A Method That Allows You To Get The Benefit Of An Hour’s Meditation In Just 12 Minutes!  Hmmm, You’ll Excuse Us If We’re Just The Teensiest Bit Cynical…
zen12 review Zen12 Review   Will Inspire3s Program Work for You?

Meditation is something that many of us don’t discover until later on in life.  And this is a shame, because it’s been scientifically proven to be a positive way to de-stress and focus on the things that are important in life.  But one thing that puts many people off is the time that it actually takes to mediate.  So when we came across Zen12, a program that promises to provide you with the benefits of an hour’s worth of meditation in just 12 minutes, you’ll excuse us for being somewhat cynical.

But never let it be said that we ‘dis’ a product without giving it a fair chance.  So there was nothing else to it but to get down and dirty with Zen12, and find out exactly what it was all about.

Read onto discover what we found out.  And, although we say so ourselves, it certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money?

zen 12 reviews1 Zen12 Review   Will Inspire3s Program Work for You?

Okay, so Zen12 is a complete meditation course that is based on using audio MP3 recordings that play special pulses that replicate the frequencies of the brainwaves when in a deep meditative state.

But the program doesn’t only provide you with this, it provides you with everything you need to understand all about meditation, even if you’ve never practiced it before.

There are three different levels of the program you can purchase, but the most popular is the Premium Version, and this is suitable for anyone, be they beginner or advanced.  It includes the following:

  • The Entire Zen12 Course: This consists of 48 MP3s that cover all 12 levels of the course.  This is all the meditation products you’ll need for an entire year’s practice.  You also get to choose from the type of meditation you’d like to listen to, from Sounds of Nature, White Noise, Relaxation Music or Guided Meditation.
  • 12 Months of Levels: To cover beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of practice.
  • Quick Start Guide:  So you can get going with your meditation in the quickest amount of time possible.
  • The User Manual:  Because we all need a ‘book of words’ that shows us exactly how, what and when we should be doing something.
  • Lifetime Support: by email, should you ever need to ask questions about Zen12.
  • Full Guarantee: A 1 year, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.
  • Audio Guides: That cover each level of meditation throughout the year.
  • Training Call: hosted by Karl Moore – a personal development trainer with over 15 years experience in helping people develop and discover themselves to the highest of their abilities.

Who is it for?

zen 12 reviews Zen12 Review   Will Inspire3s Program Work for You?

So, if you’ve ever been interested in meditation (or perhaps you already mediate), but want to get the utmost you can out of the shortest time possible, then Zen12 could well have been created specifically for you.  Using something called ‘brainwave entrapment’ this is an area of science that’s been studied for over a century and has been proven to effectively help control your brainwaves.

Zen12 is suitable for absolutely everyone; young or old, male or female, fit or otherwise – it really is a method for each and everyone of us to learn how to unwind, de-stress and put brains into a state where they can truly absorb and get the best out of whatever we’re trying to succeed at.  It’s no accident that some of the world’s most successful people swear by mediation – and you too can take full advantage of this easy and painless technique for improvement.

How does ‘brainwave entrapment’ work?

zen 12 review Zen12 Review   Will Inspire3s Program Work for You?

Brainwave entrapment meditation differs from regular meditation in many ways.  What it actually does is use special ‘brainwave’ sounds that actually do the mediation for you.  This means that you don’t actively have to quieten your mind and focus on the meditation – it is all done for you simply by listening to the audios.  And because you only need to carry it out for 12 minutes a day, only a few times a week, it’s something that all of us can fit into our busy schedules.

The Pros

  • Because a whole year’s worth of meditation is included in the course, you continue to learn how to mediate at deeper levels as the months go past.  This means as the year goes on you’ll gain even greater benefits month by month.
  • You have a choice as to the type of audios you can listen to.  There are four options at each of the 12 levels, meaning that you can pick what suits you best.
  • This is meditation at its most sip le.  Simply follow the instructions on the audio to enjoy immediate stress and anxiety relief.  This in turn allows you to relax, focus, and enhance your creativity.
  • The audios work on all platforms – iPhone, MP3, tablet or computer – making it a truly portable program you can carry around with you on a daily basis.


