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Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review – The Real Truth Behind Melanie Addington’s Program

Can A British Medical Maverick Have Honestly Come Up With An All-Natural Solution For Herpes?  And One That Actually Cures The Disease, Not Simply Masks The Symptoms…?

Ultimate Herpes Protocol ReviewFor anyone who’s ever suffered the health problems, fatigue, embarrassment and anguish that Herpes causes, you might well have given up on ever being able to get rid of this ongoing problem.  After all, drugs such as Zovirax, Vlatrex and Famvir have their own (sometimes severe) side effects that make you hate them as much as you hate the dreaded illness.

So when we came across the Ultimate Herpes Protocol, a product that claims it can ‘wipe out the root cause of herpes without side effects’ we have to say that it certainly caught our attention.  But then, it also set off the cynical siren that stands to attention every time we come across something that claims to be too good to be true.  After all, if something appears that way, then (it’s sad to say), it usually is.

So there was nothing else for it but to get down and dirty with exactly what The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is really all about.  Below is what we discovered.  And we have to say, it certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Ultimate Herpes Protocol?

So what The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is all about, is providing you with a truly natural method that not only hides the symptoms of the illness, but that actually cures you.  It’s all about moving away from conventional herpes medications (and their debilitating side effects), to a scientifically proven, all-natural way to eradicate the illness – forever!
Cure -Herpes-Naturally-ReviewThe thing is, the big pharmaceutical companies have, over the years, put hundreds of thousands of dollars into discovering ways other than the currently available drugs to treat the disease.  And they’ve come up with some astounding results.  These include the discovery of a 100% natural product that been proven effective at killing the herpes virus.  And, get this…  It costs 66 times less than conventional (and harmful) herpes medications such as Acyclovir.

But, guess what?  They wouldn’t make anywhere near as much profit from this.  So companies such as Big Pharma have literally brushed this information under the carpet…  What the Ultimate Herpes Protocol offers is how to restore your health and banish the herpes virus – for good…!


The information provided in the program includes the following:

  • Ramps up your immune system:  because the better this is, the quicker your body is able to get rid of the herpes virus.
  • Correctly nourishing your body: the thing is, the body is an amazing and complex tool that really does have the power to get rid of infections and illnesses, including herpes.  But in most cases, we starve our bodies of the vital nutrients that allow the body to work at its full power.
  • Attacking the herpes virus: by dissolving its protective protein coat.  This is one of the reasons why it can be such a difficult thing to shift.  But by getting rid of this shield, your improved immune system can deliver a deadly blow to the virus, killing it for good.
  • Stopping the virus duplicating:  because this is another reason it’s so tough a nut to crack.  But once you prevent this happening, this is the third point in a three pronged attacked that will see the back of the misery of herpes forever.

And this is really only a small snapshot of what The Ultimate Herpes Protocol will give you.  Imagine not only banishing the sores, the fatigue and the other dangers of herpes (such as being 2-4 times more likely to catch HIV, and the danger of meningitis), but also being able to fight off other minor (and major) infections because your body is back in  a truly healthy state…

Who is Ultimate Herpes Protocol for?

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is for anyone, male or female, young or old, who’s living with the misery of the virus.  And it doesn’t matter how long you’ve had it, or if the conventional chemical drugs have all the symptoms under control at the moment.  (Because even suppression of the virus still undermines your health).

Who’s behind the Ultimate Herpes Protocol?

The real mastermind behind the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a British medical maverick.  He’s the guy who the conventional doctors send their hopeless cases to…  In other words, when conventional drugs have failed to have any effect, and they’ve run out of options.  But guess what?  This guy who’s actually the author of the program (Melanie Addington) father, has successfully treated over 7,500 of these so called hopeless cases.  And not only treated them, but banished the virus from their systems forever.

His all-natural cure is proving so successful, that if you wanted to take advantage of a personal consultation with him, you’d have to shell out a massive $500 bucks simply for your initial visit…!


The Pros and Cons of Ultimate Herpes Protocol

The Pros

  • Not only does the Ultimate Herpes Protocol work, but it works fast.  If you’re in an active stage (when the sores are open), then you might well start seeing results within the first day.  However, when the virus is hiding then you need to be a little more patient…
  • The treatment is completely safe and without side effects.  Every substance used in the Ultimate Herpes Protocol has ever been known to cause or aggravate an allergy.  But of course, if you do have an allergy, as with any new treatment it’s always best to discuss this with a health professional before commencing.
  • The program is described to you in easy to follow, clear instructions.  This means there’s no problem with following what to do, as it’s all explained in simple English.
  • You can gain access to the program immediately, because it’s an instant download product.  This means there’s no waiting for the mailman to wend his weary way to your door over the next few days; you can begin your forever cure immediately…

The Cons

  •  money-back-guaranteeProbably the only con that we’ve come across is your own doubts that anything purely natural could ever have the results your hoping for.  But you only need look at the scientific proof to realize that this really is the better option than those harmful to your health, chemical drugs.  Not only that, but The Ultimate Herpes Protocol comes with an amazing 60 day, 100%, no quibble money back guarantee.  More than enough time for the product to prove its worth (and for you to, at last, get your true health back on track…).

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to admit to being extremely cynical about this product.  However, even though we were sure we were going to hate it, we have to admit that this certainly does do exactly what it says on the tin…  After all, filling your body with harmful chemicals simply to keep the virus suppressed is going to cause no end of other health problems.  And you’ve probably experienced many of these personally (such as hair loss, stomach cramps, depressed immune system…).

The fact that the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is comprised of only natural, healthy and advantageous substances is only one of the great things about it.  The other is that it’s actually a cure – that’s the very best thing.  And with the money back guarantee you don’t even need to take our word for it.  After all, what have you got to lose?  Apart from the herpes virus, that is.  Seems like a win-win situation to us…



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