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My Bikini Butt Review – The Real Truth Behind Andrea Albright’s Program

Yet Another Exercise & Weight Loss Product To Give You That Body To Die For.  But Does This ‘Women Only” Exercise Plan Really Offer Anything New…?

My Bikini Butt ReviewOkay girls…  No-one can deny that when it comes to firming, weight loss and getting rid of that dreaded cellulite, then we’re all suckers for an easy solution.  So when we came across My Bikini Butt by Andrea Albright, we’re the first to admit that our interest was piqued.

But hold on a moment, because does this really provide any new information?  Or is it simply a re-hash of everything you’ve already been told in the past?

Cue an in-depth look at exactly what My Bikini Butt is all about, and whether it’s really worth shelling out your hard earned dollars on.  And, we have to say, what we discovered certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with My Bikini Butt?

So what My Bikini Butt boils down to, is a 28 day exercise and nutrition program that promises you firmer legs, a toned butt and less cellulite, guaranteed…!  Wow, now that’s some claim.

When you sign up to the program, some of the expert advice you can expect to receive includes the following:

The workouts:

  • Bikini Blaster – here you get the moves that really do target your butt, hips and thighs.   Totally aimed at getting you ready to wear the skimpiest of bikinis…
  • Bikini Sculptor – this round of exercises is all about sculpting the whole body.  So naturally, not only will you look great on the beach, but in all of your other clothes as well.
  • Butt Kicker – a hard, advanced sequence of exercises that provides you with some of the most rapid results possible..
  • Cheek Chisler – nope, not the cheeks on your face, but those on your butt!  Works at those stubborn, hard to lose areas of fat to give you a hard, muscle toned backside that will have heads turning as you walk down the beach.
  • Bubble Butt – want an ass like J-Lo’s?  Well, the Bubble Butt series of exercises is designed to give you just that:  that amazing, gravity defying lift to wow member’s of both sexes…

And everything else:

  • Bikini Butt Success Journal – to keep you motivated and on track with your training
  • Blast the Fat Ebook – learn the four simple principles that mean you never have to count calories again…
  • 100 Fat Melting Recipes – exactly as it says in the title…
  • 3 x Mini Vacation Spa Escapes – because relaxation and ridding yourself of stress is as important as training and diet when you’re working on getting that beach perfect body

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Who’s My Bikini Butt for?

Well, sorry guys.  But My Bikini Butt is specifically for us girls…  And the reason that this is a gender specific program is that, no matter what we like to think, men and women are different.  We store fat in different places; we have a different metabolism; different hormones; different strength and a different muscular frame.  And that, ladies, is the very reason that you get far better results from following a female workout and nutrition program, rather than one that is just pretending that it’s a ‘one size fits all…’

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Who is Andrea Albright?

andrea albrightMs. Albright is an exercise and nutrition specialist who works hard to make sure that her fellow ‘sisters’ get the correct information to ensure they get the results they want.  She’s helped a multitude of ladies (of all shapes, sizes and ages) go from fat to fit, lose the flab and be proud to flaunt their bodies in skimpy beachwear.  And, if you need proof that her training results work, you only need take a look as Andreas’s own body – because boy, is she one fit lady…

The Pros and Cons of My Bikini Butt


  • Not only does My Bikini Butt work on those hard to target thigh and butt area, but it also truly targets cellulite.  And, as we all know, this is one of the hardest things to get rid of, once that dratted orange peel look has developed a love affair with your body.
  • The exercises are designed for all standards, providing you with a way to progress as you get fitter (and more beautiful).  So whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced when it comes to starting your training, you’ll know that you’ll be well catered for.
  • Never need to follow a ‘starvation diet’ again.  With the sensible eating strategies  you learn from the beginning, eating once again becomes a pleasure, not a chore…
  • When you join My Bikini Butt you also join a living, thriving community online of other women -so when need any motivation then they’re all there to give you everything you need.

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  • Money Back GuaranteeOkay, so we’re not going to pretend that getting that beach babe body is going to be easy.  You do need to be motivated and work hard to get the results you want.  But one of the best things about the program is that you begin to see results fast, and – as far as we’re concerned – that’s the best kind of motivation you could hope for…

The Bottom Line

Well, we certainly have to admit that we were a tad on the cynical side when we first came across Ms. Albright’s offering.  But, never let it be said that we’re happy to hold our hands up and admit that we’re wrong; and wrong we were…  We particularly like the fact that this is a complete exercise and nutrition program – something that many home workout offerings fail to provide.  And the online community for motivation is also an excellent added bonus.

A great program for all standards, My Bikini Butt really does do what the title suggests – and it’s fun to follow as well.  But you don’t have to simply take our word for it, because My Bikini Butt comes with a no-quibble, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.  And that makes giving it a try somewhat of a no-brainer, in our humble opinion…

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