If you are struggling with maintaining or losing weight, then you probably think about your metabolism often. We all know that a healthy metabolism can burn fat much quicker than an unhealthy metabolism, but how can we make it healthier and 7 day metabolism fix review 7 Day Metabolism Fix Review   Is Mike Whitfields Program Good?speed it up? The 7 Day Metabolism Fix claims that it has the answer. Moreover, it says that without having to go on a strict diet or suffer through exhausting programs, you can fix your metabolism and start to burn more fat faster.

This type of claim has been made before. Especially from money-hungry people who know that a healthy metabolism can fix a lot of problems in our body. But, usually the promise falls flat. So, what makes this system better than the others? Let’s take a look with this review.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

This is definitely not the usual advice that we hear from health experts. The advice in the 7 Day Metabolism Fix promises to give you the same metabolism you had when you were younger and able to eat a doughnut without gaining five pounds the next day.

You will learn things, such as:

- How to avoid the biggest mistake dieters make.
- How to get an athlete’s metabolism without being an athlete.
- How to burn more fat during sleep. 
- Why consistent dieting is hurting your metabolism.
- Why exercise can hurt your metabolism.

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Inside, you will find a nutrition plan that shows you everything you need to do, including what to eat and when to eat it. The nutrition system itself involves a way of eating that is not usual in the diet world.

Usually on a diet, you eat a certain amount of calories and a limited amount of foods to lose weight. But in the 7 Day Metabolism Fix, you alternate how and what you eat.

Every 3 days, you can eat what you want, but the other days are dedicated to eating according to the system. This type of eating has been shown to speed up your metabolism, burn more fat, and improve hormones in your body that play a crucial role in how well your body burns fat.

Also, you will learn an exercise sequence that will boost your metabolism. This is a unique, 3-minute sequence that has beneficial results. This seems like a small thing, but according to the author, it is the most important aspect of boosting your metabolism.

You will also get some bonuses, including:

- An eBook with 21 tricks to boost your metabolism, despite your age. That’s 21 more tricks than you probably have right now!

- An eBook that shows you how to use nutrition to fix your metabolism for life instead of just 7 days. This eBook includes foods that help you burn fat faster as well as the best food you can eat to boost your fat loss.

- An eBook that helps you lose fat continuously until you reach a healthy weight.

- An eBook with 31 recipes to boost your metabolism even further.

- Access to the VIP forum, which allows you to join a tribe of other people who are implementing the tactics found in this system into their own lives.

Also, as of this 7 Day Metabolism Fix review, there is an extra bonus. It is a collection of videos that teach you how to make the most out of the system so you can ensure you are doing things right to speed up your metabolism and burn fat.

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Who Is It For?

Anyone who is suffering from a slow metabolism has drifted away from doing healthy and natural things on some level. Someone who does all the right things would have a body and metabolism that ran at maximum power. Therefore, anyone who has fallen off the path of good health by eating an unhealthy diet, avoiding exercise, smoking, drinking, stressing, or any other action that has an effect on the body will benefit from this system as they try to change their life and lose weight. It will boost results and get you to where you want to be faster.

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Who Is Mike Whitfield of The 7 Day Metabolism Fix?

Mike Whitfield reviews 7 Day Metabolism Fix Review   Is Mike Whitfields Program Good?One of the most important things about a system is who is behind it. When you can see a face, hear a story, and see results, then you know that you have stumbled onto something good.

Mike Whitfield started at 305 pounds and lost 115 pounds of fat. That either takes a lot of hard dedication, or some secret formula that makes losing the fat easier than usual. Mike says that he stumbled upon a secret that boosted his success. And, that is what he is going to give you in the 7 Day Metabolism Fix.