The Cons

  • So, probably the biggest con with Zen12 is your own doubts that such a thing might actually be of any benefit to you.  But even if you’re cynical about it, there’s no worry that you might be wasting your hard earned cash.  That’s because Zen12 comes with a massive one year, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.  And you can’t say fairer than that…

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well…!  We have to admit that we were convinced that we were going to hate Zen12 – but we couldn’t have been more wrong.  And that’s because it really is a way to cut down the time you spend on meditation, but still get the same results.  Let’s face it, none of us really have time to dedicate and hour every day to meditation (much as it would be very nice, we have to say).  But with Zen12, we love that you don’t even have to spend 12 minutes every day to gain benefit.  Three or four times per week will suffice.

We particularly like that you can carry it around on your iPhone, android or tablet, because this means you have all you need for a chilled 12 minutes literally at your fingertips.  You can even meditate in your lunch break thanks to this…

We think that Zen12 is a great product, and one that will introduce a whole new group of people to the wonderful power of mediation.  And that’s a good thing, wouldn’t you say?  Because the 21st century is a probably one of the most stressful times in the history of mankind to be alive, and anything that can help alleviate stress gets the thumbs up from us.  Well done, guys.  Zen12 certainly gets our vote…!

A Method To Cure Diabetes…!  Permanently!  Come On, Guys – It Simply Isn’t Possible…  But Hold On A Moment – What If It Really Was…?

diabetes miracle cure care Diabetes Miracle Cure Review   Will Paul Carlyles Program Work for You?Listen up!  Diabetes is a horrible disease, no matter what way you look at it.  And whether you’ve got Type I or Type II, you know that once diagnosed, your life is never going to be the same again.  So when we came across Diabetes Miracle Cure by Paul Carlyle and Dr. Evans, a product that claims it can provide you with alternative methods to actually cure your diabetes forever, we have to admit to being immediately extremely cynical.

But naturally, it’s only fair to give it a chance to show us if it’s a legit (or otherwise) product.   So there was nothing else for it but to get down and dirty with Diabetes Miracle Cure, and see if it really can live up to its title.

Below is what we discovered.  And it certainly makes for interesting reading, that’s for sure…

What do you get for your money?

diabetes miracle cure reviews Diabetes Miracle Cure Review   Will Paul Carlyles Program Work for You?So, in a nutshell, Diabetes Miracle Cure is an instant download eBook that professes to give you all the information you need to improve the health of a diabetes sufferer, or even cure them completely.  And all without any kind of doctor prescribed medication whatsoever…

In the book you’ll learn how to do the following:

  • Improve insulin sensitivity:  along with your energy expenditure.  This will result in an immediate drop in blood sugar, as well as rapid weight loss.
  • Forget the starvation diets or strenuous exercise: because once you stabilize your blood sugar, they’ll be no need for any outdated methods of controlling how your body deals with sugars.
  • Discover the ‘anti-diabetic’ tissue: that is brown fat.  This is a naturally occurring substance in the body that actually improves insulin sensitivity and controls blood sugar.  By learning the methods taught in Diabetes Miracle Cure, you literally activate and supercharge this brown fat.  And it’s this clever little secret that honestly can reverse your diabetes completely.
  • Increase the brown fat cells in your body: to literally force your body into dealing with the excessive sugar in your body.  This works whatever level of diabetes you might have, be it Type I, Type II or Pre-Diabetes.
  • Natural ways to control blood sugar: such as bitter melon, or rosemary and oregano.
  • Big Pharma: and their supposedly ‘safe’ medications for diabetes.  Here you’ll learn how what your doctor prescribes for diabetes might not necessarily be the best way to control it.  In fact, it might well be deadly…

And lots, lots more.  Far more than we can cover in this short review.

Who is it for?

Obviously this is aimed at those who have diabetes, but also for anyone who has a friend or relative who suffers as well.  Because the Diabetes Miracle Cure is little known, and in essence ignored by the mainstream medics of the world, it tends not to be known about by many.  But make no mistake, this works – as has been proven by over 29,854 people who’s used this method to completely cure themselves of diabetes for good.

Who is Paul Carlyle?

paul carlyle reviews Diabetes Miracle Cure Review   Will Paul Carlyles Program Work for You?Paul was a diabetes type II sufferer himself, as was his father.  Sick of being told by his doctor that the only thing he could do was take medications (that themselves had serious health side effects) to control it, he decided to do some research into natural method.  This in time led him to Dr. Evans, who’d been quietly managing to discover the secret of brown fat and how this could effectively control and reverse diabetes.  Fast-forward to today, and over 30,000 people have successfully freed themselves from diabetes following the Diabetes Miracle Cure method.

