EASE Magnesium ReviewMagnesium deficiency is a real problem in today’s world. Statistics show that about 80% of people have magnesium deficiency; however, as Ian Clark points out, those statistics only include people who are showing symptoms of magnesium deficiency that warranted checking into magnesium levels further. Some people may have subtle symptoms or no symptoms at all, but still suffer the negative effects of magnesium deficiency.

Common signs of low magnesium include memory issues, muscle weakness, rapid heartbeat, nausea, anxiety, muscle cramps, and difficulty swallowing. This is because when you suffer from low magnesium, issues with your metabolic system, cardiovascular system, muscular system, and neurological system can occur. Issues such as depression, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, and asthma can develop.

There is a reason that magnesium is referred to as the master mineral. This is why Activation Products has developed a product called Ease Magnesium that is a natural way to get the magnesium your body needs to help promote relaxation, sleep, and stress relief, as well as the prevention of all the diseases known to be associated with magnesium deficiency.


What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get a natural solution to help you replenish your magnesium levels and get your body back to a comfortable state that helps you achieve the levels of vitality that help you have your best quality of life.


EASE is an acronym that Activation Products came up with that stands for energizing your body, alleviating calcification, sleeping sufficiently, and eliminating waste.

– E for energize: You will find that low energy vanishes. This is because Ease Magnesium helps to replenish your body’s magnesium levels and promotes proper absorption of nutrients, maintains good health at a cellular level, and protects your DNA. When your body is working properly from a cellular level, you can naturally expect more energy. And the good news is that when you are experiencing more energy, your body can maintain proper function and heal much easier.

– A for alleviate calcification: The number one reason people suffer from magnesium deficiency is calcification, which occurs when calcium salts accumulate in a body tissue. When you are able to get rid of calcification, your body returns to cellular balance and everything is improved, including cognition, muscle relaxation, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

– S for sleep better: When you have enough magnesium in your body, you can sleep better. You can even fall into that deep sleep that helps your body recover and heal from the day’s activities and any illnesses that it is experiencing. Sleep is essential to good health, and magnesium is essential to sleep.

– E for eliminate waste: Cellular waste products are formed during processes and reactions that occur in a cell to generate energy. Your cells rely on waste elimination to stay healthy, tidy, and function properly. Magnesium helps to combat the oxidative stress that occurs during enzymatic functions and get rid of the waste.

Ease Magnesium is a highly-effective supplementation that can do all of the above for you and promote better health starting today. It blows other magnesium supplements out of the water because most supplements are hard to absorb, don’t contain the proper magnesium that your body can use, and may even be more harmful than good for you. In addition, taking oral supplements for magnesium can result in over-dosage, which can damage your kidneys.

Ease Magnesium is a spray. It is applied through the skin instead of taken as an oral supplement. This is the quickest way to correct magnesium deficiency. You may be worried that this could cause an overdose, but the truth is that your skin will not absorb any more than your body needs. When your levels become good, your skin will stop magnesium from getting through. But, it still allows you to take in more than you would get from oral supplementation, which makes it effective, but not dangerous.

It is made from magnesium chloride hexahydrate, which is a water-soluble form of magnesium chloride that is bio-available, pure, and potent.


Who Is It For?

If you know you are magnesium deficient, then this is definitely for you. It is fast-acting and can help bring your body back into balance quickly. In addition, it is pure, free from toxins, and can help you boost your anti-aging hormone (DHEA).

Even if you don’t know whether or not you are experiencing a magnesium deficiency, you will still benefit from this if you feel anything but perfect. Low energy, aches and pains, anxiety, and migraine may all be a sign that you are deficient in magnesium, and this product could help you feel better quickly and pinpoint the cause of your problem – low magnesium levels.

About Ian Clark

ian-clark-activation-products-reviewsWhy should you trust Ian Clark and his company Activation Products? Ian is not a doctor, but he is passionate about good health. He knows what is like to be extremely ill, and he knows what a supplement can do to help the body recover and restore good overall health. He developed Activation Products with the intention to help others experience the health he regained, and his team of doctors and scientists, along with the quality control they have in place, ensure that you are getting products worth their weight in gold.

