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Metabolic Aftershock Review – Will Dr. Jade Teta’s Program Work for You?

Are you frustrated with fat? I know that I am! Fat is easily gained and then is hard to lose. And the older you get, the more true that becomes. It doesn’t seem fair. So, when I heard about a promise to strip off fat and tone muscle, even while I am relaxing, I want to know more about it. I thought my Metabolic Aftershock review was going to uncover the same old thing, but it actually surprised me.

What Do You Get For Your Money with Metabolic Aftershock ?

Metabolic Aftershock ReviewYou get a system that teaches you how to burn fat and gain muscle, just like most fitness systems out there. But, this system was designed to get major results in less time.

The main secret behind this system is a technique (intelligent movement) that requires 15 minutes for just 3 times a week, which makes it pretty appealing to those of us who don’t want to bust our butts at the gym 2 hours for 7 days a week! This movement naturally speeds up your metabolism, which helps you to burn fat better, as well as a host of other benefits.

This movement is all about intense exercise and rest. In fact, it is called metabolic rest training, and it encourages you to rest to promote long-term fat loss. The workout you engage in is the perfect high-intensity for you, and it only requires your own body weight.

This system consists of 3 phases that over-haul your system and speed up your metabolism, and it is done in video format. (You can receive a hard copy video (that includes the instantly downloadable digital version) or just get the instantly downloadable digital version.)

Phase 1: Get your metabolism back on track. You will find movements that develop your fitness levels and awaken the hormones that help you burn the fat.

Phase 2: Now that your metabolism is alive and burning, kick it up a notch with this phase. Plus, this phase will teach you exercises that tone, tighten, and shape your muscles.

Phase 3: Your metabolism gets another boost in this phase, and you will really start to maximize results with your new fat burning body. Plus, learn new exercises that increase your results even more.

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You also receive some bonuses including:

1. Rapid Results Quick Start Guide

This is the guide that will help you get results immediately. I’m talking about ordering today and getting results today. I know it sounds crazy, but this is a guide that really gives you an outline on how to start building muscle and reducing fat quickly. You have to read it for yourself to discover the value.

2. Dr. Teta’s Anti-Aging Interview

The best secrets come from people who have walked the walk, and this is an interview that you will not want to miss. You will learn the secrets on how to reduce inflammation, increase the ‘hormone of youth’, and even boost your libido (that’s something everyone will benefit from!)

3. Rapid Results Guide

This is another quick start guide that will help you learn how to do the movements correctly and maximize your results. This guide also has more secrets, like how to permanently increase your ability to burn fat through one technique.

4. Fat Torching Burnout Session

If you are going to exercise, you might as well use a torch to burn off your fat! This bonus will speed up your results even further by using your hormones to repair, upgrade, and optimize your body to your advantage.

Who Is Metabolic Aftershock  For?

Anyone who is tired of working out and lifting weights, with minimum results, will appreciate the Metabolic Aftershock. Moreover, anyone who is ready to lose fat, gain muscle, and look and feel better, will benefit from the knowledge Dr. Jade Teta is sharing here.

I would also say that it is for anyone who cannot meet with the author. He actually offers the information found in Metabolic Afterschock in his clinic, and those people can easily pay in the high hundreds or more for this information. While there is something to be said for person-to-person consultations, this is definitely the next best thing for a discounted price.

Even if you have never worked out, always lacked motivation, or get frustrated by small results for a lot of effort, this system will help you get in the groove and achieve the success you are looking for. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Why? Because it teaches you how to work out properly and get results faster (in a customizable way that works for anyone).

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Who Is The Man Behind Metabolic Aftershock?

Metabolic Aftershock ReviewsDr. Jade Teta runs a metabolic enhancement clinic, has done tens of thousands of personal training sessions, and has a BS in biochemistry and a PhD in Naturopathic medicine, so if he doesn’t know a few things about burning fat faster, nobody would! His clinic is focused on helping people gear up their metabolism, melt off fat, build muscle, and feel years younger.

Like all of us, he was always aware that results don’t always reflect the effort put in, especially for people who were over the age of 35. But unlike most of us, he found an answer to why that is and put it in video format for everyone to benefit from.


The Pros and Cons of Metabolic Aftershock

The Pros

    • Strip off fat and tone muscle for 48-72 hours straight
    • Requires 15 minutes 3 times a week
    • Never do the same workout back-to-back to help keep things fun and moving along
    • Learn when to strategically rest for maximum results
    • The movements are fun and the 15 minutes goes by fast
    • Burn more calories for the same effort you thanks to the intelligent technique
    • Requires no gym equipment, only your own body weight
    • Gain energy like you had when you were younger
    • Feel healthier than you have for a long time!
    • Increase your brain power along with your muscle power
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Strengthen your immune system
    • Get more focused throughout your day
    • Faster results and more motivation to keep seeing results
    • Safe for anyone

Money Back Guarantee

  • Guaranteed 90-Day money back guarantee for whatever reason. (That’s a testament to his belief behind the Metabolic Aftershock and the power it has to change your life.)

The Cons

  • Even though you will learn the secrets on how to blast fat faster, you still need to blast the fat. This means when you are working out, it will be intense (but the results will make the effort you put in worth it.)

The Bottom Line

If you want to lose fat, but have a hard time doing so, and hate working out for long hours at an intense level with zero results, my Metabolic Aftershock review found that this is the system for you. It teaches you how to get the best results with the least amount of effort. It teaches you how to use your body to your advantage and make it work for you, not against you.

The secrets found in the Metabolic Aftershock are what helped Dr. Jade Teta’s clients increase their success rate from 30% to 80%, so the blueprint has been made. All you have to do is follow that blueprint in order to get the same results. If you are going to do any fitness system, then this is the one that will give you the most results, motivation and benefits. It’s guaranteed!


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