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Big Dinner Diet Review – Will Daniel Woodrum’s Program Work for You?

Big Dinner Diet ReviewThere always seems to be a new breakthrough in dieting, and the Big Dinner Diet promises to be another one of those breakthroughs. The truth is that there are many discoveries about nutrition that help us to live healthier and lose weight, so we can’t rule out something just because it is a new concept. Plus, everything we know about dieting right now doesn’t seem to be helping our obesity epidemic!

That’s why we decided to delve into the program and write this Big Dinner Diet review; it was just a concept that we had never heard before! Eating more at night is something that is usually frowned upon. I mean, the golden rule is to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Right? Well, according to this new concept, eating most of your calories in the morning is causing you to GAIN weight. So, let’s take a closer look.


The Big Dinner Diet Explained

Just as it sounds, this plan teaches you how to eat a big dinner and lose weight at the same time. This means that you get to enjoy your dinner, feel satisfied, and most importantly, go to bed feeling satisfied!

There are 3 main principles behind the diet:

1. Eat light in the morning: Yes, this goes against everything you have ever heard! You will be surprised at how this light breakfast will improve mental alertness and energy.

2. Not snacking often: No more eating every 2-3 hours. Studies have shown that there is no need to eat every 2-3 hours. Moreover, many people find that they are hungry and over-consume calories when they constantly eat throughout the day.

3. Calorie/Carb backloading: This is the big one! Eating dinner like a king is not something that many of us do, but it is usually when we WANT to eat like a king.

These 3 principles are combined to maintain a healthy metabolism and encourage weight loss.

If you buy on a specific day, you also get $149 worth of bonuses to complement the diet. Including:

6-Week Meal Plans: Don’t worry about what to make on the Big Dinner Diet as this guide will help you effectively plan your meals for the next month and a half.

Fro Pro Guide: A dessert menu that will allow you to have your sweets every single day and feel satisfied.

Grocery List: Want to know exactly what to shop for? This list helps you make your 6-week meal plan a breeze.

Who Is Big Dinner Diet For?

Anyone (man or woman, young or old) who is ready to change their mindset about dieting and learn a real way to lose weight effectively and keep it off for life. Sounds simple right? That’s because the truth is always simple.

The fitness industry is a multibillion dollar industry, so why would people tell you the truth? They want your money. They want you to come back again and again. They want you to try their ‘new and improved’ diet (which is really just a tweak of an old diet). And they pull you in with lies that make dieting seem hard and painful, which keeps you struggling with your weight loss.

Anyone who is ready to stop feeling deprived, tricked, and ready to give up, will appreciate the Big Dinner Diet. It is easy, proven, and can quickly be incorporated into your life without stress and deprivation.


The People Behind The Program

Big Dinner Diet ReviewsDaniel woodrun is a man who does not have the genetics we all long for. He has struggled with food and weight for years, even engaging in binge eating. His struggle is what encouraged his career in the health industry, and now he owns two gyms, writes for fitness magazines, and helps others realize their fitness expert dreams.

Brittney Williams, Daniel’s fiance, is a big part of the gym’s success, as well as the gym’s patron’s success. Everything Daniel knows, Brittney knows, and together they are determined to help others succeed in weight loss and health once and for all.

The Pros and Cons of Big Dinner Diet

The Pros

  • If you are not a morning eater, you no longer have to eat in the morning when you are not hungry!
  • Increase your metabolism.
  • Accelerate your fat loss.
  • Eat a big dinner that consists of those carbs you crave!
  • Stop dieting, counting calories, and eating every 2-3 hours and start just enjoy your dinner again.
  • Stop agonizing over boring, low-calorie dinners that make you want to give up on your diet.
  • Get proper nutrients to fuel your body and help you lose weight.
  • Gain a better relationship with food once and for all.
  • Stop worrying about gaining all the weight back when you stop your ‘diet’. You will easily eat like this from now until forever.
  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Triple guarantee: Great quality program, lifestyle plan that is easy to implement, and great customer service or your money back.
  • All material is instantly downloadable.

The Cons

  • You may or may not lose a huge amount of weight quickly. This is not a fad diet that causes you to drop 10 pounds in one week. This is a real diet that causes your body to lose weight normally and stay at a healthy number once you reach it.
  • This is a new way of eating that will require you to stick with it, just like any other diet, for a while. Your mind has been conditioned to believe that you must eat big in the morning and small in the evening, and it will take effort to change over to your new mindset. But any belief you change requires this effort, even healthy beliefs that improve your life.

The Bottom Line

The truth is that most diets encourage you to eat small, low-calorie dinners anyways. Most diets also make you hungry, stressed, and deprived. And even if they work, weight gain is around the corner once you can no longer stick to the ‘diet’ laid out for you. In our Big Dinner Diet Review, we found the opposite to be true, and that is something that we know many people will be excited about!

If you are someone who has never been a breakfast fan, but ate it because it is believed that you have to eat in the morning if you want to lose weight, then the Big Dinner Diet is a dream discovery for you! No longer do you have to stuff yourself when you are not hungry. Now, you can eat when you are really hungry, in the evening, and lose weight while doing it.


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