The Pros

  • All natural product (free from synthetics)
  • Fast-acting
  • No toxins
  • No side-effects
  • Unscented
  • This is the safest way to get the magnesium your body needs
  • You cannot overdose on Ease Magnesium because your body will not allow excess amounts through the skin
  • Solution has been made not to irritate skin
  • Money Back GuaranteeCan buy 2 or 3 bottles and save money
  • Ships to most countries
  • 60-day money back guarantee

The Cons

  • The shipping cost may be a con for some people

The Bottom Line

Magnesium has a role in over 300 different enzymes in your body, which means it is a pretty important element. It has been scientifically proven that magnesium deficiency can trigger 22 medical conditions, including liver disease, depression, kidney disease, osteoporosis, migraines, insomnia, heart disease, fatigue, anxiety, and more. (And that is just what has been found so far.) The bottom line is that this is not a deficiency that you want to have.

If you are not sure, then opt-in for the trial size version to see if it gives you the relief you are looking for. It is free and you can start getting a normal bottle month by month after that. Or, you can cancel. But, the chances are you will find this to be the easiest and most effective way to improve magnesium levels and improve your health.


Want to lose that last little bit of fat and get the body of your dreams? What have the experts told you to do to get your body into fat-burning mode? Chances are what you have been told is actually hurting you and not helping you. If you are not experiencing progress despite your efforts, then the truth is that your metabolism has probably been affected negatively and your hormones are in need of some help.omega-body-blueprint-review
John Romaniello’s Omega Body Blueprint is a program that promises to help you exercise and eat in a way that promotes good hormonal health and fat loss. It also promises to help you build the attractive body that you have been working towards.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get a blueprint that helps you take control of your hormones and force your body to burn fat instead of store it. The chances are good that you have heard about hormones and their effect on your fat storage or fat loss, but the chances are also good that you haven’t found a way to master your hormones yet. This blueprint will give you the insight and routine you need to get your body working optimally for you.

First, the program consists of a unique Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) program. It is unlike any MRT program that you have come across before. It includes 4 different types of training rather than just fast-paced training circuits. Inside you will learn why your current program is not working for you and how to train with a method that gets big results.

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The Omega Body Blueprint also tackles nutrition, because as you know nutrition is a crucial element in losing fat – especially stubborn fat – as well as building muscle. Nutrition’s impact on hormonal health is important to this program, and intermittent fasting and cycling is incorporated into the program to have a positive impact.

Lastly, the program helps you figure out how to tackle any hormonal issues you are having with the Omega Hormone Optimization section. In short, you will learn how to pair nutrition and exercise for best hormonal function. You will learn how to eat at optimal times and train to manipulate hormones into shredding fat and building muscle.

To sum it up, you get the Omega Body Blueprint:

– training manual where you have access to 6 weeks of training
– workout charts that allow you to keep on track, as well as keep track of your progress
– nutrition calculator that will help you figure out when and how much to eat
– nutrition manual that will help you tweak your diet and learn everything that John knows about eating for fat loss and hormonal optimization
– supplement guide that will help you choose supplements that speed up results
– quick start guide so that you can get started on the right foot and stay on the right foot

Who Is It For?

Anybody who has spent some time working out and getting into decent shape, but not great shape, will love this program because it is made for them. It is meant for someone who can’t pass that last milestone, lose the last little bit of fat, or get the body that they actually picture as they workout. This program is for anyone who is tired of wasting time, losing money, and not getting the results they want. It will work for someone who has a lot of weight to lose, but it was made for people who have put in the work and are not seeing results.

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Who Is John Romaniello?

john-romanielloHe is an author and angel investor, as well as a coach and trainer of 12 years who has worked with everyone from big stars to regular people. His training methods work for everyone despite their diet, exercise level, or previous successes or failures. You can find him actively engaging in his social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as on his blog Roman Fitness Systems.

