Is there such a thing as a simple green drink that can restore youth to people over 50? Sounds like a big claim, but it is a claim worth looking into because, as we are well aware, there are some beneficial supplements and medications out there that could be labeled with the term ‘miracle’ for all that they do for our health.patriot-power-greens-review

Most people believe that aging comes with less energy, more pain, and more fat. “It’s just a part of aging!” But the truth is that there are things you can do to improve digestions, reduce inflammation, keeps cells healthy, and even turn back the hands of time and keep yourself fit and energetic.

Is Patriot Power Greens really one of those things? Let’s take a look and see what you get and why you would want it.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get a powerful supplement to improve your health. Depending on how many you want, you get either 1 canister, 3 canisters, or 5 canisters of Patriot Power Greens. Each scoop in these canisters contains greens, sea vegetables, organic fruits, organic vegetables, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

You also get a few bonuses with your supplement, including a shaker bottle to make your drinks, a guide to surviving Medicare, and a guide to avoid common mistakes that doctors and hospitals make.

With your purchase of 3 or more canisters, you get free shipping and they will make a donation to active troops.

What Can This Drink Really Do For Your Health?

When we did the research on what these ingredients have the potential to do for your health, we realized that a review was not going to be able to cover them all. So following are some of the most important things to consider.

You have probably heard the term chronic inflammation. It’s caused by various things, such as diet, lifestyle, and environment, and it wreaks havoc on the body and mind. It literally ages the body and makes it sick. So tackling inflammation in whatever way you can is important for vitality and good health.

There are drugs that can help with inflammation, but they can also come with a list of side effects that just replace the effects of inflammation. This is why more and more people are turning towards natural solutions, such as diet, to fight the inflammation in their body.

In Patriot Power Greens, you get an advantage for your diet. Instead of trying to eat all the vegetables and fruits that work towards reducing inflammation in the body and boosting health, you get it all in one little drink. Inside you will find 38 inflammation-fighting fruits and vegetables.

The drink also has digestive enzymes, which are important for maintaining a healthy digestive system and absorbing all of the nutrients our body needs to fight inflammation and keep everything balanced and healthy.

And, the drink has 10 probiotic strains. Probiotics are good for your digestive system and have also been shown to lower cholesterol. Because of this, many people are taking probiotics daily for better health. The problem is that many probiotics on the market only have around 5 to 7 strains that don’t help you digest foods such as fat, dairy, or bread, whereas Patriot Power Greens does.

It’s important to note that better-digested nutrients, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and reduced inflammation will have a big impact on your cognitive abilities too.

We all know that memory and concentration are two of the major problems in aging people, and the effects of this can be devastating to many people. Brain health is important for happiness, success, fulfilling relationships, and even physical health, and this makes Patriot Power Greens even more important.

In short, all the nutrients from the drink will be better absorbed into the body and help to fight inflammation that is causing you to feel things such as worn down, forgetful, and full of pain. In addition, when you get rid of inflammation, you reduce your risk of disease.

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How Do You Use It?

You put a scoop of the Patriot Power Greens mix into a glass of water or juice and drink. It’s that easy!

Who Is It For?

If you are feeling sluggish, suffering from pain, and tired of it all, then this is for you. It promises to reverse that tired, painful existence and send you back to a time where you were able to wake up and tackle life pain-free and full of energy.

There are only 10 calories in each serving, all ingredients are organic, and there is no sugar added. In addition, all of the major allergens, such as soy and fish, are eliminated from this powder, making it a perfect solution for anyone.

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Who Is The Name Behind This Supplement?

dr-lane-sebringDr. Lane Sebring M.D. helped to formulate the ingredients for this powerful drink. He is the founder of the Sebring Clinic in Wimberley Texas. He is known for his insights into natural anti-aging remedies and anti-aging regenerative medicine. His insights are not only valuable to the members of his clinic, but he has been featured on Fox News as well.

The Pros

– The benefits of this drink and the ingredients are researched and proven
– Wake up with more energy and zest for life to do the things that make you feel fulfilled and happy
– Can help you reduce or eliminate pain in joints and muscles
– Experience a better digestive system with less gas, bloating, pain, and constipation
– Reducing inflammation can prevent future disease
– A lot of time, research, and testing has been put into this green drink
– Save money by taking one drink rather than tons of vegetables, probiotic pills, and digestive enzymes
– The nutrients, probiotics, and enzymes will help promote a healthier body as well as a healthier mind!
– This drink has the power to reduce physical signs of aging in your skin thanks to its powerful nutrients
– You could lose stubborn weight when your digestive system improves and nutrients are better absorbed
– You will boost your immune system and experience fewer colds and infections

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The Cons

– The mixture contains greens and sea vegetables, so the taste may not be ideal to everyone but for our taste tests, its one of the best tasting!Money Back Guarantee
– You may want to check with your doctor to make sure that your body is ok to take Patriot Power Greens

The Bottom Line

You may feel like crap today, but you have the power to make lifestyle changes that can influence your physical and mental health in a big way. Not everything is under your control. For instance, environment factors and genetics play a part in how you age and the inflammation you experience; however, making sure that you get a high amount of nutrients, probiotics, and enzymes are things you have complete control over.