The Pros

  • This is easy, fast and effective.  In fact, following the Diabetes Miracle Cure method, you can stabilize your blood sugar in as little as a week or two, eventually to the stage of reversing the disease altogether.
  • No need to starve yourself of carbs, or follow any unhealthy and completely unsatisfying diet because you’re worried about what your blood sugar might do.
  • Forget crazy exercise programs in an attempt to lose weight.  Once you increase your insulin sensitivity and stabilize your blood sugar, you weight will naturally reverse to a more healthy level.
  • Forget taking drugs that can, in some cases, increase your risk of heart attack and/or cardiovascular death.


The Cons

  • Well, because mainstream medicine is so averse to admitting that there are other ways to deal with diabetes apart from drugs, you may well have been told by your doctor or consultant that medication is the only way forward.  But the good thing about trying out the Diabetes Miracle Cure is that it is at no risk to you whatsoever.  It’s all about natural methods, so there’s no filling your body with harmful drugs or substances.  It’s simply a little 30-second trick that will see you undergoing the most amazing results.

The Bottom Line

So, we have to admit to being a little concerned when we first came across Diabetes Miracle Cure.  And that’s because we too have been brainwashed by ‘Big Pharma’ into the fact that the only way to control diabetes is with harmful pharmaceuticals.  But, and we’re at a pains to say this, we were wrong…  Because there really is another, far more natural, method to treat diabetes.

money back guarantee Diabetes Miracle Cure Review   Will Paul Carlyles Program Work for You?But the great thing is that you don’t even have to take our word for it.  Because Diabetes Miracle Cure comes with an incredible 60-day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.  And that really is putting your money where your mouth is, as far as we’re concerned…


A Method To Genuinely Bullet Proof Your Body From Damage And Future Injury!  Yeah, Yeah…. We’ve Heard It All Before…!

recovery workouts reviews Recovery Workouts Review   The Real Truth Behind Rick Kaseljs ProgramSo we all know how frustrating it can be to suffer with aches and pains after training.  You know, those stiff training muscles that we jokingly tell ourselves is a ‘good’ pain (although it hurts – and sometimes really hurts)…  So when we came across Rick Kaselj’s Recovery Workouts – step by step guides that promise to help your body recover in a faster time – we have to admit to being extremely interested.

But, and this is a big ‘but’.  We’re also completely aware that the body takes time to heal after training – and there’s not a lot you can do to change that.  So is there really a way that you can help nature to move a bit faster?  Not only that, but to prevent those post-workout aches and pains and cause your muscles to strengthen faster, so making your workout even more effective?  We have to say, we were somewhat on the cynical side…

But no-one can doubt the guy’s credentials when it comes to exercise and injury.  So there was nothing to it but to get down and dirty with Recovery Workouts, and find out exactly what it was all about.

And we have to admit, what we discovered certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money?

Recovery Workouts Recovery Workouts Review   The Real Truth Behind Rick Kaseljs Program

OK, so this is a step-by-step guide that is all about doing specific kind of workouts at the end of your training to prevent injury.  Not only does this work on safeguarding yourself against future injury, but it causes your workouts to be even more effective (and does away with the post-workout pain…).  It’s provide in M4V format (a video presentation) and includes the following:

  • Rolling Recovery Workout: Exercises in a specific order to do after a workout.  These help decrease muscle tension and remove metabolites from the muscles to get them supercharged for the next workout
  • Self Massage Recovery Workout: Using the power of touch, you can massage yourself to target the areas of the body that hold tension after a workout.  This helps stop the natural restricted movement that can lead to injury
  • Pain Ball Recovery Workout: This clever little component helps further the good the massage does, digging deeper into the muscles to hit tension further down
  • Unconventional Recovery Workout:  Weird, yes!  But derived from personal experience from Rick himself.  Using regular everyday tools and ‘stuff’ he’s learned how to do alternative exercises that aid relieving stiffness and tension that’s caused by long drives and flights.
  • Golf Recovery Workout: A stretching routine that specifically targets the muscles used after playing a round of golf.  But it’s a great routine not just for golfers, but for all of us as it adds in further stretches to your post-workout routine.

Who is it for?

So – if you work out in any way, shape or form, then recovery from the strain on your muscles is essential.  You may not realize it, but every single muscle strand and fiber that works harder than normal (which it should, during a workout), then needs recovery time to ensure it’s ready for the next bout of exertion.  And it’s this period that Recovery Workouts is focused on.  In other words, by utilizing the correct stretching and massaging techniques, you can not only reduce (or eliminate) post-workout aches and strains, but actively shorten your recovery time.

