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Trouble Spot Training Review – Will Bruce Krahn’s Program Work for You?

A 3 Phase Training System That’s Proven To Target Your Most Stubborn Body Areas.  Hmmm, Haven’t We Heard Something Similar Before…?

Trouble Spot Training ReviewLet’s face it, sorting out your but, legs, back, arms and chest into beautifully toned, sexy areas can feel nigh on impossible.  You’ve probably tried every product out there – we know we have.  So when we came across Trouble Spot Training, a home solution that says it’s ‘proven’ to target these difficult areas, we have to admit to raising a cynical eyebrow.

So, heaving a big sigh, we decided that there was nothing else for it but to get down and dirty with exactly what the Trouble Spot Training System was all about.  After all, never let it be said that we ‘dis’ a product without it giving us a fair chance to impress us (or, as is often the case, the complete opposite).

Below is exactly what we discovered.  And we think you’ll agree that it makes for fascinating reading…


What do you get for your money with Trouble Spot Training?

Trouble Spot Training ReviewRight, so what Trouble Spot Training is all about, is laser targeting those difficult areas of the body – you know, the ones that stubbornly cling to fat, or refuse to become toned no matter how hard you work.  And, according to the program, it’s all about eating and exercising in a certain manner that allows you to selectively enhance one body part whilst simultaneously losing fat from other areas.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it!  The program is based on 29 highly effective techniques that do just that.  And what you receive breaks down into the following phases:

  • Phase One: Preparation:  Here you learn all about the fundamental elements of body re-composition (in other words, how to turn those flabby parts into fantastic parts).  You’ll discover the three principles of how to lose fat and build muscle, nine different measurements that you must track to succeed, and three tests that you should demand your doctor to carry out to quickly target your personal body trouble spots.
  • Phase Two:  Rapid Fat Loss Primer:  This is the point where you’ll be priming your body for both building and developing the targeted areas.  You’ll also be maximizing fat loss.  Expect this phase to see you losing between 5-25 pounds of fat.  In this stage you’ll also be working on your nutrition, when to eat carbs (including your favorite treats), and how to manipulate your fat burning hormones for the fastest ever workout for ditching those unwanted flabby bits.
  • Phase Three: Trouble Spot Specific Training:  Exactly as the title suggests, this is the point that you start to re-shape your body by using 29 secret training techniques.  These include target training such as drop sets, rest-pause, static holds, iso tension and agonist-antagonist supersets.  And don’t worry if these mean nothing to you right now, because they’ll all be explained in an easy to follow manner.

All of this information is provided in an instant download, step-by-step format that comes with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee for 60 days.


Who is Trouble Spot Training for?

Trouble Spot Training ReviewTrouble Spot Training isn’t only for those who’re already fairly fit – although believe us, it works really well in this case.  But it also works for those who’re not so far down the road in the fitness stakes.  Sure, if you’re a dedicated couch potato then it’s going to take some getting into, but the results are just as good, and you can temper your regime to your current fitness levels.

But what we also like is that it’s gender specific.  After all, we all know that the male and female body need different nutrition and exercise to reach a similar goal.  And Trouble Spot Training does just that – works for each individual sex with different tweaks depending if you’re male or female.

Is Anything Else Included?

Yes.  Apart from the three main training manuals, you also get some great add ons.  These include an ab program, arm program, gluts hips and leg program, back program and a chest program.  Each of these program laser targets these areas and consists of a four-week format.

The Pros and Cons of Trouble Spot Training

The Pros

  • The program is gender and body type specific.  You’ll be led through how to discover which type of body you have, and learn how to determine the very best diet and training program that suits your body type.
  • Not only will you begin to see results within the first few days, but there’s a whole load of information that will help you develop the positive attitude necessary to get the body that you know you want and deserve.
  • As well as providing you with the exercise and diet regime you need to succeed, the program also gives you detailed information on how to create a home environment that literally forces you to succeed.
  • You can taper the program to individualize the exercises for how you want to target your body’s trouble spots.  You can target your back, hamstrings, quads, calves, chest, shoulders, butt, delts or arms.  This makes the training program as individual as you are.

 The Cons

  • Okay, so getting that body to die for is never going to be a walk in the park.  But whoever said that anything worth having was going to be easy.  But what Trouble Spot Training provides you with is the very best method to get that body beautiful.  All you need to bring along is the will to succeed – the program will ensure that the rest falls into place.

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well…  We certainly haven’t come to the conclusion that we thought we were going to.  In fact, far from Trouble Spot Training simply being yet another of those boring, already told too many times before exercise and nutrition regimes, it really does offer something different.  We particularly like the way it can be personalized, as well as the option to increase the speed of results by carrying out certain different repetitions.

Money Back GuaranteeFor anyone who’s looking to get that beach perfect body – and in super quick time – you could do far worse than to purchase Trouble Spot Training.  Plus the 60-day, 100% money back guarantee means that there’s not risk to your hard earned cash whatsoever.  And that makes giving it a try a bit of a no brainer, in our humble opinion.  Here’s to summer, and looking beautiful in your swimmers, courtesy of Trouble Spot Training.  In a nutshell, this one’s a winner…


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