You could eat a ton of vegetables during your day, take a probiotic morning and night, and take digestive enzymes with every meal, or you could drink a glass of Patriot Power Greens. Either way, once your body starts getting the nutrients it needs, inflammation will decrease and disappear, and your health will return to a state you haven’t known since your twenties.

If you are not sure, then take advantage of an incredible 200% guarantee that they are offering. If you don’t experience the benefits promised, and your doctor said you could use the greens, then you can return the canister or canisters that you purchased and get 200% of your money back. You also get to keep all the bonuses at their expense.

Sounds like they are confident in their product, right? You should be too. Take a chance and see how a shot of healthy nutrients, probiotics, and enzymes can improve your life.

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muscle-matrix-solution-reviewMany men have a hard time building muscle and losing fat. Finding a work-life balance that allows you to devote time to building muscle is hard, and most of us give up before we even start to see the results we want. But, what if I told you that building muscle didn’t have to be as hard as it seems. In fact, what if I told you that working out too hard could harm your chances of building the muscle you want to build. The truth is that there are a few things you need to consider for the optimal body.

For instance, you should be concerned about your testosterone levels, no matter what age you are. Healthy levels of testosterone are important to all aspects of your health, including building muscle, and can be affected not only by age, but also be the environment, exercise, and diet.

There are two other hormones that men need to focus on to build muscle, lose fat, and be healthy. The growth hormone, which helps keep the weight off and the muscle on, and cortisol, which can cause the body to hold onto fat and make losing weight extremely hard.

The time to make sure you have optimal levels of these hormones is now. And if you want to build muscle and lose fat, you will need to take your hormones even more seriously. If you don’t, gaining muscle and losing weight will be an uphill battle.

The Muscle Matrix Solution is all about gaining muscle, shredding fat, and getting the body you want with very minimal time. In fact, you only need to spend 3 days a week, 30 minutes a day to get the alpha body. The system helps you get your hormones to optimal levels, showing you exactly when you need to work out and helping you eat the perfect hormone-healthy diet.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get a complete system to make the most out of your workouts, nutrition, and supplementation. Research is showing that many workouts and diets are actually hurting hormones and making it very hard to lose fat and gain muscle. The Muscle Matrix Solutions helps make it very clear what actually works and what doesn’t.


Working Out: You know that a proper workout routine is essential to build muscle and burn fat, but the truth is that your current workout could be wreaking havoc on your hormones and making it almost impossible to achieve the results you want. The Muscle Matrix helps you to turn down those hormones that are causing your body to hold onto fat and turn up the hormones that encourage muscle growth.

Diet: Again, it is no surprise that diet is important to build muscle and burn fat. You know that. But, you probably don’t know exactly what to eat to encourage healthy hormones and maximize the results of your efforts during your workouts. All of that is explained to you in this system.

Supplementation: This system will cover the most helpful supplements you can use to get the most out of your workout and diet. Not everyone needs to supplement, but many people do, and it is important to know exactly what nutrients you need to take that can help you achieve the results you want.

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Who Is It For?

This system is meant to work with the male body, so it will work with any male: big, small, and anywhere in-between. The only issue is that this way of working out and eating may go against some common beliefs that you have, and it may be a challenge for some guys to incorporate this system into their daily habits. If you are ready for change, and are willing to do what it takes to build muscle and lose fat once and for all, then this is guaranteed to work for you.

Who Created Muscle Matrix Solutions?

Ryan Hughes ReviewsRyan Hughes is the guy behind the system. He has been focused on fitness and health since the young age of 15, and he has become one of the top names in the fitness industry because of his passion and results. He is a trainer for celebrities, an international fitness cover model, a BSN athlete and spokes-model, and an author found on many different popular publications.

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The Pros

– Works for skinny, overweight, or fit men who want to build muscle and lose fat
– Turn up your testosterone levels and benefit your overall health
– Learn how to naturally boost your growth hormone levels
– Learn how to reduce your cortisol levels naturally
– All natural way of turning your body into a health, strong machine
– Does not encourage a low fat or low carb diet with this system
Money Back Guarantee- Learn when the best time to work out is for you and stop wasting time working out at other times
– No guesswork involved; all information is clearly laid out in this system
– Instantly downloadable within minutes of purchase
– Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee

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The Cons

– Because this system is unique, you may be resistant to dropping old exercise and nutrition habits and doing something so different
– There is no physical material delivered to you as everything is digital. The positive side is you have this information instantly anywhere you are, but the downside is you can’t look at a book or pop in a DVD if you like doing that.

