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Ruthless Mobility – IS Dean Somerset’s Increased Mobility Program Good?

Would you like to learn some unique mobility exercises and techniques that you have never heard of before? If you help people with mobility, then you are probably someone who wants to learn everything they can to help their clients experience more mobility and ruthless-mobility-reviewless pain.

Limitation in mobility, especially hip mobility, is the number one issue that clients will come to you with, and if you know some unique mobility exercises that will help them with their mobility, starting today, then you will not only be doing them a huge favor, but you will be doing yourself a huge favor by increasing your respect in their eyes and gaining more clients from your awesome reputation.

What Is Included In Ruthless Mobility?

This is a program that teaches you how to make massive increases to range of motion through all-natural methods, including simple things such as breathing techniques. Moreover, in Ruthless Mobility, you will learn things like the neurophysiology of stretching, how fear and anxiety play a role in stiffness, and how to address common issues for developing mobility.

There are 4 different components to the program.

1. Mobility Foundations: Learn how to choose the best exercises for your clients, and gain insight into a joint-by-joint approach, therapeutic modalities, and much more. This DVD is 1 hour and 20 minutes. 

2. Stretching, Breathing and Mobility: Gain insight into the reasoning and methods behind foam rolling, and learn how to use breathing drills combined with traction for better mobility. You will also learn some mobility exercises for the thoracic spine that are quite unique. This DVD is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

3. Exercises to Improve Joint Mobility: Learn how to help your clients improve their mobility through this DVD that teaches you specific exercises that benefit the hip and the thoracic spine. All exercises are demonstrated step-by-step. This DVD is 1 hour and 10 minutes.

4. Mobility Program Design: Gain more insight into mobility exercises that help hip mobility. You will also learn some beneficial glute exercises, and you will discover how to design a program that helps clients maximize their mobility. This DVD is 1 hour and 13 minutes.

You also get a guide that you can reference while you are watching the DVDs. In it you will find points, photos, and details that will complement the DVDs. Also, you will get lifetime access to any updates that are included in Ruthless Mobility. In other words, you will be able to further your education for free on this topic if any changes or additions are made to the program.

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There are 3 bonuses included as well.

Bonus 1: Expert Coaching Call – Talk about a valuable bonus. The ability to directly talk to the experts behind Ruthless Mobility can help you solve any concerns or questions you are having.

Bonus 2: Earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) – All you have to do is print off the exam, take it, and send it in to be marked. You will receive a mark and get your CECs or CEUs for the following associations – NSCA (0.8), BCRPA (6.0), BCAK (6.0), and CSEP (6.0).

Bonus 3: Private Facebook Group Access – Join a private community on Facebook where you can get your questions answered and discuss common issues with other members.

Who Is Ruthless Mobility For?

If you are involved in helping clients with injury prevention or increasing mobility, then Ruthless Mobility is for you. This is a furthering education program that is going to teach you some new techniques to help increase mobility in anyone who needs the help, including yourself. Not only will you gain insight into new techniques, issues that affect range of motion and mobility issues will be approached, and you will gain insight and education into those areas as well.

Whether your clients are professional athletes or seniors who just want to have an easier time bending down, you can benefit from the information in this program. When you understand how to increase mobility in your clients, you can prevent injuries and pain, and improve the energy, performance, and efficiency of your clients.

During my Ruthless Mobility review, it struck me that anyone with mobility issues could benefit from this information. You don’t need to be an expert in the field to implement some of the techniques discussed for your own benefit.

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About Dean Somerset

dean-and-rickDean is a well-known expert who has been featured in many popular publications, such as Men’s Health. He has also been a speaker in various seminars and workshops across Europe and North America. He is a certified exercise physiologist and strength and condition specialist, as well as a medical exercise specialist. Furthermore, he has trained all types of clients from office workers to marathon runners with chronic pain or injury.

The Pros and Cons of Ruthless Mobility

The Pros

  • Receive education from a featured expert who is in demand
  • Learn how to gain strength and mobilize joints in a better way
  • Improve range of motion
  • Decrease pain and prevent injuries
  • Help people regain their mobility and do the tasks that get them through their day
  • Stand out among your colleagues with this unique information
  • Your clients will love you when they see the instant results and they will recommend you to others seeking mobility help
  • Affordable program
  • Private Facebook group with other members discussing Ruthless Mobility as well as other common mobility topics
  • Instant digital download aspect available
  • Printed version available
  • Money back guarantee that is good for 2 months which takes away in risk on your part
  • Get CECs and CEUs
  • Dean will work with anyone from anywhere to receive the physical version of the program
  • Workout and exercise videos
  • Free lifetime updates available
  • 60-day money back guarantee

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The Cons

  • Will take some time to watch. There is about 5 hours of instruction in total for you to watch.


The Bottom Line

Ruthless Mobility is not something you will find anywhere else. You will not be able to physically participate with the instructors, as you would in offline programs; however people who have taken the program say that it is not only new information for them, but it was described in detail, with the videos and manuals, so that it could easily be implemented into real life after the program.

The information will help you with your clients, but it will also help you educate and influence your colleagues for a better overall experience for everyone having mobility issues, not just your clients.

You will get a full refund if you do not agree that the program teaches you information that is unique and helpful, so you really have nothing to lose by furthering your education with Ruthless Mobility.

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