The Pros

– 6 weeks of training included with the program to help you take the right steps every inch of the way
– Learn how to get past your plateau no matter where you are stuck
– Works for women and men
– Works for any age
– The claim is that you can double your results in half the time with the right exercises
– Lose the last little bit of fat from your lower back, thighs, and hips
– Tackle your trouble spots and get the body you want
– Take control of your hormones for better physical health that guarantees success
– Instantly downloadable
– 30-day money back guarantee

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The Cons

– No magic pill here. This requires effort and a change in lifestyle. Money Back Guarantee
– A gym membership is not required, but the workouts are written using barbells and benches. Tweaking would be necessary if you don’t have the right equipment.

The Bottom Line

You may have blamed yourself for not being able to lose the last few pounds. Because of that you have may have upped your game by increasing your workouts and eating fewer calories. But in actuality, doing that would have made the problem worse. Your hormones don’t like it when you reduce your calories too much and work out too hard. It’s just a fact of human biology. Hormonal issues are the biggest cause of holding you back from moving past plateaus and finding the success you want.

With all the hard work that you are putting forward on your body, you deserve to find the success you crave, which is why it is essential to learn how to exercise and eat in a way that supports good hormonal health. The Omega Body Blueprint, created by a trusted name in the fitness industry, can help you do that.

In this program you are going to learn everything you need to know to move past plateaus, lose the fat, gain the muscle, and keep the body you want for a lifetime, all for a small price that comes with a money back guarantee. Before you try anything else, try this program first. If what John is promising works for you, this will be the last training and diet program you ever need to buy and follow.

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One of the biggest body complaints I hear from family, friends, and even strangers, is about cellulite. Nobody likes it. Nobody proudly shows it off. In fact, most people do their best to remove or hide their cellulite from the world. If that sounds like you, then you would probably love to have a consultation with a doctor who claims he has helped thousands of women get rid of their butt, thigh, leg, stomach, and hip cellulite, and here is your chance!

Considering the amount of promises there are out there, I don’t blame you if you have a hard time believing that the following cellulite solution can really help you. But, the fact is that Dr. Charles Livingston says he has figured out how to target the root cause of cellulite, and he has put all his knowledge into the Cellulite Factor Solution for anyone to use and benefit from. And he literally guarantees you will see results.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

The Cellulite Factor Solution comes with a lot! You get access to 8 videos that demonstrate exercises that help you bring your connective tissue back to life and restore everything back to its healthy state. This is one step in getting rid of cellulite. The exercises are designed to target cellulite in all areas of your body.

These exercises will help you improve circulation, gain fresh blood, and improve nutrition in problem areas. They are scientifically proven, easy, and straightforward. There is no room for error in this program because you are shown exactly what you need to do for success.

Nutrition is also important for cellulite elimination and good tissue health. Therefore, you also get a guide called Cellulite Busting Nutrition that will help you navigate which foods are really good and bad for your health. When you understand which foods are good for circulation and cellular health, and which foods actually promote cellulite, you have a huge advantage over most people who are unknowingly eating in a manner that produces results they don’t want.

You also get access to 13 videos that you can use to gain strength as you become comfortable with the basic exercises. The videos are done in a progressive manner, which helps you stay challenged and avoid plateaus.

And, for those of you who want recipes to fight cellulite, you will love the cookbook that comes with the Cellulite Factor Solution. This is always a welcome bonus to any health program because it removes doubt and allows you to cook foods that give you the results you want, like eliminating cellulite.

You also get:

– A blueprint for the next 30 days. This will show you what you need to do to get ready to fight your cellulite and exactly what you need to do for the next month. This is your cellulite busting blueprint.

– A handbook to bust toxins. You probably know that toxins are bad for your health, but it is important to understand that they also play a part in cellulite. If you don’t know where toxins are hiding in your life, then this handbook is going to give you the information you need. It will help you eliminate certain unhealthy things from your life (you may be surprised at what those things are) and start experiencing better health.

– A done-for-you grocery list so that you don’t forget what you need or buy something that you really don’t need.