The Bottom Line

This has the potential to work with every man’s body: skinny, fit, or overweight. However, if you do not have the ability or desire to change around your beliefs about working out, dieting, and supplementing, then you may not be willing to adopt this new information into your life easily, and that will ensure that you don’t get the results you want.

That said, this system was developed by a guy who has walked the walked and obviously knows what he is talking about. The fact that he is focusing on optimizing hormones is very important. The research is clear: Hormones play a very important role in how easily you gain or lose weight, and if you don’t have them under control, then you cannot have control over your body’s ability to do what you want it to do.

The bottom line is that the system comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You either gain new insight from The Muscle Matrix Solutions or you don’t. You either gain a new body from the system or you don’t. If you do, then you could be ripped within a few months from now and have the body you’ve always wanted to have. If not, you can ask for a refund and cross one more thing off your list that doesn’t work. Just make sure you are serious about giving the information a real try before you dismiss its potential.

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Trouble Spot Nutrition ReviewIf you knew exactly which foods would help you to stop storing fat on your body, would you eat them? It seems like something anyone would do, and one nutritionist says he knows exactly what you need to eat to melt away even the most stubborn fat. In fact, he says that certain foods can deactivate one enzyme that is responsible for all the stubborn fat on your body.

We now know that hormones play a huge part in fat storage. Even the best diet won’t help you lose fat if your fat-storing and fat-burning hormones are out of whack. The trick is not only to know what foods to eat, but develop a system that allows you to be the master of your hormones and make fat storage a thing of the past.

You might be amazed to know that when you know what foods to eat, you can lose fat without eating fewer calories. This has been proven. One new fat loss program uses that information to help you finally lose the fat. This Trouble Spot Nutrition review will take a look at exactly what you get and why you need to know this information for long-term fat loss.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get the cure to your hormonal imbalances that are causing you to hold onto fat. It is done in 3 phases.

Phase 1: You work at deactivating your body’s fat storage enzyme. This is an enzyme that literally makes your body store fat in your worst problem areas. You don’t need medication to deactivate this enzyme. You simply need to eat certain foods that are covered in the Trouble Spot Nutrition program. Essentially you will detox, reduce inflammation, and suppress the enzyme, and lose a ton of fat while doing it.

Phase 2: You will have already lost a lot of fat from phase 1, but this phase will help you personalize your diet to help you lose your problem areas. This phase offers a meal plan designed by a nutritionist to fight your problem areas.

Trouble Spot Nutrition Review

Phase 3: If you are someone who also wants some muscle tone to go along with your fat loss, then this phase is for you. In it you will learn how you can use just a few minutes per day to blast the remaining fat off your body. You have probably heard that exercise can do a number on your hormones, and that is absolutely true! That’s why this program doesn’t use intense and long exercise. Instead, it focuses on movements that help you get your hormones balanced and doing what they should in your body for maximum fat loss.

Inside you will find the main manual plus a few bonuses including a testosterone balancing meal plan, an estrogen balancing meal plan, a thyroid balancing meal plan, and a trouble spot activation workout. This is everything you will need to understand how to make your hormones work for you.

Who Is It For?

Both men and women will benefit from Trouble Spot Nutrition. It is a program geared towards helping men and women tackle their specific hormonal issues. That’s why there is a testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid meal plan. Whatever hormones are causing you problems can be tackled in this program.

Furthermore, if you have had problems losing weight before, and think that this won’t work for you, think again. This is not your typical program that tackles calories in and calories out. It gets to the core of fat loss, and helps you blast fat from all areas of your body – even your hard to lose areas. Nobody else, that we have seen, has created a program this tailored to fit everyone’s needs like this.

About The Author

Bruce Krahn-reviews-Trouble-spot-nutritionLook up Bruce Krahn and you will find a guy who has his face all over the nutrition and training niche. He is a personal trainer and a best-selling author. He has been in the business for over 20 years, during which he has helped thousands of people reach their fitness and health goals. He’s even had famous clients, such as Tom Cochrane and Nelly Furtado. He is a husband, and he has twins. What struck me most is that he has a wife with an autoimmune disease, and he understands that flare-ups and good health are directly influenced by inflammation in the body and diet.