Who is Rick Kaselj?

Rick kaselj reviews Recovery Workouts Review   The Real Truth Behind Rick Kaseljs ProgramRick is an exercise and injury expert – and he’s well known throughout North America for being the ‘go-to’ guy if you want to get the very most out of your sport and workouts.  He’s written a plethora of articles for magazines and newspapers, as well as being the author of some of the leading exercise injury manual used by other experts within the fitness injury.

And if that’s not enough, he has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science (a 6 year university course), has assessed 141 medical research papers on the subject of injury and pain, and has 18 years of hands on experience in recover techniques.  Suffice to say, this guy knows his stuff…!

The Pros

  • Recovery Workouts allows you to gain more enjoyment from your training sessions, thanks to better recovery between those sessions
  • You’ll find you suffer from less aches, pains and minor injuries that so often blight even the best prepared of training programs.
  • Because Recovery Workouts utilizes techniques used by massage therapists, and shows you how to carry them out on yourself (and others), you’ll spend less money on professional massage treatments.
  • Your energy levels will rise, thanks to the fact that your muscles recover quicker from each workout out.  This means that you’ll feel more refreshed than normal (thanks to not feeling any muscle aches and tiredness from yesterday’s workout) and be ready for you re next workout.


The Cons

  • So, probably the biggest so-called ‘con’ will be your own doubts that this program really can do what it promises.  But the great thing about Recovery Workouts is that you’ll begin to see the results within a couple of days.  In fact, by day 4 you’ll be wondering why you haven’t got into doing this years ago…

The Bottom Line

Well, never let it be said that anyone ever gets to the stage where they know everything.  Because we have to admit that we were highly cynical that Recovery Workouts could actually provide the athlete or fitness fan with anything new.  But we’re the first to admit when we’re wrong – and in this case, our cynicism was most definitely unfounded.  And that’s because it really does do what it claims in all the advertising blurb.

money back guarantee Recovery Workouts Review   The Real Truth Behind Rick Kaseljs ProgramBut the great thing is that you don’t even have to take our word for it.  And that’s because Mr. Kaselj is providing Recovery Workouts with and incredible 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.  He says that if you don’t ‘feel a decrease in your aches and pains in 7 days, you’ll get your money back’.  Every red cent.

And you can’t say fairer than that…!

7 day ab targeted solution review  7 day ab targeted solution Review   Is Shaun & Karen Hadsalls Program Really Good?Like any other individual, getting a toned Ab and muscular body must be your dream.. right? To fulfill this dream you are hitting gym, following tough diet chart and even going for all the chemical supplements which promise to reduce your weight overnight. But in spite of all your efforts the end result is not at all satisfactory as most of you either this continue the workout program owing to busy schedule or due to the tough diet chart that you need to follow. And those who got trapped in the luring claim of chemical supplements to reduce the weight within a few days ultimately end up with serious life threatening side effects.

After analyzing each and every aspect of the available solutions a perfect Ab built up procedure namely 7 Day Ab TARGETED Solution has been designed. This effective programs are mainly based on three aspects… it’s scientific, it’s not time consuming and its affordable. This program is specially designed keeping the stubborn fats in the AB area in consideration as these are the most difficult ones to dilute. The best thing about this program is that you don’t have to give your precious hours for this workout routine. Just 12 minutes a day are sufficient to get you perfect abs within a few days. You will start getting the positive results in just 7 days and you will experience the difference not just by your look but the boosted functionality of most of your vital organs will signal the sea change in your body.


Does This Program Give Value for Money?

7day ab targeted solution 7 day ab targeted solution Review   Is Shaun & Karen Hadsalls Program Really Good?It is undoubtedly the best program to invest money for. The entire program is designed very systematically to target the stubborn fats instantly. You can be 100% sure of 0% side effects with guaranteed result. Let’s have a better idea about the workout program from the following points:

· Handy Manual: Each and every step in the manual is being detailed very nicely. Most of the workout books state about the exercise but not about its effects on particular muscles. The exercise routine highlights the scientific point of view of all the exercises mentioned in the program. The best thing is that you don’t need any professional guidance. Following the workout routines is very easy and does not need any equipment neither you need to take admission to gym to pursue the workout routine.

· Convenient Timing: You will not be bound under any strict time frame. You just need to fix out suitable 12 minutes for fun exercise and it will do all the tricks for you. You no more have to sacrifice your valuable time for an ineffective and hard core workout routine.