– A meal plan for the next 30 days. It includes all meals – including dessert, and it will take all the guesswork out of what to cook to help get rid of your cellulite.

– A guide to help you understand supplements and how they play a part in your cellulite.

– A workout generator that will help you to create over 20,000 workouts once your 30 days are over. You will also find a library that includes exercise instructions so that you do the workouts correctly. And you get a timer that tells you when to workout, rest, and stop!

– Three workouts that help you melt off that muffin top, eliminate flabby arms, and lift your butt.

Who Is It For?

Are you worried that you are a special case and will not benefit from this knowledge? Well, Dr. Charles Livingston says that it doesn’t matter how long you have had cellulite, why you think you got it, or how bad it is – you can reverse it. In fact, you can eliminate it for good once you have an understanding of why it happens.

Who Is Dr. Charles Livingston?

Dr. Livingston works in Carmel, Indiana. His credentials include certified nutritionist, certified wellness practitioner, and board certified chiropractic physician. He is also a best-selling author and public speaker.

How did he come to fight cellulite? His clients wanted to lose weight as well as cellulite, and while he was able to help them lose weight, he noticed that cellulite didn’t come off as the fat did. He did the research and tests, joined forces with Holly Mitchell (a fitness model), and created the Cellulite Factor Solution.

The Pros

– Some people are cellulite-free within 14 days
– Learn the real cause of cellulite and how to treat it
– Help your friends and family understand the truth (and get them off the expensive hamster wheel of creams and other treatments)
– Exercises are low impact
– Exercises are short
– Access the videos on any device
– Everything is instantly downloadable!
– Money back guarantee (Either it works, or you get your money back!)

The Cons

– Your diet is going to have change in order to add vitality back to your body and remove cellulite

The Bottom Line

The power is in your hands. You can keep covering up and feeling upset with your stomach, thighs, legs, butt, or hips. Or, you can take a chance on the Cellulite Factor Solution (that claims to have helped thousands of women) and see what happens.

The simple truth is that if you do nothing, you will definitely get no results – there is no doubt about it. But if you try something, you may get the exact results you are looking for.

Think about this: You can run out and get the creams that get rid of cellulite, or try wraps, laser treatment, or brushes, but those treatments can cost a lot, and if they really worked to get rid of cellulite all women would be using them and recommending them. Cellulite would be a thing of the past. But it’s not.

Why not try something new like this program that has the potential to eliminate cellulite and save you a lot of money? It is guaranteed to work, and if it does, you can help everyone else understand exactly what they want to know about cellulite and getting rid of it forever.

Wholetones ReviewWholetones Review – All of us have felt the power of music. We use it to pump ourselves up, calm ourselves down, and celebrate with friends and family. Most of us are aware that it has the ability to affect our mood instantly, no matter how happy or sad we are. But, there are other ways that music can benefit us.

For instance, music can boost endorphins in the body. Endorphins act similarly to morphine and codeine, and have a relaxation and pain-reducing effect on the body. They also help to enhance the immune system and help regulate appetite.

We also know that various frequencies of sound can benefit us physically and mentally. Different frequencies can promote relaxation, stress-relief, pain relief, awareness, productivity, and more. Listening to the frequencies help tune our mind into certain states that induce certain reactions in our body.

Knowing all of this, one man created music using frequencies that are meant to benefit the body and the mind in many different ways. This Wholetones review will take a look at what he is offering and why it can be beneficial for you.


What Do You Get For Your Money?

Wholetones are healing frequencies embedded into calming songs. The creator believes that one of the frequencies he is using in the music has been passed down by God to King David who is known for his music in biblical times. David played in a different key from his fellow harp players, which the creator of Wholetones believes is 444 hertz, and his music helped to promote peace and restoration. But belief is not necessary for the power of these songs to benefit you.

The healing effects that are known to accompany binaural beats and their frequencies are what will be of benefit here. You will get 7 songs with different frequencies ranging from 396 Hz to 852 Hz. All of the songs are instantly downloadable, and if you want you get a 7 CDs as well that are shipped to your home.

