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Fastest Fat Loss Week Ever Review – Is This Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Good?

Losing fat over a long period of time is alright, but losing fat fast is awesome. The problem that we are now learning is that losing fat too fast can cause your body to actually hold onto fat as it thinks that it is going into starvation mode. It literally fights against your efforts to lose weight because it thinks that you have very little access to food and need to conserve as much energy as possible to stay alive until you find food. Your body doesn’t know that you have a fridge full of food. It only knows that calories and nutrient dense food is not being supplied to it, and it panics.Fastest Fat Loss Week Ever

Of course, some people do lose weight fast despite the fact that their body is making it difficult. This is usually quite a painful diet full of hunger, stress, and unhappiness. And as soon as they hit their ideal weight and start eating normally again, they gain the weight back. Their metabolism has been destroyed, their hormones are all off track, and they have not maintained (or built up) muscle to help them fight off that weight gain.

If you want to experience the fastest fat loss week ever, in a way that doesn’t slow your metabolism to a crawl or cause muscle loss, then Extreme Fat Loss Diet is something you will be interested in! The creators have spent years researching and perfecting a way to eat and move for healthy and fast fat loss – guaranteed. They’ve tested it on clients, and found that results were not only consistent, but downright astounding.

What Do You Get For Your Money with Fastest Fat Loss Week Ever?

A blueprint to lose a lot of fat within 25 days. Your body will learn how to burn fat first when you diet and exercise. Then you will learn how to indulge in cheat days (not for fun, but for fat loss). Actually you will learn how to eat fattening foods so that your fat burning hormones turn on and get working. Then you will learn how to combine exercise and nutrition for serious fat loss results. Obviously there is more to it, but doesn’t that sound good?

This is still a diet though. You will have to exercise, and do it on days where you are fasting to keep your metabolism high and ready to work hard. The weekly nutrition plan is going to be different from anything you have done before, but that’s why it is going to be effective. Changing the way you eat and exercise is the only way to change what you look like and how you feel.

It comes in 8 different components:

1. The Diet Manual: This is the week-by-week blueprint that tells you everything you need to know for the next 25 days. All you have to do is stick to it.

2. Training Manual: These workouts are designed to work with the nutrition aspect and it is essential that you incorporate them and follow them.

3. Workout Log Sheets: These will help you to clearly see what you need to do right now. These are great if you are going to work out at the gym.

4. The Success Journal: Want to increase your results? You have to keep a journal. It helps you stay accountable and motivated. This workbook will help make journaling easy.

5. The Supplementation Guide: Learn how to use supplements in combination with your diet and exercise for maximum results. While they are not required, they will help make a bigger difference to your results.

6. Cliff Notes: These will help answer the most important questions you have, without having to reread anything, as you go along with the diet and exercise program.

7. Pre-Program Checklist: If you are going to do it, do it right. This checklist will ensure you are ready to start your 25 days of fat loss with a bang.

8. Wall Calendar: This is another accountability and motivational tool that will help you see your success and how far you have to go.

As of this review, there were a few bonuses; however, we are not sure how long they will be up. They included a guide to help you do spot reduction and a guide to help you clean out your ‘fat burning filter’ and literally flush away fat within 7 days.

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Who Is Fastest Fat Loss Week Ever For?

Think you may be too old for this? Think again. The Extreme Fat Loss Diet is for everyone who wants to experience the fastest fat loss week ever. Male, female, lots of extra weight, only a few pounds of extra weight – it doesn’t matter. This is about losing fat fast, and it applies to every human body, not certain people with certain ‘advantages’.

About The Creators

Shaun Hadsall and Dan LongAs good as the program sounds, you wouldn’t want to try it out if the message was coming from some random guys who hide behind a fake name. Fortunately the creators of the Extreme Fat Loss Diet are experts in their fields.

Dan Long is a trainer who has an impressive list of clients, including military, NFL players, MLB players, and fitness models. You can check out a couple of his videos on YouTube. He has some serious energy behind him, and it is obvious he knows fitness very well.

Shaun Hadsall is also a trainer who has focused on mainly helping residents in Ann Arbor, but has dipped his toes into the world of nutrition, and has had his nutrition knowledge featured in two New York Times bestselling books.

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The Pros and Cons of Fastest Fat Loss Week Ever

The Pros

  • Learn how to diet and exercise in a way that actually gets you results
  • Lost fat fast (get where you want to be in 25 days) without plateaus
  • You don’t need to cut out carbs to lose the weight
  • Gain muscle and avoid getting that saggy or flabby look
  • Boost your metabolism quickly and efficiently
  • Get control over your hormones for increase fat loss and energy
  • Get results week after week
  • Instantly downloadable information
  • 60-day money back guarantee

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The Cons

    • Not for people who don’t want to exercise

Money Back Guarantee

  • Won’t help you if you are not willing to follow the blueprint

The Bottom Line

This is a 25 day fat loss plan for rapid results. Everything is laid out for you, and all you have to do is take advantage of it.

While there are days that you can eat some delicious food, there are also days that you can’t, and that could be frustrating for some people. However, if you want to lose fat in a fast and healthy way, then this is the diet to do it on. It helps keep your metabolism high and muscle intact, and that is very important to not only fast fat loss, but results that don’t go away once the 25 days are up.

The bottom line is that we recommend checking it out if you are serious about losing fat fast and stay committed to the process.

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