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The Pros

- No supplements or intense dieting involved.
- Gain more energy in a short period of time. 
- Copy a system that helped Mike lose 115 pounds of fat easily.
- Eat what you want every 3 days.
- Start changing your bad habits and becoming healthier today.
- Speed up your metabolism and make it work for you instead of against you.
- This is a long-term fix, not a short term band-aid.
- No workout equipment necessary. 
- Proven to work, guaranteed.
- Lose stubborn belly fat thanks to the improved health of various hormones. 
- Works for anyone, even if you have bad genetics, issues losing weight, no time, or are up in age. 
- Affordable to anyone who wants to stop spending money on diets, gym memberships, and fat-burning supplements. 
- Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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The Cons

- You still have to change your lifestyle. This system can complement a healthy lifestyle or help you change your lifestyle, but itLean or free guarantee 7 Day Metabolism Fix Review   Is Mike Whitfields Program Good? won’t work unless you make the changes.

The Bottom Line

On the sales page for the 7 Day Metabolism Fix, there are some amazing tips that can help you speed up your metabolism. Therefore, can you imagine what Mike is holding back from you that is inside of the system?

The truth is that boosting your metabolism will help you burn fat faster, but you will also be doing more good things for your body. You will improve your overall health, gain energy, reduce stress, and feel good about yourself and the actions that you are taking in your life. That makes it worth a try!

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Calorie counting was all the rage years ago, but that trend is slowly starting to die off as we are seeing more and more people becoming obese regardless of how many calories they count each day. In short, calorie counting is not working out for us and we need to find a new way to get healthy, lose weight, and start reversing this obesity epidemic that has hit us and our kids so hard. Skinnylicious Cooking promises to help us stop this unhealthy cycle and start living our lives eating delicious food while losingskinnylicious cooking review Skinnylicious Cooking Review  Is Flavia Del Montes Cookbook Good?weight and becoming healthier.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get the insider knowledge to help you create meals that replace your favorite ‘bad-for-you’ meals so that you can stay on track to your health goals. There are over 150 recipes that help burn fat and allow you to eat more as you lose the weight and become healthier.

Before you run away, you have to know that the author of this cookbook does not think carrots are the most delicious meal ever, like some other healthy eating experts. She craves the bad stuff too. She used to allow herself those meals on cheat days, but she wanted to make healthier meals that tasted even better than those cheat meals, and that is where Skinnylicious Cooking was born from.

You will learn how you can eat amazing foods daily and still lose weight and feel good about yourself. Some of the concepts you will learn include:

- Why not all calories are created equal.
- Why you have failed at eating in moderation, and how to fix it.
- The best food to eat to make you feel satisfied and full. 
- Why you DON’T have to count calories to be healthy and fit.
- The exact ‘health’ food that is really making you fat and struggle with weight loss.
- Which carbs you should be eating for health (yes, you SHOULD be eating carbs!)
- How you can burn twice as much fat with delicious foods.
- How to avoid overcooking your food.
- Which foods you should buy organic, and which foods you don’t need to buy organic. 
- How to season your meals in a way that makes them taste unhealthy (even though they are extremely healthy).
- How to spot one ingredient that is making you and your children fat without your knowledge. (It is often hidden in foods.)
- Much more.


As of this Skinnylicious Cooking review, there are also some bonuses available.

1. 50 Minute Meals: Learn how to quickly make healthy and tasty meals in just 50 minutes from a chef. This will help you make meals in advance so that you always have something healthy at your fingertips. Plus, you will get tips on how to cook, freeze, and store your food.

2. 3-Day Delicious Diet: Want to lose fat in 3 days? This is the bonus for you! You will learn how to go on a 3-day diet that tastes great and helps you burn off fat (not water) in a safe and effective way.

3. Recipe Sheets: When you want to pull out a recipe and start cooking, this is the bonus that will help you do that. These recipe sheets are ready to print so that you can have a handy recipe by your side (without taking up a lot of room) to do so. These sheets contain more than just the recipe, though, they also give you cook times, prep information, cookware suggestions, and nutritional information.

4. Grocery List: This is a printer-friendly grocery list to make shopping quick and easy. You will get a list of the exact amount of ingredients you need for your weeks’ worth of recipes. You will never have to worry about extra food going bad ever again.

Who Is It For?

Any woman who has taste buds will benefit from Skinnylicious Cooking. Does that sound like you?