Song 1: Beneficial for healing and helps to support good organ function.

Song 2: Beneficial for energy and creativity, and helps to support digestion.

Song 3: Beneficial for stress reduction with its calming effect.

Song 4: Beneficial to your cellular health and body functions.

Song 5: Beneficial for developing emotions such as forgiveness, and helps to support good overall health.

Song 6: Beneficial for healing during troubling emotional or spiritual times, and good for immune health.

Song 7: Meant to be a purely spiritual and celebratory song.

You also get a 91-page book called ‘Wholetones: The Sound of Healing’, which can help you discover and unlock your hidden potential. It explains the frequencies and how to make the most out of the songs. And, if you are a musician, you will learn how to play in the healing frequencies.


Who Is It For?

This is for anyone who wants to experience better health, which pretty much means everyone. It can affect the mind and body positively.

Some people might be skeptical that this is a hoax or scam because it is so unconventional. And other people may be worried that because they are skeptical, they are not going to experience any benefits. I want to address that quickly.

The truth is that you don’t have to believe in the power of holistic medicine to use this to heal yourself or your loved ones. You just have to believe in the power of music and sound. You just have to recall a time when music or sounds made you feel better, happier, more empowered, and stronger. With that thought in mind, you will allow yourself to open up to the healing that Wholetones can provide and benefit from it.

About The Author

michael tyrrell reviewsMichael Tyrrell is obviously a religious man who seems to have touched many people in a kind and loving way. He started playing music at the age of ten and studied classical guitar later on in his life. His life took a turn for the worse, filled with cocaine and a disconnection from his faith, and ultimately got to the point where killing himself was an option. When it didn’t work, he transformed his life, and music had a huge part in that. He currently has a ministry called ‘The Network Center’.


The Pros

– All you have to do is listen to music for better health.
– Increase your energy.
– Experience a host of physical benefits such as balanced metabolism, improved digestion, and elimination of pain.
– Experience a host of mental benefits, such as increased productivity, increased creativity, and freedom from addiction.
– Experience a host of relationship benefits, such as forgiveness, awareness, and love.
Money Back Guarantee- Available on digital tracks or CD.
– Tons of positive reviews about the power that this music and frequencies have.
– Money-back-guarantee for a full 3 months after purchase.

The Cons

– Resistance to the music may make it less beneficial because the mind and body will be resistant to the frequencies.

The Bottom Line

Our Wholetones review found that these are simply beautiful songs at frequencies that are known to heal, promote well-being, and encourage a healthier body and mind. If you listen to the samples, it is easy to see that they have an effect on you, and whether you choose to listen to them as you are relaxing or at times of need, they will help align you with a powerful and beneficial frequency.

Resistance to the music may damper its effects, though. For instance, if the religious aspect of what Michael says bothers you, than resistance to allowing the music and frequencies to help you can occur. Resistance can cause you to think negative thoughts, tighten up, and stress out about the music, which will be counterproductive to what the songs are trying to do for you. Therefore, it is important to listen without judgement. Hear and feel the music, and let your opinions fall to the side as you embrace the healing power that these songs have proven to have on many different people.

In the end, as stated in this Wholetones review, if you are not happy with the songs, and you don’t experience any healing in your body or mind, you can simply get your money back with the 3 month guarantee.


MindBoost Day ReviewDo you notice that more and more people are starting to suffer with memory issues? Are you scared that you may be one of them? If you are having a hard time recalling things, such as words, names, or important information, then you are likely looking for a way to improve your memory and your overall cognitive function.

The statistics are scary with an almost 1 in 2 chance of getting dementia. We are watching are parents and friends lose their memory, and all of this can seem very overwhelming, and a little depressing. Moreover, once you get dementia, there is no turning back, and that is something that is hard to contemplate but worth thinking about right now.

What you need to know is that your cognitive function does not have to decline. You do not have to live with a memory that loses steam every year. You can do something about it to help reverse the signs of memory loss and get back to the memory that helped you quickly and effortlessly have conversations and move through life. You can improve your brain health. In short, there are many lifestyle changes that you can make to get your brain functioning again and back on track.