· No Additional Supplement or Expensive Diet Chart: 7 Day Ab TARGETED Solution does not recommend any form of supplement, whether natural or chemical, to get the required shape of your body. The exercises mentioned in the program are powerful enough to give you a perfect Ab without any external force. Hence, you can save a lot of money as most of the workout program either suggest expensive supplements or high profile diet chart to follow.

· Focus on Fat Burning and Not on Fat Consumption: The best thing about this 7 days workout routine is that it targets the fat burning hormones in the body rather than preventing you from consuming fat. It activates the fat burning hormones by 450% and you experience a drastic reduction of fats in your body right after few days of starting the workout program.


Who Can Use This Program?

Well, the good news is that it is for all age groups. It does not make you skinny but gives you a healthy and toned body with just 7 days of work out that too for only 12 minutes per day. Anybody who wants to have a healthy and toned up body can follow this unique one-of-its-kind program and get back their healthy body with just 12 minutes of daily exercise.

Who Designed This Work out Program?

Shaun Karen Hadsall 7 day ab targeted solution Review   Is Shaun & Karen Hadsalls Program Really Good?Shaun & Karen Hadsall, one of the most popular American fitness experts, formulated this unique program. After many years of research and analysis they found that it’s not about the hours you sweat out in the gym. It’s about targeting the key points of your body and boosting the fat burning capability. This is the shortest and safest approach to shed away the unwanted fats of the body. Each work out outlined in the book is absolutely scientific and Shaun & Karen Hadsall tested each step before making it available for the general public.


· Though unbelievable , but it’s true that just 60 minutes of easy exercise in your home per week can get you fabulous and perfect Abs without any supplement and strict diet routine.

· Your body will start burning the fat by 142 % and more just after an hour from your workout routine.

· You will love to hear that you brain power is going to boost up with this easy workout program. It enhances neurotransmitter that makes you smart and sharp.

· The effective procedure will drastically reduce your stress level and thus give you a happy life for life time.

· Researchers have proved that this work out program is highly beneficial for your heart as it increases blood circulation.

· You will feel younger only after 7 days of pursuing this workout program. It is proven that a person start looking younger after following this effective program.

· Its 100% natural and safe for its users and you can be assured to get only positive results without any side effects.

· The positive results that you experience in your body after adopting this program is not temporary but for a life time.

· You can place the order of this eBook in just $27 from its official website.



· You can’t get your desired result over night and need to give minimum 7 days to see the real effect.

· Some users complained of not getting satisfactory result. But, it is found to be because of not following the instructions correctly and discontinuing the exercises just after few days from initiation.

Final Verdict

money back guarantee 7 day ab targeted solution Review   Is Shaun & Karen Hadsalls Program Really Good?Come out of this chemical world and say bye to all the products that falsely claim to give you result in a few days. Your life is precious and don’t experiment with it. Go for this 100% natural 7 Day Ab TARGETED Solution to enjoy flat Abs in just a few days with zero side effects. Each and every step of this program is designed scientifically after a series of studies and analysis. Shaun & Karen Hadsall have dedicated their long years of experience to design this program and satisfied customer reviews from all walks of life justify its claim to be an effective fat burning solution in just 7 days.

Life is short … so don’t waste your valuable time in gyming and running after chemical supplements as these will only give you side effects with huge loss of money. Instead go for this program and enjoy a healthy and happy life.


BellyTrimXP review BellyTrim XP Review   The Real Truth Behind Shawn Wellss ProgramWhen it comes to holding onto fat, we are fighting an uphill battle. Eating right and exercising are only a couple of things we need to do in order to turn our body from a fat storing to a fat burning machine. For instance, our hormones play a huge part in our body’s processes, and when certain hormones are out of balance, our body may hold onto fat and make it hard to lose weight. This BellyTrim XP review discusses why this supplement can help us make the battle easier.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

During my BellyTrim XP, I discovered that this supplement does what nutrition can’t. It contains enough conjugated linoleic acid to help you burn fat. But, the same amount of conjugated linoleic acid in this supplement would require you to eat a ton of food that you are not likely to be able to eat per day (no matter how much you think you can eat).

label bellytrimxp BellyTrim XP Review   The Real Truth Behind Shawn Wellss ProgramConjugated linoleic acid has a few benefits to fat loss and weight control. It helps to regulate the metabolism, which can help the body to stay an efficient calorie burner rather than drop down and become inefficient.