The truth is that learning how to cool delicious meals that promote health is the only way you are going to end the cycle of weight gain, self-hate, weight loss, and weight gain again. When you learn to eat in a healthy way, without counting calories or restricting foods from your diet, you can stop stressing about food and start living your life!

Who Is Flavia Del Monte Of Skinnylicious Cooking?

flavia del monte Skinnylicious Cooking Review  Is Flavia Del Montes Cookbook Good?Flavia Del Monte is a personal trainer and certified nutritionist. She already has a successful fitness blog that helps women reach their body goals and fall in love with their body again. Her body proves that this woman knows what she is talking about when it comes to nutrition and fitness; however, her knowledge that she shares through her blog, workouts, and eBooks make her the go-to gal when it comes to experiencing true health, weight loss, and body confidence.

The Pros

- No more calorie counting.
- Fats are a part of this healthy lifestyle.
- Not a low carb diet.
- Fruit is allowed on this diet.
- You will never get hungry because you are eating multiple meals throughout the day.
- Learn recipes that fight fat but taste delicious at the same time.
- End the unhealthy relationship with food and start living in a stress-free healthy way.
- Eat when you are hungry!
- Learn to listen to your body and trust yourself to feed it properly.
- Learn how to stop overeating!
- Extremely affordable.
- 60-day money back guarantee, plus a $120 credit to use towards her other programs.

The Cons

- If you believe that healthy eating has to be hard, you may sabotage the steps in this solution, replace the recipes with unhealthy money back guarantee 003 Skinnylicious Cooking Review  Is Flavia Del Montes Cookbook Good?recipes, and quit before you get to see the real results that Skinnylicious Cooking provides.

The Bottom Line

Skinnylicious Cooking goes beyond diet programs and it goes beyond cookbooks. It contains all you need to know in order to eat in a healthy way, make fat-burning meals, feel better than ever before, stop your unhealthy relationship with food, and stop counting calories. It is the answer to every woman’s struggle with food, weight, and health.

Think of it like this: if what she claims is true, your whole way of thinking about food and cooking will change. You will never have to go on another diet. You will enjoy every bite of your food and never be hungry and tormented again. And if it doesn’t work out, you are protected by her 60-day money back guarantee, plus you will get a $120 credit to use towards any of her other programs! It is a win-win situation.

Visual Impact Frequency Training review Visual Impact Frequency Training Review   Is Rusty Moores Program Really Good?If you have been training hard, but not getting the results you want, then a new training routine may be in order for you. If you are working towards a muscular body that is not too big, then the new Visual Impact Frequency Training program may be for you as it promises desired results quicker.

Every Visual Impact Frequency Training review out there seems to be singing the praises of this program and Rusty Moore. When there are that many good reviews out there, two things are normally happening. One, the product is unbelievably amazing and effective or, two, the product is being hyped up by people who work for the creator. So, I decided to do my own Visual Impact Frequency Training review to decide whether or not the program can help you get the body you want.


What Do You Get For Your Money?

We are often taught to train a certain way in the Western world. But, in the Eastern world people train a lot differently in a way that avoids muscle breakdown, and they end up with the ability to work their muscles with a much higher frequency. Their technique produces stronger muscles than our common techniques produce. Rusty has learned the Eastern techniques and combined them with Western techniques to produce one technique that offers a quicker way to get a stronger and sexier body.

This is a program for people who want to gain muscle, and you get the information on how to do that inside of the eBook. However, it is not just about gaining muscle. You learn how to gain muscle and improve your muscle efficiency. Moreover, you will learn how to train almost every day without getting the bodybuilder look. Lastly, you will learn how to avoid sagging muscles in the future.

Also, this may be your ticket to attract more women. Most of us have heard that guys with the perfect proportion of shoulder to hips generally get a lot more attention from women. There have also been quite a few studies done that have put women to the test and allowed them to pick the most attractive body through a number of different pictures. Usually, the women pick the type of body that Visual Impact Frequency Training teaches you how to get.

