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60 Second Panic Solution Review – Is Anna Gibson-Steel’s Program Really Good?

60 Second Panic Solution ReviewThe thing about panic attacks is that unless you actually suffer from them, there’s no way you can understand quite how debilitating they can be to your life. And once you’ve had one, the likelihood of more and more occurring increases with each attack. So when we came across the 60 Second Panic Solution which promises to show you a method whereby you really can control panic attacks, we have to admit to being somewhat cynical.

But never let it be said that we put down a product without giving it a fair chance to impress us (or otherwise…). So it was only fair that we put our money where our mouth is, and delve deep into what the 60 Second Panic Solution is really all about.

And. although we say it ourselves, what we discovered certainly makes for interesting reading…


What do you get for your money with 60 Second Panic Solution?

60 Second Panic Solution

Okay then, so what the 60 Second Panic Solution promises is to help cure the disorder by addressing the underlying problem. Yes, there are many different medications used to help calm the symptoms of panic attacks, but unless you get to grips with what is actually causing them in the first place, all they will do is perhaps mask the problem.

The 60 Second Panic Solution is provided in an E-Book format and the program is broken down into 3 highly detailed steps. These are provided in different ways, and include the following:

  • Finding the Triggers: that are the key to your panic attacks starting. Sometimes this can be something that you’re not even aware of. Once you understand this vital element of the problem, then you’re well on the way to finding a way to orchestrate a permanent cure.
  • Understanding the Signs: that herald the onset of a panic attack. There are subtle changes that occur when an attack is building, and being able to recognise them is a huge step towards being in control.
  • Further Understanding why your Brain goes into panic overdrive: Because understanding is one of the most powerful weapons in your armour when it comes to control of panic attacks.
  • Gain back Control of your Life: with simple to follow exercises and methods that literally enable you to switch off the panic switches in your brain – all done by perfectly natural and safe methods. There are no drugs or medication involved in the 60 Second Panic Solution method.

This is just a snapshot of what’s included in 60 Second Panic Solution. This 145 page E-Book will take you by the hand and walk you through the complete process.


Who’s 60 Second Panic Solution for?

If you suffer from panic attacks (also called anxiety attacks or hyperventilation), and they’re beginning to effect the way you lead your life, then the 60 Second Panic Solution could be just what you need. This is especially the case if your doctor has prescribed you with various medications to treat them. The reason for this is that all drugs do is mask the symptoms – they certainly don’t delve down to the root of the problem.

It’s also a great product if you’re the father, mother, husband, wife, partner or relative of anyone close to you you who suffers from panic attacks. Not only can you give it to them so that they can work through the program, but you yourself can read through it, giving you a far better understanding of their problem.

Who is Anna Gibson Steel?

Anna Gibson-Steel - 60 Second Panic SolutionAnna is, in simple terms, one of the country’s leading therapists on panic attacks. She’s helped thousands of people successfully overcome their panic issues, and she’s the one that medical doctors send their patients to for help. And one of the reasons she’s so successful is that many years ago she herself suffered life-debilitating panic attacks that were deemed untreatable by her doctor.

So, housebound, drugged by the medication she was prescribed and thinking she was going crazy, she decided to start what was to become an epic journey into discovering what her panic attacks really were. This led to a life changing time for her, and has allowed her to not only completely cure herself, but to use this knowledge into helping others, and becoming world-respected for her work in this field.


The Pros and Cons of 60 Second Panic Solution


  • 60 Second Panic Solution uses all natural, completely safe solutions to cure your panic issues. This means it is suitable for absolutely anyone – whatever their physical state of health – and can safely by used at any age.
  • As the name implies, the whole crux of the program is getting you to a stage where a little 60 second trick is all you need to stave off any oncoming panic attack.
  • The program is proven to have worked on all different kinds of people all around the world. Even so-called hopeless cases who really were on the verge of (or suffering from) a mental breakdown all due to panic attacks.
  • Money Back Guarantee

  • 60 Second Panic Solution comes with a full, no-quibble, money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.


  • Well, probably the only so-called ‘con’ that we can find with 60 Second Panic Solution is the huge amount of information that is included. For some, this might seem a little overwhelming at first. But the good thing about the program is how well written it is. This means that really is simple to follow for anyone – you just need to take your time and work your way through the well-presented material.

The Bottom Line

Well, considering that we went into this thinking that the 60 Second Panic Solution was going to be a complete waste of money, we have to say that we’re holding our hands up in total surrender. And that’s because it really does do exactly what it promises in the title – a genuine cure for panic attacks.

But what’s also so great about 60 Second Panic Solution is that you don’t even have to take our word for how effective it is. That’s because of the money back guarantee, meaning you can buy it, follow the program, and if it doesn’t work for you, you can get every red cent of your money back. And that makes giving it a try a bit of a no-brainer, in our humble opinion…


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