It has been shown to help people lose weight faster and reduce abdominal girth in about a month. This is compared to people who do not take linoleic acid, under the same test conditions. In fact, the participants who did not take linoleic acid, stayed the same or, worse, gained weight!

Lastly, conjugated linoleic acid can help with those hormonal issues I was talking about before. For instance, too much cortisol in the body can cause fat to cling to your stomach like it is saving your life. Cortisol is made when you are under stress. So, unless you live on a tropical island and spend all day surfing, chances are you are living with the stressors of modern times.

We are under continuous stress, from choosing what kind food to eat to meeting ever increasing deadlines, and the longer we keep our cortisol levels high, the more damage they do to our body. It has been shown that conjugated linoleic acid can help counteract cortisol.


The other two ingredients in this supplement include:

1. Pomegranate seed oil – This is an oil that has been shown to reduce fatty acids in the blood stream, and burn up to 40% more fat in the body. The flavonoids present in the oil can help to reduce cholesterol, which can reduce the number of bad fat cells and even help to remove and shed extra fat from the body.

2. BioPerine – This is a BioTrust patented black pepper extract, which has demonstrated the ability to enhance absorption of fat soluble nutrients. In fact, the numbers are around 60% more!

Put together they are a super fat burning team. As the linoleic acid and pomegranate seed oil do their part in reducing and burning fatty acids in the body, BioPerine absorbs any fat soluble nutrients faster than before, and you are left with less fat in the body.

15foods stop bellyfat review BellyTrim XP Review   The Real Truth Behind Shawn Wellss ProgramAs a bonus, you will also get the eBook called ’15 Foods that Fight Belly Fat’. This eBook will complement the fat fighting abilities of the supplement when you use the information and implement it into your diet. You may think that your diet is fighting belly fat right now, but Shawn says that many of us are getting the wrong information and actually eating a diet that causes fat to accumulate and stay on our bodies, rather than eliminate it. Considering that most of us are not easily losing weight, there seems to be some truth to his statement!


Who Is It For?

Anyone who has some fat to lose or wants to keep the fat off. It is a supplement made up of fats that help you regulate your hormones and the fat fighting processes in the body. It is all natural, and most people will not experience any side effects from it.

However, doctors do not recommend that children or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding take conjugated linoleic acid, as it could have negative effects on the liver, or may even lower the good cholesterol in the body. Moreover, if you are taking any regular medications, it is important to make sure that the conjugated linoleic acid will not interfere with it.

Moreover, BellyTrim XP is not suitable for vegans. Conjugated linoleic acids are found in meat and dairy products taken from ruminants.

The Guy Behind The Supplement

ShawnWells reviews BellyTrim XP Review   The Real Truth Behind Shawn Wellss ProgramShawn Wells is the main name behind BellyTrim XP. He has a ton of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and supplementation. He has earned a Master’s degree in nutrition, and is a registered dietitian.

If you are concerned about ethics (because many supplement makers are a little shady), know that Shawn has put his morals and ethics to practice for years working in an acute nursing care. It takes a special kind of heart and moral compass to work with acute patients and help them maintain and increase health.

Now, he is the Vice President of Research and Development at BioTrust, and his job is to travel and look for powerful and effective ingredients, assemble formulations, and do continuous research into the supplement industry. To say he knows supplements is an understatement!


The Pros

- Provides enough linoleic acid to be beneficial to weight loss and maintenance.
- Contains two other fat fighting ingredients.
- Recommended by a dietitian who has spent years working with nutrition and supplements.
- Bonus eBook on foods that fight off belly fat.
money back guarantee BellyTrim XP Review   The Real Truth Behind Shawn Wellss Program- Nothing to lose (except fat) with the 1-year, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

The Cons

- A high amount of conjugated linoleic acid has been known in some cases to cause nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and upset stomach.
- Not suitable for vegans.

The Bottom Line

BellyTrim XP was created by a man whose life is centered on nutrition and supplements. It’s hard not to trust someone whose name is already big in this area, as he would be putting his reputation on the line if he was promoting crappy supplements.

It was apparent during my BellyTrim XP review that the fat burning benefits promised from BellyTrim XP makes it enticing for anyone who is ready to start blasting fat off instead of accumulating it. Especially with an incredible 1-year money back guarantee that shows how confident BioTrust is in their product.

If you have fat to lose, and are having a hard time doing it, I highly recommend trying out this supplement. The natural ingredients are shown to help combat fat, and you may experience a boost of fat loss with the right diet and exercise plan included.