In short, you will learn a technique that will not require more time in the gym, but it will help you get stronger faster while you build the body that you (and women) want. You will learn how to gain a lot of strength without a lot of size. In fact, you will learn how to create more efficient muscles than ever before.


Who Is The Program For?

Anyone who wants to achieve a muscular and evenly proportioned body in a quick amount of time. The only people this program would not be for is someone who wants the bodybuilder look. This program is about building stronger muscles, not about building big, bulging muscles.

Who Is The Author?

rusty moore reviews Visual Impact Frequency Training Review   Is Rusty Moores Program Really Good?Rusty Moore is no stranger to building the perfect body. He has already released some very successful programs for men and women on building the muscle you want as well as losing fat off your body. His writing experience includes 7 years of blogging for one of the most popular fitness sites online, Fitness Black Book. His experience, though, goes well beyond 23 years of researching, implementing, and tweaking. In short, Rusty knows fitness, and anyone looking to get fit can benefit from the knowledge that he has accumulated over his life.

The Pros

- Get stronger quicker
- Do not need to spend a lot of time in the gym
- No fluff included in this course – it is all stuff you need to know so you can get started right away
- Get the look that women consistently pick as sexiest
- Very affordable to learn this information
- Learn how to combine Western and Eastern training for increased strength and the perfect body
- No muscle failure involved with this technique
- The tension stays high but the volume stays low while working out
- This is not information that you are going to find anywhere else
-money back guarantee Visual Impact Frequency Training Review   Is Rusty Moores Program Really Good?Created by a leader in the fitness industry who has his reputation on the line
- All information is instantly downloadable so you can start right now
- Move past any plateaus you have been experiencing and get stronger
- Money back guarantee that lasts for 60 days


The Cons

- Rusty says that this style of training will not be good for guys just starting out, and he recommends that guys get some training history in before trying it out.

- Even though it teaches you how to get stronger and built, it is not intended for guys who want to get a really big appearance.

The Bottom Line

First, there is a money back guarantee, so even if Rusty is completely talking out of his ass, you can get your money back. But, the truth is that this is a guy who has a lot to lose by claiming to provide a unique fitness theory without backing it up. In other words, it is hard to believe that Visual Impact Frequency Training is not as unique and beneficial as he says it is.

Therefore, this is your chance to get in on some unique information that could help you build a stronger and sexier body. If you are training at all, I’m willing to bet that those two things are part of your goals. So, why not try this method and see if it works for you.

The only guys who will not be happy with this workout is guys who want the big muscles. But, most guys don’t want the big puffed out muscles and vein filled body, so this program is likely to be for the majority of men out there who just want to look fit and healthy in the quickest amount of time.

In the end, after doing my Visual Impact Frequency Training review, I strongly believe that this technique can help you get the body you want. It is worth the price, so check it out, try it out, and the chances are good that you will be lifting heavier and looking better in no time.


There is no way that overeating can help you to lose weight. Right? That goes against all of the dieting logic that we have heard pretty much since we were born. Well, Fast Track To Fat Loss says that you can lose weight by overeating. Obviously they were pulling our legs and wanted to trick us into creating a Fast Track To Fat Loss review, but their tricks worked. We headed over to do a review because, honestly, we couldn’t resist checking it out.

What Do You Get With This Diet Program?

It’s interesting that this is a program so focused on the individual. It is an online fitness program that pairs you up with a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Just as you would offline with a diet program, you first decide what your goals are and then get help to achieve those goals.

Inside Fast Track To Fat Loss, you will find the personal trainer. There are 4 different trainers to choose from, but each one is as qualified as the next to help you create goals and reach them. Even if you are not sure what you want, your trainer can help you create your goals based upon your desires.

But, they don’t stop with a fitness plan, as you would expect. You also get a nutritional plan that is personalized to fit your diet preferences, age, body type, and nutrition requirements. In addition to fitness and nutrition, supplements are also covered as an important aspect to your overall health goals.

There is even a point system that will help you reach your goals. No, this is not a copycat of the original point system – it’s not even technically about your diet, but it is a valuable tool to help you reach your goals.

