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Abs After 40 Review – Truth Behind Mark Mcilyar’s Program

Abs After 40 is a health and fitness system specifically made to help men over 40 achieve a healthy body, as well as defined abs. It contains full-body workout plans dedicated to strengthen and Abs After 40 Reviewlengthen the core muscles. The compound exercises discussed involve continuous movements that should be practiced daily in order to increase energy, balance the hormones, tone the body, and reduce a significant amount of weight, while improving flexibility at the same time.

The Guy Behind Abs After 40

The spokesperson of the program is Mark Mcilyar, who is a 53 year-old fitness model. He doesn’t only look good despite his age, but he also managed to transform his physique in just a span of 3 years. When he was 49 years old, he was pretty unfit. Although he’s not completely obese, he has what you call a beer belly. That’s why he decided to turn everything around through trial and error. He’s one of the few who claims that even with the help of personal fitness trainers and attendees, it’s not as easy to get ripped. Though, this isn’t anybody’s fault, but they should do something differently. All of these are discussed in the Abs After 40 program.

The Problem for 40-Year-Old Men

As men get older, it becomes more challenging to follow exercise routines and prioritize workout trainings. That said, a lot of older men are in awful shape when they reach this age. Mark explains that a lot of workout routines that are available online are limited to younger men. Those who are 40 years old and older can end up hurting themselves if they’re not careful. It’s because the body isn’t as cooperative at this point, and it becomes more fragile.

Mark also justifies that it’s difficult for older guys to modify their diet routines. What he’s trying to say is that, it’s pretty challenging for a 40-year-old man or older to get fit.

How Abs After 40 Solves this Problem

The Abs After 40 program solves all these issues and it utilizes a tactic that would influence consumers to give the product a try. Mark promises one simple thing. That is, to help men gain six-pack abs despite their old age. He also mentioned that repairing a degenerating hormone system can also help. According to him, men lose their testosterone as early as 20 years old, and the moment they’re in their forties, it would definitely decrease. That said, by fixing the hormones, it would ensure that the body would become leaner and more muscular again.

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Program Features
Mark Mcilyar Abs After 40The Abs Over 40 has hormone rejuvenation exercise plan specifically made for men over the age of 40. This contains basic movements, rejuvenation routines, together with light weight lifting that will help a man stay fit and active.

Aside from that, these exercises are best known for its flexible benefits, and considered to be a full body workout plan that can strengthen and lengthen the core muscles. As men add this hormone rejuvenation workout routine, they’ll be able to firm up their midriff and promote calorie burn, while increasing the metabolic rate at the same time.

Components Included:

  • Workouts that are based on compound movements using free weights.
  • Hormone rejuvenation program for men above 40.
  • Diet comprising of food that balances men’s hormones.


  • Phase One:: Fat Loss Jumpstart
  • Phase Two: Male Hormone Optimization
  • Phase Three: Full- Auto Fat Burning Mode

The compound movements include advise about doing the proper deadlifts and squats. These are movements should be done with great care, for it can lead to injury especially in older men. Mark made sure that these gym moves are applicable to older men and there wouldn’t be any dangers of injury for them.

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Who Is Abs After 40 For??

If you’re a man who’s 40 years old or above, but want to look as great as possible, then this program is ideal for you. Just like what has been mentioned earlier, Abs After 40 is a workout and nutrition program that’s targeted for older men. Likewise, unlike any other fitness programs available in the market, this one is specifically designed for older guys– since no matter how hard they try doing the usual workouts for younger men, they wouldn’t be able to achieve the results.

The Pros and Cons of Abs After 40

The Pros

  • It’s specifically designed for older guys. It works in a way where it prevents the accumulation of belly fat that’s often the result of decline of testosterone. So, the program will help the user burn fat in the correct way, in order to burn it efficiently.
  • It’s an all natural way of increasing testosterone production. That means it is 100% risk-free. No need to worry about any dangerous side effects.
  • The workouts may extra attention to the joints. The author knows how precious and fragile the 40-year-old body is. So the last thing they want to happen is to increase the chances of injury.
  • It’s packed with several nutrition advice, because the man behind this program is very much aware that nutrition and working out should go hand in hand.

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The Cons

  • This program isn’t made for everyone. For one, it requires some time, effort, and hand weights before you can enjoy the results. Aside from that, women won’t find the use of this program money-back-guaranteebeneficial, because it was made for older men.
  • The program is only available online.  If you are expecting something in the mail, you won’t find it here.  The good thing is you can download the videos immediately plus you can print out the manuals which make it great cause you can start immediately.

Final Words

This program for older men do make a lot of sense. The emphasis is on natural building of testosterone and following a healthy diet at the same time. For those who are familiar with body building, you’re probably aware of what he’s selling with this program Although it may be a little bit expensive, it’s definitely cheaper as compared to going to the gym.

Lastly, the good thing about the Abs After 40 is the fact that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. That means, if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can easily ask for a refund. You have nothing to lose, and this could be the answer to your fitness problem.

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