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Fast Food Solution Review – Will Nick Pineault’s Program Work for You?

Fast Food Solution ReviewHealthy eating can be hard. Not because we don’t try to eat healthy, but because there is so much misinformation about what healthy eating is and because it is so easy to stop and buy unhealthy food. The Fast Food Solution made a big claim that we are wasting over $120 and 41 minutes every time we go to the supermarket, so I decided to do a Fast Food Solution review to find out what the authors meant, and what exactly they offered to help us save our money and time while increasing our health.


What Is The Fast Food Solution About?

Fast Food Solution Review

It is about healthier eating. It is a program that gives insight into food myths and teaches you how to cook food quickly at home that is just as delicious and tempting as the fast food joints. Once inside, there are 6 different modules offered. All information is revealed through theory video, cheat sheets, and a report.

Module 1: Learn what healthy foods really are. This is where you will finally cut through the ambiguity and learn what foods can really help you be healthy, burn fat, or lose weight. The insights in this module are for newbies and for experts alike. (Note: if you are using zero-calorie sweeteners, this information could have a big impact on your health.)

Module 2: Learn how to stock your kitchen for fast food cooking. Not only will learn what foods you need in your kitchen to create fast and delicious meals, you will learn what foods are really healthy and even what to cook with for optimal health.

Fast Food Solution ReviewModule 3: Start your day out right. Learn all you need to know about breakfast and fueling your body in the morning. You may be surprised at some of the myths you have bought into, and how those myths have been sabotaging your efforts to be healthy. This module also includes recipe videos as well as the theory videos.

Module 4: Sandwich and soup anyone? This module will help you create a healthier lunch. Most of us think we understand how to have a healthy soup, salad, and sandwich at lunch, but in my Fast Food Solution review, I came to realize that this is not the case. Again, you will get some cool recipe videos.

Module 5: Learn how to avoid the fast food joint at dinner and make the food at home. Dinner seems to be the one time that we can easily head out and eat foods that are not healthy for us, so this module will help you understand how to feed yourself and your family healthy meals, quickly. And again, this module comes with recipe videos.

Module 6: Snack attack! This module is all about snacking, which most of us do very well, but not in a healthy way. Learn what healthy foods taste the best, satisfy cravings, and promote health. And, learn some answers to common questions, such as ‘Can I eat before bed?” Seriously, you will never run to the convenience store and buy snack food again when you understand how to cook delicious and nutritious snacks at home.

You will also receive 6 complementary bonuses including:
1. Save money: Learn how to get the foods you want and need for less money.
2. Cook faster: Learn how to stop wasting time in the kitchen and start cooking faster than ever before.
3. Shop smarter: Learn where to shop (online, farmer’s market, supermarket, etc.) to get the best deals.
4. Get organized: Learn how to create a functional and efficient list that saves time and energy.
5. Stay motivated: Learn how to get off the hamster wheel of ‘trying’ to be healthy and just be healthy!
6. Cook for kids: Learn how to incorporate foods that kids don’t like into their meals.


Who Is Fast Food Solution For?

The Fast Food Solution is for anyone who consciously tries to buy or cook foods good for their health. It is for anyone who wants to cook food from home with limited time. It is for anyone who wants to be healthier or lose weight.

If you are someone who doesn’t care about what you put into your body, or doesn’t want to stop going to McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch, and supper, then you may not find this interesting. But, think about this: you will be able to contradict your all-natural or super-healthy friends as they reach for a product that is tricking them into paying more.

Plus, honestly, when you are armed with the truth regarding nutrition, you start to care more about the lies you are being told and naturally pick healthy and helpful things for yourself. You start to enjoy cooking foods that are easy and taste just as good as your local Chinese, Italian, or burger place. In other words, it can’t hurt you to know this information.


About The Authors
Nick Pineault reviews

Gen Gauvin and Nick Pineault are health bloggers. I know that bloggers have their finger on the pulse of their blog topic because they always have to research new ideas and concepts in order to stay on top of the game and provide an interesting and accurate blog. Therefore, Gen and Nick have the truth in their pocket, and they want to share it with a wider audience through a unique platform.

The Pros and Cons of Fast Food Solution

The Pros

  • Stop wasting time reading labels and deciding whether or not to get one product over another.
  • Stop spending so much money on food.
  • Stop making food so complicated! It’s not as complicated as you think.
  • Help impressionable people (mom, dad, sister, uncle, etc.) make better choices for their pocketbook and health.
  • Learn how to cook healthy meals faster than going out and ordering a burger and fries.
  • Feel good about the food you are putting in your body.
  • Learn how to cook fast, delicious foods through video (not recipe cards).
  • Get healthier and lose weight by cooking healthy fast food at home.
  • Access content from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet and a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Facebook group to share and discuss recipes or ask questions.
  • No monthly fees even though the information is delivered through a member’s only platform.
  • No extra charges.
  • Affordable.
  • Money Back Guarantee

  • 1-year no questions asked money back guarantee! (This is almost unheard of.)

The Cons

  • If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you may not find all of the recipes useful.

The Bottom Line

As I finished checking out the program and started writing the Fast Food Solution review, I got excited about it, because it really is a wake-up-call and tool to better health delivered in a unique and fun way.

It is a 6-module program that will teach you how to buy smarter, eat better, save time, and spend less. It is something that I believe will benefit anyone who eats food – period. While not all diets (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) will benefit from the recipe videos, everyone will benefit from the information inside, which makes it a worthy investment.


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