Moreover, you get exercise videos that you can view any time that you want because they are always available. Plus, you get a DVD titled, ‘The 5 Simple Keys To Guaranteed Fat Loss’. 

Throughout your time on Fast Track To Fat Loss, you will not be alone. You can contact your personal trainer if you have any questions or need any help as you progress through the diet program.

And, as any good weight loss system has, you get a social networking community where you can talk about concerns, share victories, discuss goals, support each other, and address any challenges that are occurring.

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Who Is This Diet Program For?

This program focuses on healthy living as an individual, which means that it is a great diet program for anyone who has over 100 pounds to lose or under 100 pounds to lose. In short, everyone!

Healthy living is almost forgotten at this point of high stress, low nutrition, and inadequate exercise, so everyone can benefit from learning what to do for a healthy life. Whether you are male or female, young or old, heavy or thin, Fast Track To Fat Loss is for you.

The People Behind Fast Track To Fat Loss

Kim Lyons is a celebrity trainer who is probably best known for her training on The Biggest Loser. She has an essential part in the Fast Track To Fat Loss, and anyone who knows her philosophies and motivational styles will be excited to see that she had a hand in this diet program.

Chad Tackett is the founder of Global Health & Fitness, which was the first program to hit online in 1996 for fitness and weight loss. In other words, he has a long standing success rate in the weight loss and fitness industry. Many people have benefited from him and his program, and many more will benefit from this new and exciting program.

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The Pros

- You are not going to be doing this alone. You have a competent trainer that you have access to if you have any concerns or questions, and they will help you stay accountable to the goals that you have set out for yourself.

- The diet program is very user-friendly. Anyone can use it, regardless of how much they are on the computer.

- There is a dashboard in the program that will help you see your progress with one click.

- You can join for free and have instant access.

- There are motivational contests to help you stay focused and on track as you try to win.

- Get a customized goal planner.

- Hundreds of fat-burning exercise videos to watch at your leisure.

- Find fat-burning recipes that are easy to make, inexpensive, and melt away fat.

- Customized workout planner.

- Earn points and stay motivated and focused.

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The Cons

- Fast Track To Fat Loss does not supply commitment. While they give you some amazing tools to help you stay motivated (more than many diet programs out there), you still need to be committed to getting healthy if you want to stay on the program and see results.

The Bottom Line

The truth is that doing a diet program on your own is hard. That is why all of the best diet programs incorporate a community where you can go and feel as though you are a part of something bigger. Fast Track To Fat Loss supplies you with that community, but also with the one-on-one support of a trainer without the price tag of one, which gives us extra hope that you will be able to reach your health goals.

The fact that you can easily contact your trainer means that you have nothing to be afraid of as you move through your lifestyle change and start eating and exercising in a way that serves you, as an individual, and gets you the results you have always wanted to see.

The bottom line is that you know that two professionals are behind this diet program, and their reputations are on the line to get you healthier than ever before. That means, in short, that they are not going to lead you down a path to failure. They are going to give you the tools and information to help you achieve success. All you have to do is use what you learn and go for it!

Sign up for free, check it out, and see if it could really benefit you and your health. We are willing to be that you will like what you see as much as we did.

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Motivation Manifesto review Motivation Manifesto Review   Will Brendon Burchards Program Work for You?At the end of October, a new book will be released called The Motivation Manifesto. This book has been written by Brendon Burchard, who has released other well-received books in the personal development industry. It took him over 3 years to develop this book, and it has already received some amazing feedback from people such as Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist. Read this Motivation Manifesto review to find out what this book is about and whether it will be right for you and your personal journey to fulfillment.


What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get a book written by a man who is noted to be a thought leader in human motivation. While writing this book, though, he learned a ton, which means it contains concepts and thoughts that you may not have been exposed to yet.

The first section of the book covers three states of human nature: freedom, fear, and motivation.

The second section of the book covers 9 declarations that will allow us to be ourselves, feel alive, and go after our dreams even in the face of fear or other emotions that hold us back.