Mind Boost Day doesn’t just promise to help you increase your memory, it also promises better brain health and increased energy throughout the day. These are all things you are likely concerned with, so if you want to find out exactly what this is all about, keep reading.


What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get access to supplements that are going to help you enhance your cognition and memory facilities. This is called a nootropic supplement, and Mind Boost Day has the perfect ingredients, at the highest quality, at the right price.

Inside you will find a few unique and powerful ingredients.

Bacopa_monnieri-reviews- Bacopa Monnieri: This plant has been used in Indian medicine for centuries. It is used for Alzheimer’s disease, better memory, ADHD, anxiety, and as a stress fighter. It works by increasing various brain chemicals that play a part in learning, thinking, and memory. Research has also shown that it could protect brain cells from chemicals that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Studies on this ingredients have found that it in just three months it can improve the speed of learning, capacity of memory, and energy levels.

- Rhodiola Rosea: There are many different herbs that can help boost energy, including Rhodiola Rosea. In fact, it is used in Sweden as a supplement to help eliminate fatigue.

ginkgo-biloba-branch-reviews- Ginkgo Biloba: You have likely heard of this ingredient before. It is a herb that is well-known to help memory disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, as well as mental issues, such as depression. It improves circulation of the blood, which helps the brain work better. In fact, it can slow down Alzheimer’s by preventing changes in the brain that interfere with the thought process.

– Vitamin B-12: This vitamin is found in meat, eggs, fish, poultry, and some soy foods. Many people are not getting enough B12 in their diet and that can have an impact neurologically. It is a vitamin that is essential for proper function of the brain and the nerve cells. It helps to protect the myelin in the brain that covers the nerves.

Folic Acid: Folic acid is a B vitamin that can be found in great leafy vegetables, mushrooms, beans, and asparagus. Folic acid has a long list of health benefits, one being that it is beneficial for memory loss. It has also shown to be beneficial for Alzheimer’s disease and other age related issues.

You will also get a free copy of the Better Sleep Report. This is perfect if you are suffering from stress or anxiety that is affecting your sleep negatively. Good brain health depends on a good night’s sleep, so take this bonus seriously and use the information inside of it.


Who Is It For?

Mind Boost Day is a supplement for anyone who wants to improve their brain health or take preventative measures against brain decline. The ingredients are all-natural and have been shown to be beneficial for memory and cognitive functions. And this formulation cannot be found anywhere else.

Who Is Behind The Product?

Simple-Smart-Science-ReviewsRussel Lundstrom, along with his sister, founded Simple Smart Science, which is all about brain health. They work with a team of scientists and doctors to help develop their products, including Mind Boost Day.

The Pros

– Can start healing your brain within a short two weeks
– Gluten free product
– Good brain health affects more than just memory – it affects every aspect of your health
– Dosages are clinically proven to work at optimal results
– Backed by hundreds of hours of research
– No fillers, flavors, or additives
– They use third party testing, which helps to guarantee the quality and potency
– Made in a facility that follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
– Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
– Guaranteed to be the most effective memory and focus product around
Money Back Guarantee- Free shipping
– Backed by a 120-day money-back-guarantee
– Includes a guarantee that you will experience results or else they will give you $100 just for trying it!

The Cons

– The only way this could be a con is if you forget to take your pills (a little joke)

The Bottom Line

Everyone knows that memory issues can happen. And everyone knows someone who has ‘gone downhill’ in their later years and lost a huge portion of their memory.

The latest statistics say that as many as 5 million American seniors have Alzheimer’s right now. While symptoms usually first appear after 65, a loss in memory at any age is a good sign that your brain is deteriorating and you better do something about it.

Mind Boost Day contains ingredients that are shown to boost memory and have a positive impact on the brain. Moreover, it contains all those ingredients in one little capsule. And, it is backed by a money-back-guarantee that promises you will see results in memory or they will pay you $100. If you are serious about your brain health, then this is one of those products that you will want to try.