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Metabo379 Review – Is Biotrust Nutrition’s Supplement Good?

Add A Brand New Combination Of Two Exotic Plant Extracts Into Your Diet And See Your Metabolism (And Therefore Weight Loss) Go Into Overdrive.  Could Such A Thing Even Be Possible…?

Metabo379 ReviewLet’s face it.  Losing weight, burning fat and calories is a difficult task.  And one that seems to get even more difficult as we advance in years.  So when we came across Metabo379, a brand new combination of plant extracts that claims to get your metabolism working 24/7, then we have to admit to being somewhat on the cynical side.

After all…  It’s hard to lose weight, we all know that.  And anything that claims to make it easier should always be viewed with a healthy degree of cynicism, as far as we’re concerned.  But never let it be said that we ‘dis’ something without giving it a chance to impress us.  So there was nothing else for it but to get down and dirty with Metabo379.

Below is what we found out.  And, although we say so ourselves, you may well be surprised to hear what we learned….

What do you get for your money with Metabo379?

So, Metabo379 is a fat burning supplement in capsule form that you simply take each day.  But it’s not simply a supplement.  It’s a brand new combination of two exotic plants (called SigmaLean) that’ve been scientifically proven to increase the human metabolism to go into overdrive, meaning you burn calories literally on a 24/7 basis (even when you’re asleep).

It works in the following way:

  • Inhibiting Fat Cell Creation:  The potent combination of the plant extracts of Sphaeranthus Indicus and Garcina Mangostana literally inhibit the multiplication of fat cells in the body.  And we all know that the more fat cells you have, the fatter you get.
  • Inhibiting Fat Cell Growth:  We all have fat cells – it’s a necessity.  But what we don’t want is these cells growing oversized.  (Oversized = getting fatter).  And SigmaLean helps prevent this happening.
  • Stimulate the Breakdown of Fat Cells:  This ensures that the body works to its maximum fat burning potential.

But not only does S contain these two incredible plant extracts, but it’s been given a super charged boost with the addition of another unique ingredient known as Certified BioPerine – a black pepper extract.  This makes Metabo379 the ONLY product in the world today that contains the potent combination of the three ingredients.

Not only this, but Metabo379 is backed by two clinical trials, and the hard science that shows taking the supplement can give you up to 3.79 times the weight loss than simple dieting along.

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*I may earn compensation for my review of the Biotrust Nutrition products discussed on this website

Who is Metabo379 for?

The great thing is that Metabo379 is suitable for each and every one of us, thanks to the fact that it’s purely made of natural products.  Male or female, young or old, needing to lose a little or a lot of weight – or perhaps you just want to maintain your current weight.  This little baby is a great way to speed up your weight loss without having to resort to drastic methods, or taking anything that is detrimental to your health.

What are the causes of metabolic slowdown?

There are 3 pitfalls that plague all of us in the 21st century.  And each of them slow our metabolism down, making it difficult (or nigh on impossible), to lose weight.

  • Cause 1 – Dieting!  Both crash and chronic dieting cause the metabolic rate to slow down.  And it’s scientifically proven that this damages the metabolism so much that fat burning hormones decrease a massive 38% only 2 weeks after being on a low calorie diet.
  • Cause 2 – Our inactive lifestyle.  Computers, desk jobs, sitting whilst driving, relaxing on the couch – we spend the majority of our lives not using up the calories in the way our ancestors did.
  • Cause 3 – our diet.  Such as whole wheat bread, whole grain past, wheat based ‘fiber’ cereals such as Bran Flakes, Whole wheat tortillas and wraps…  Although we deem these as healthy foods, what they actually do is contain so much sugar that they cause the body’s insulin level to rise, and this in turn causes our blood sugar to rise.

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The Pros and Cons of Metabo379

The Pros

  • Metabo379 is the only dietary supplement on the market today that contains the combination of these three potent, all natural compounds.
  • This action of the supplement literally causes your body to burn calories every minute of the day and night.  That’s what raising the metabolism is all about – and this is a complete antidote to all the dieting you’ve probably done over the years.
  • In addition, Metabol379 comes with a free copy of ‘The Top 10 Metabolism Boosting Foods’ meaning you can ramp up your weight loss even more, just by choosing to eat your favorite foods.
  • The product comes with a crazy, 1 WHOLE YEAR, money back guarantee.  Yep, if at any time in the 365 days after your purchase you’re not satisfied, you can get every red cent of your money back – no questions asked.

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The Cons

  • Well, the only con will probably be your own pre-conceived idea that such a supplement can actually do what it promises.  Money Back GuaranteeAfter all, we’ve all been duped so many times over the years over so called ‘miracle’ weight loss supplements.  But remember, this one is scientifically proven, and backed with an iron clad money back guarantee, so there really is no financial risk whatsoever.

The Bottom Line

You know, we were convinced that we were going to hate Metabo379.  Convinced, even!  But we couldn’t have been more wrong.  It’s great to see the science behind the concept, and the fact that all the clinical trials were carried out on humans, not rats or mice.  We’re impressed by the supplement – because not only does it help you to lose weight, but it increases your energy levels and mood at the same time.

In a nutshell, we have to say that Metabo379 certainly did step up to the mark.  In fact, if you want to lose weight and look good, this supplement really can make all your exercise and dietary efforts work in the way they hope.  A fab product that certainly gets the thumbs up from us.

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