness, depression and those that will cause you to store more fat.  This is all covered at the beginning of the program, and means that you kick start into your new eating plan and begin to see results fast.
  • Because of the way the program works, you never need to worry about not being able to eat your favorite food again.  But what you will discover is that once you re-program your body to use nutrition in the correct manner, that you’ll probably never crave those ‘forbidden’ foods in the first place.
  • Losing the weight in the first place is often the easy part.  But keeping it off is what foils most people’s efforts.  Unleash Your Thin has this well covered, and this is one of the most important parts of the program.
  • As another plus point, not only will you lose weight, but you’ll become far less lethargic, be in a better frame of mind, enjoy healthy looking skin and hair…  And this is all through discovering the foods that work best for your body – and all the knowledge you need is provided throughout the Unleash Your Thin program.

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  • Money Back GuaranteeRight, so we’re not going to pretend that Unleash Your Thin is a miracle cure – because it’s not.  If you’re looking for miracles then you’ll be searching for a long, long time.  But what it is, is a genuinely proven eating plan that will see you losing weight in a sustained manner.  But it doesn’t just end there, because this is a program that is designed to help you lose weight, and then keep it off for good.  And whilst you will need will power to start with, the diet is designed to help you gradually change your eating habits to more healthy ones – and it’s this very fact that will see you changing your diet for good.  And naturally, staying at a weight that’s healthy for you.

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well… We certainly didn’t expect to come to the conclusion that we have done about Unleash Your Thin.  Because we were sure that this was just going to be one of those shoddy diet programs that would see you lose a few pounds quickly and then put them all back on again (and more) as soon as you finished.

But we couldn’t have been more wrong.  Because Unleash Your Thin is so much more than just a diet.  It’s a way to change your eating habits (and dress size) forever.  And that, in our humble opinion, is something that every one of us who needs to lose weight is looking for.  Well done, Dr. Jonny – we think Unleash Your Thin rocks…

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