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Diet Free Weekends Review – Is Mike Whitfield’s Program Good?

Waking up Monday morning and feeling all that guilt about all the food you ate during the weekend is definitely one of the most agonizing experiences you can have in your life. Probably the only feeling that is worse than this is stepping on the scale and wishing it could stop at 150 pounds, but it goes up to 160 pounds.

This is an internal battle we all have to fight from time to time. The weekend is one of the most dangerous periods of the week, as it is the time where we just want to enjoy ourselves and we are eager to taste all those mouth-watering cookies that are forbidden during the week. However, the good news is that you will never have to face that guilt ever again. According to a new breakthrough Cornell University study, everyone can use a 3-diet trick in order to reprogram the body to burn more belly fat and enhance metabolism. This unique 3 day diet trick has been revealed by Mike Whitfield in one of the most complex weight loss studies available on the market – Diet Free Weekends.

Diet Free Weekends Review

What is Diet Free Weekends?

Diet Free Weekends is the latest diet program created by the well-famed fitness professional Mike Whitfield. In this groundbreaking course, Mike unveils the best method to naturally lose up to 3 pounds a week without staying away from eating your favorite foods for 3 days each week. This is a guide that teaches you how you can eat your favorite foods while still losing weight.

Even though this claim seems quite bold, thousands of men and women have already experienced the freedom from fad diets or weekend interdictions. Whether you hate to eat veggies and boring diet food during the weekend or you are invited regularly to birthday parties and you have to kindly refuse because you are on a diet, this program could prove a life saver for you.

The Real Solution Tested Over and Over Again

This miracle solution is mostly based on a complex study conducted by a group of researchers from the Cornell University. In this study, scientists looked at a group of people with ages between 25 and 62. In this study, participants had to weigh themselves right after waking up over a period of 15 up to 330 days. The results were astounding. Scientists observed that individuals who lost more weight cut calories Monday through Thursday and still ate as much as they wished during the Weekend. According to this study, there is a direct correlation between gaining weight and eating during weekdays.

The solution created by Mike Whitfield is based on this study, enabling you to gorge on all your favorite foods every single Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Let’s Meet the Author

Mike WhitfieldMike Whitfield is not an unknown name in the fitness industry. In fact, Mike is widely known as Mr. Pancakes, because of his huge love for pancakes. He is a reputable fitness expert for more than a decade, with tons of articles written for the popular magazine “Men’s Health”. Mike was even voted as the Trainer of the Year by Men’s Magazine readers. He is definitely an authority in this niche, someone trustworthy who knows what he’s talking about.

What’s Included in the Program

In addition to the 3 tips to lose weight and program your body to lose weight during Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you gain two more bonuses: 4 Day Flat Belly Detox Solution and Cheat Yourself Guide. Here are the main three components of the Diet Free Weekends program:

  1. Nutrition Manual

This book provides the exact daily strategies you need in order to enjoy the food you love while still losing weight. By reading this manual you will also discover how to boost your energy levels all throughout the week and you will get a detailed list of foods that give you extra calories with no fat.

2 Quick Start Guide

This section of Diet Free Weekends breaks down the entire program into short segments. This part is perfect for people who are always on the run and can’t find the time to read all the information included in the nutrition manual. In the Quick Start Guide you will also find a colored chart that teaches you exactly what to do each day. This chart can be printed and placed on your fridge or counter.

  1. Tracking Journal

This component is probably the most important as it enables you to track your progress. The accountability tool offered in this manual is incredibly useful, as it gives you confidence to move on past any plateau you might experience. The Tracking Journal also includes the 6-point system for ensuring success.

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Pros and Cons of Diet Free Weekends

The Pros

  • Eat Everything you Love: definitely the biggest advantage of this groundbreaking program is that you will be able to enjoy all those weekend goodies, such as pizzas, chips, cookies, donuts, and the list goes on. You will also be able to attend all parties and watch as many movies as you wish with your friends (and obviously eat as much popcorn as you want).
  • Good Information: all the tips presented in this program are genuine and have been tested over and over again. Moreover, the information is well-structured and very easy to understand.
  • Addresses Emotions: this guide will also teach you about emotional eating and will help you deal with this huge problem most of us have to face.
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee: if you are still skeptical about this program, you have 60 days to decide if it’s for you.
  • Trustworthy Author and Tons of Reviews: what makes Diet Free Weekends so successful is the fame of its author and the hundreds of reviews available online.

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The Consmoney-back-guarantee

  • No Videos: probably the only drawback of this program is that it is only text based, with no videos. However, that should not be a problem, because the information is clearly laid out and caneasily be implemented in your daily routine.

My Diet Free Weekends Review Conclusion

I’m giving a rating of 9 out of 10 stars to this guide created by Mike Whitfield. Diet Free Weekends helps you overcome the guilt of eating too much and lets you enjoy life more. Additionally, you get to participate to all those weekend events while still losing weight – and that means living a freer and happier life.

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