Motivation Manifesto is about dissolving beliefs and behaviors that have limited what we receive. It is about opening ourselves up to the powers that are naturally inside of us. It is, in short, a book on life philosophy that will help us experience a transformation in our lives for the better.

The 9 declarations are:

1. We shall meet life with full presence and power
2. We shall reclaim our agenda
3. We shall defeat our demons
4. We shall advance with abandon
5. We shall practice joy and gratitude
6. We shall not break integrity
7. We shall amplify love
8. We shall inspire greatness
9. We shall slow time

These declarations will help us move past limitations and follow our destiny.

As you have probably noticed, he used the word ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ or ‘I’. That’s because the book is for everyone, and what it takes for us to get a satisfying and action-orientated life as a human being.

As a bonus, if you sign up to receive a free book through Brendon’s site (all you have to pay in shipping costs), then you get a free 3-month Motivation Manifesto Online course (worth $297) that digs deeper into the concepts in the book. That’s a pretty awesome deal!

The book is being published through Hay House, which is a well-known publisher for some of the best and most inspirational non-fiction books around.


Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to push the boundaries in their life, and become more present and powerful, will benefit from reading Motivation Manifesto.

If you are tired of wishing and wondering, but not taking any real action towards your desires, then this book will help you develop the motivation to go for the life you want and experience a real, positive change.

If you are waiting for something to happen or occur before you go after your dreams, then this book can enlighten you and show you when you need to start taking action.

Should you buy this book for the scared man or woman in your life who does not like to push out of their comfort zone, and has not expressed any desire to do so? Why not? Motivation Manifesto is about pushing past fears that keep us stuck, and if they decide to read the book they may become inspired to view life in a different way. If they decide not to read it, then nothing will change and no harm will be done.

Who Is The Author?

brendon burchard reviews Motivation Manifesto Review   Will Brendon Burchards Program Work for You?Brendon Burchard founded the High Performance Academy, He is, now, one of best personal development trainers out there, and his books continue to change people’s lives and inspire them.

He has made some stunning lists, such as the top 100 most followed people on Facebook, and the most viewed personal development series to ever hit YouTube. He has been on stage with people like the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, and Deepak Chopra.

Moreover, Brendon is known as a marketing guru. Some of the biggest companies and celebrities use him as an advisor in marketing, and he has created 12 online promotions that made more than 1 million dollars in less than 1 week.

That is just a short list of what Brendon has accomplished in his young life, and it is fair to say that any book that he writes and publishes is going to be a book worth reading.


The Pros

- Motivation Manifesto is written by one of the top personal development trainers of our time.

- Learn 9 declarations that you can use to help you move past limitations (the only reason you are on pause or are not moving as fast as you want to move in life) and get active in your life’s success and happiness.

- Not a short read at 256 pages. You get a lot of bang for your buck!

- Inspire other people with your new perception on life and what it really takes to be present and beneficial in this world.

- Get energized in your life.

- Be more fulfilled in your life.

- Get motivation in your life.

- Get on the wait-list for a free book and receive access to a free 3-month course that goes past the information in the book.

The Con

This is a life changing book. If you buy this book for someone expecting it to change their life, then you may be disappointed if they refuse to read it. Some people are not ready to move past existing and start living, and that can be very disappointing for some people when that person is a loved one.

The Bottom Line

More motivation? More fulfillment? More clarity? More courage? Why wouldn’t you want those things in your life?

If you have been working on your personal development, and you have desires that seem out of your reach because they require you to do something that you don’t think you can do, meet someone who you are scared to meet, or become someone that you don’t think you can become, then The Motivation Manifesto is something you need to read.

During my Motivation Manifesto review, it became apparent that this book is going to do more than change lives. It has the potential to raise the consciousness of many people, thus impacting the world in a huge way. In other words, this could be the book, or one of the books, to change our world in a positive way.

That is not something I say lightly, because with Brendon Burchard’s good intentions combined with his well-known presence in the world of personal development, he has the potential to reach everyone in the world who is ready to take the step and claim their positive personal power once and for all.