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Motivation Manifesto Review – Will Brendon Burchard’s Program Work for You?

Motivation Manifesto ReviewAt the end of October, a new book will be released called The Motivation Manifesto. This book has been written by Brendon Burchard, who has released other well-received books in the personal development industry. It took him over 3 years to develop this book, and it has already received some amazing feedback from people such as Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist. Read this Motivation Manifesto review to find out what this book is about and whether it will be right for you and your personal journey to fulfillment.


What Do You Get For Your Money with Motivation Manifesto?

You get a book written by a man who is noted to be a thought leader in human motivation. While writing this book, though, he learned a ton, which means it contains concepts and thoughts that you may not have been exposed to yet.

The first section of the book covers three states of human nature: freedom, fear, and motivation.

The second section of the book covers 9 declarations that will allow us to be ourselves, feel alive, and go after our dreams even in the face of fear or other emotions that hold us back.

Motivation Manifesto is about dissolving beliefs and behaviors that have limited what we receive. It is about opening ourselves up to the powers that are naturally inside of us. It is, in short, a book on life philosophy that will help us experience a transformation in our lives for the better.

The 9 declarations are:

1. We shall meet life with full presence and power
2. We shall reclaim our agenda
3. We shall defeat our demons
4. We shall advance with abandon
5. We shall practice joy and gratitude
6. We shall not break integrity
7. We shall amplify love
8. We shall inspire greatness
9. We shall slow time

These declarations will help us move past limitations and follow our destiny.

As you have probably noticed, he used the word ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ or ‘I’. That’s because the book is for everyone, and what it takes for us to get a satisfying and action-orientated life as a human being.

As a bonus, if you sign up to receive a free book through Brendon’s site (all you have to pay in shipping costs), then you get a free 3-month Motivation Manifesto Online course (worth $297) that digs deeper into the concepts in the book. That’s a pretty awesome deal!

The book is being published through Hay House, which is a well-known publisher for some of the best and most inspirational non-fiction books around.


Who Is Motivation Manifesto For?

Anyone who wants to push the boundaries in their life, and become more present and powerful, will benefit from reading Motivation Manifesto.

If you are tired of wishing and wondering, but not taking any real action towards your desires, then this book will help you develop the motivation to go for the life you want and experience a real, positive change.

If you are waiting for something to happen or occur before you go after your dreams, then this book can enlighten you and show you when you need to start taking action.

Should you buy this book for the scared man or woman in your life who does not like to push out of their comfort zone, and has not expressed any desire to do so? Why not? Motivation Manifesto is about pushing past fears that keep us stuck, and if they decide to read the book they may become inspired to view life in a different way. If they decide not to read it, then nothing will change and no harm will be done.

Who Is The Author?

Brendon Burchard reviewsBrendon Burchard founded the High Performance Academy, He is, now, one of best personal development trainers out there, and his books continue to change people’s lives and inspire them.

He has made some stunning lists, such as the top 100 most followed people on Facebook, and the most viewed personal development series to ever hit YouTube. He has been on stage with people like the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, and Deepak Chopra.

Moreover, Brendon is known as a marketing guru. Some of the biggest companies and celebrities use him as an advisor in marketing, and he has created 12 online promotions that made more than 1 million dollars in less than 1 week.

That is just a short list of what Brendon has accomplished in his young life, and it is fair to say that any book that he writes and publishes is going to be a book worth reading.


The Pros and Cons of Motivation Manifesto

The Pros

  • Motivation Manifesto is written by one of the top personal development trainers of our time.
  • Learn 9 declarations that you can use to help you move past limitations (the only reason you are on pause or are not moving as fast as you want to move in life) and get active in your life’s success and happiness.
  • Not a short read at 256 pages. You get a lot of bang for your buck!
  • Inspire other people with your new perception on life and what it really takes to be present and beneficial in this world.
  • Get energized in your life.
  • Be more fulfilled in your life.
  • Get motivation in your life.
  • Get on the wait-list for a free book and receive access to a free 3-month course that goes past the information in the book.

The Cons

  • This is a life changing book. If you buy this book for someone expecting it to change their life, then you may be disappointed if they refuse to read it. Some people are not ready to move past existing and start living, and that can be very disappointing for some people when that person is a loved one.

The Bottom Line

More motivation? More fulfillment? More clarity? More courage? Why wouldn’t you want those things in your life?

If you have been working on your personal development, and you have desires that seem out of your reach because they require you to do something that you don’t think you can do, meet someone who you are scared to meet, or become someone that you don’t think you can become, then The Motivation Manifesto is something you need to read.

During my Motivation Manifesto review, it became apparent that this book is going to do more than change lives. It has the potential to raise the consciousness of many people, thus impacting the world in a huge way. In other words, this could be the book, or one of the books, to change our world in a positive way.

That is not something I say lightly, because with Brendon Burchard’s good intentions combined with his well-known presence in the world of personal development, he has the potential to reach everyone in the world who is ready to take the step and claim their positive personal power once and for all.


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