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Panaseeda Review: Is the Activation Product really good?

panaseeda-review-oilWe all know that natural products have the power to improve both physical and mental health without a ton of side effects. Food and the oils from certain foods have really been standing out in the health market lately. That is why PanaSeeda draws such interest from people; it contains rare seed extracts that claim to help you feel healthier, both physically and mentally, guaranteed. This PanaSeeda review will cover what you get, what the product does, who should take it, and whether or not it will work for you.

How PanaSeeda Came About

panaseedareviewIf you have checked out the product page, you will have read about the Olympian, Andreas Wecker, who was on his death bed and recovered thanks to the help of specific seed oils. now, he feels even healthier than he did in the Olympics! That’s quite a story, but how did these seed oils help him miraculously recover?

In a nutshell, like most of us, his nutrition had gone way off course. He had a severe fungal infection that millions of people have (candida), but his had tooken a turn to the extreme end and had gone out of his digestive track and into his blood. He was facing surgery and a colostomy bag, but he was lucky enough to have some friends who knew some secrets about seeds and their ability to bring about health.

Unfortunately, not every seed oil is made the same. Many of the seed oils you can buy are dangerous because they have gone rancid and would make his health worse despite his best efforts. So, he started pressing his own seed oils (willing to try anything) and his health immediately began to improve.

Andreas spent many years after his recovery learning about seed oils and their impact on health, and long story short, he created PanaSeeda, the perfect blend of seed oils that feed our body the nutrients it needs. Seeds help to create life, so it really just makes sense that they help to rejuvenate health.


How Does It Work?

In short, it is a perfectly blended product of 5 seeds. Each seed has its own benefit, and the patented pressing process ensures that the seed oil retains as much of the healing and health properties as possible, which makes PanaSeeda stand out!

Inside you will find:

Pumpkin seed oil: Helps with cardiovascular issues and regulates cholesterol. Keeps the body from producing unhealthy formations, such as kidney stones.

Sesame seed oil: An oil that is very high in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant; therefore, helpful in preventing issues such as cancer, heart disease, and signs of aging. Also has B-complex vitamins, essential minerals, and amino acids.

Flax seed oil: Contains omega-3 essential fatty acids – the good fats that help heart health. Also contains lignans, which have antioxidant qualities and contain estrogen. Research has shown that flax seed oil may protect against various cancers such as breast, colon, and prostate. Moreover, flax seed oil has fiber, which helps with digestive health.

Sunflower seed oil: This is another oil that is known to improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack. Also known to provide natural energy to the body, even in small amounts. Contains vitamin E, an antioxidant. Known to help with rheumatoid arthritis, promote a healthy nervous system, lower cholesterol, prevent asthma, and repair tissues, hormones, and enzymes.

Coriander seed oil: This oil has been used to relieve diarrhea, ulcers, anemia, skin disorders, cholesterol, and blog sugar disorders. It is high in iron content, which helps people suffering from anemia, and has been shown to have strong anti-histamine properties. Moreover, it is rich in calcium, which makes it good for bone health.

This is just a short list of the benefits I found in my research. The above five seed oils have an amazing effect on the body, from head to toe, inside and out. Good health, from just one oil, is possible. Combining the five oils together ensures that you are protecting your body’s health and preventing a high number of common issues that people have from poor diet, environmental toxins, and more.


Who Is Panaseeda For?

Even though his story is about coming back from his death bed, this blend of oils is not just for someone sick.

It is for anyone who wants to restore their body’s health or maintain their body’s health.

It is for anyone who wants more energy that comes with a healthy body.

It is for anyone who is health conscious and aware that their diet, environment, and daily life stresses can have a negative impact on health and wants a health concoction to help repair the damage being done.

In short, it is for you, me, and everyone else.

The Pros and Cons of Panaseeda


  • Certified organic non-GMO seeds
  • Made by a man who researched and perfected the formula for years
  • Works at a cellular level, and the health of our cells determines whether or not we are healthy or sick
  • Patented blend of seed oils proven to deliver benefits to your cells
  • PanaSeeda is pressed in a special way that keeps the life in the seed oil intact without any rancidity
  • Combination of five oils that promote good health in entire body
  • Purest oils on the planet for sale
  • Rids body of metals, free radicals, abnormal cells, and microbes
  • Feel like you did when you were young and in perfect health
  • Soothes inflammation throughout the body
  • Sexual desire increases (great news for anyone in a relationship)
  • Clears up skin issues and hydrates body
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Much, much more! (I could probably write an article on the benefits alone!)



  • They are only able to produce a certain amount of the product. Because of the machines that they use to makeMoney Back Guarantee the oil, and the process that is involved, they cannot mass produce the product. This means that the public only has access to a limited amount of the product.
  • Sorry, if you are looking for cons, I could not find any other cons of this product. It provides essential nutrients, helps repair the body to good health, and the price is excellent. This is a health product that everyone should know about, in my opinion, and maybe that is one of the cons – not everyone is using it!

The Bottom Line

In my research for this PanaSeeda review, I found that the oils found in this product have been proven to have amazing benefits on the body. Add that to the fact that the process to create this product is unique and careful to keep the oils from going rancid and, in turn, becoming unhealthy rather than healthy, and this is a health product that I believe everyone will benefit from.

PanaSeeda has been made to promote good health, and that is the bottom line. It is a healthy thing you can do for your body and long-term health, and since we are exposed to many unhealthy things during our day, it just makes sense that we would use such a powerful and health-promoting product.


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