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Back Pain Relief 4 Life Review – The Real Truth Behind Dr. Hart’s Program

A ‘Guaranteed’ Method To Free You From Debilitating Back Pain – Forever!  If Only Such A Thing Were Genuinely Possible…!

Back Pain Relief 4 Life ReviewsOne of the biggest problems with lower back pain, as suffers will well know, is that it’s not something that’s visible to other people.  And unless you’ve personal experience of how much of a life changing problem this is, then there’s no way a person can understand how crucial to your life it is to be able to cure it.

So when we came across Back Pain Relief 4 Life, a program created by expert, Ian Hart, you’ll forgive us for wondering if this was simply a guy trying to cash in on your challenging problem.  Of course, this meant that there was only one way for us to find out if the program really is worth you spending your hard earned cash on – and that was by getting down and dirty with the complete program.

Below is what we discovered.  And we think you’ll agree that it makes for interesting reading…


What do you get for your money with Back Pain Relief 4 Life?

Back Pain Relief 4 Life ReviewOkay, so Back Pain Relief 4 Life is an instant download program that is all about reducing or eliminating debilitating back pain, and getting you back to living your life as normal.  It deals with lower back pain, such as that suffered by those with strains, sprains, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, spondylolysis, disc bulges and various other wear and tear conditions.

The program is provided in PDF format, and includes the following:

  • Diagnosis of your particular lower back problem:  Now, you might already know exactly what this is (in fact, you probably do).  But it’s necessary to understand how your back pain is personal to you.
  • Exercises for your condition:  These are dependent on your actual condition.  Because of this, the exercises recommended and given to you within the program are adapted for your personal situation.  Exercise is an important part of rehabilitation, because the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments all play a huge part in the cure of your back pain.
  • Nutrition:  One thing many back pain sufferers are unaware of, is the importance of nutrition to how great your pain is.  For instance, the program advises various additions to your diet.  These include substances such as ginger, because it has a highly anti-inflammatory ingredient called gingerol that can work wonders on back pain.  Another foodstuff is lemons.  It’s been scientifically proven that drinking fresh lemon juice twice a day is great for reducing inflammation in back pain.  Another surprising addition to your diet is cherries.  This is because they both reduce inflammation and inhibit pain enzymes in the body – very similar to the action of aspirin and naproxen.  Fish is also an excellent method of reducing lower back pain.  This is thanks to the omega-3 in fish that help to improve your circulation, therefore transporting the essential nutrients and oxygen to your spine.  They also play a huge part in preventing disc degeneration.

Of course, this is only a snapshot of what’s included in Back Pain Relief 4 Life – there’s far too much for us to cover in this short review.


Who is Back Pain Relief 4 Life for?

Back Pain Relief 4 Life ReviewsOne of the great things about this program is that it’s suitable for all types of lower back pain.  This includes both acute and chronic conditions, and works for if you’ve had pain only for a few weeks, or perhaps for the greater proportion of your life.  And it doesn’t matter how young or old you might be, or whether you’re male or female.  Back Pain Relief 4 Life works for everyone, and adapts to your own personal situation.

Who is Dr. Ian Hart?

Dr. Hart, the creator of Back Pain Relief 4 Life, is a back specialist and certified injury specialist.  He has many years experience of working with a plethora of back pain suffers, and helping them to return to as normal a life as possible, without back pain.  An ex-basketball player, he has much experience with various sporting injuries, and he also is a leader and supervisor of over 70 trainers at his New York City based training department.

The Pros and Cons of Back Pain Relief 4 Life

The Pros

  • The program is both easy to understand and easy to use.  It’s compatible with all types of smart phones, tablets and computers, meaning you never need to be without this vital information whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Back Pain Relief 4 Life is personal to you.  Dependent on what your condition is will lead to the information you need to know about various exercises that will improve your condition – forever.
  • This is a back pain program designed and created by a true injury specialist.  There’s too many products out on the market that don’t have this professional and necessary background.  You can be sure that this program is provided by an expert with many years of proven experience.
  • As knowledge and technology advances, you can be sure that they’ll be future updates to the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program.  Once you purchase, you’re guaranteed to receive all of these updates, for life.

The Cons

  • You do need to spend a bit of time reading and digesting the program to ensure that it’s personal to you.  But hey, if that means that you truly can be rid of your back pain once and for all, this seems to be a minor issue if it means you get your life back on track.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to admit that we were convinced that Back Pain Relief 4 Life was simply going to be a re-hash of everything that’s already available for free online.  Or worse, a program that had no value at all whatsoever.  But never let it be said that we don’t mind admitting when we’re wrong – because wrong we were.

Money Back GuaranteeWe particularly like the fact that this is an ever-evolving program (with the free lifetime updates).  As we all know, knowledge and medicine is forever changing, and as with any treatment plan they’ll always be improvements in the future.  But right here, right now, this is possible one of the most up to date programs for the relief of back pain that we’ve come across.

Thanks, Ian Hart.  We think you’re going to have a lot of happy (and pain free) customers who purchase your Back Pain Relief 4 Life program.  Add to this the fact that it comes with a no questions asked, 2 month, 100% money back guarantee, and giving it a try makes it a bit of a no brainer, in our humble opinion…


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