The Pros

  • System helps you to balance out your hormones and experience faster weight loss (especially from trouble spots)
  • Reduce inflammation in your body and improve your overall health
  • Gain more energy and reduce pain in your body
  • No guesswork involved; everything you need to do is inside the program
  • No hardcore exercise involved
  • Will not interfere with any medication that you are on for hormones or anything else
  • Works for men and women, young and old
  • Stay motivated thanks to the quick and obvious results
  • Money Back GuaranteeStart today and see results quickly
  • All information is instantly accessible after purchase
  • 60 days to try it out and ask for your money back if you are not happy

The Cons

  • You have to make some small changes to your lifestyle, which can be hard if your mindset is against change
  • There is no physical copy of this book, but you get an instant digital copy that you can download and print off for your convenience

The Bottom Line

If you have been trying to lose the fat on your trouble spots without much luck, then your hormones are likely out of whack. Many popular diets actually cause you to hang on to the fat because cutting calories doesn’t deal with one of the most important factors behind fat storage and fat burn – your hormones. And the stress, overwork, and under-eating can all affect your hormones in a negative way.

In addition, the specific foods you are eating now could be causing even more problems. That’s why you need to know exactly what to eat to promote balanced hormones and quick fat loss. This Trouble Spot Nutrition review should have you convinced that this is the place to find out exactly which foods you NEED to include in your diet. We highly recommend trying it out now for fat loss and better health.

Is there a way to quickly drop a jeans size in only 9 days? It sounds incredible, but the Drop a Jeans Size Diet claims that you can do it and still eat as you do!

Imagine being able to fit back into your favorite pair of jeans again without the struggle and time it usually takes to get the weight off. You know you want to! That’s why this diet is so appealing and so popular. Everyone has that pair of jeans just waiting for them in the back of their closet.drop-a-jean-size-review

So, before you try out another low calorie diet that is not only hard to stick to, but also causes a lot of damage to your metabolism and makes it almost impossible to lose weight, check out this Drop A Jeans Size Diet review and decide if you are willing to try it out for just 9 days.


What’s Included?

You get everything you need to make the diet work for you. The author explains a method that allows your way into smaller jeans, and it doesn’t include starvation. In fact, it includes fat and carbs, two things we tend to eliminate on our diets. Inside you will find meal plans for each of your 9 days, which will take away all of the guesswork.

For those of you who rely on the scale to determine whether or not you are having success, you are taught how to use your measurements as a more accurate representation of how your weight loss is going. Thanks to issues like water weight, the scale is not an accurate measurement of what is happening to your body; but, taking the tape measure never lies.

You also get a few bonuses that will make this diet even more fun and successful. These include:

1. A 3-Day Fat Metabolism Supercharge

If you have dieted in the past, then you have probably done damage to your metabolism. This bonus will help you get it back on track quickly and encourage your body to let go of fat so much faster than ever before. You get menu options, recipes, and recommendations for supplements that will crank up your metabolism even more.

2. Fabulous Flat Belly Foods

This bonus gives you insight into the foods that target your belly fat. These are foods that you will want to add to all of your recipes. In fact, you can swap out some common ingredients in your regular recipes with these foods for more fat burning power.


Who Is It For?

Whether you have a pair of jeans waiting for you in the closet or not, this diet is really meant for anyone who wants to lose weight fast without starving. That said, this diet will be good for anyone who believes that starving themselves is the only way to lose weight. Why? Because it uses a method that allows you to eat and still get results fast without harming your metabolism, which means that you quickly get perspective on a healthier way to eat and still lose weight. You will never have to go on another hard and dangerous diet again when you see the results that you can get in just 9 days from eating well.

About The Author

SueHeintze-reviews-200x143Sue Heintze is no stranger to struggling with weight loss. She used to eat low-calorie diets and exercise herself into exhaustion. But, when she discovered some insights into what restrictive dieting and hardcore exercise really does to a body, she quickly searched for a new way to tackle weight loss. Her insights led her to win a body transformation competition and create some of the most popular fat burning products around. Her goals is to help other women reach the same kind of success that she has.

The Pros

– One of the biggest pros is that you will not be starving yourself on this diet! In fact, you will learn why starving yourself is actually detrimental to your weight loss success.

– There is no exercise involved. All you have to do is eat yourself into a size smaller.

– In just 9 days from now you could be down a jean size. Not only is this good for your plans next week, but it also allows you to quickly see the power that this diet has, and help you avoid returning back to strict diets that do more harm than good. In short, when success comes quickly, it is much easier to stick to a healthy diet like this.

– Sue Heintze is a well-known woman in the diet industry. She has not also had an amazing body, but she knows how to get it! You don’t need to reinvent the wheel; you just need to follow in her footsteps.

– There is a 60-day money back guarantee with this diet. Considering that you will lose a jeans size in just 9 days, it seems that 60 days will be enough time to decide whether or not this is something that is worth your money.

– The diet is instantly downloadable! You could be reading about (and starting) this diet in just a few minutes from now.

The Cons

– Because this program is in digital format, you will not get any material delivered to you. However, you can print off all the material that you download and put it into a binder for easy access.Money Back Guarantee

– Okay, we are not saying this is a magic pill or anything. You still cannot go out and eat hamburgers and fries and expect to lose weight. This is a diet that you have to follow and stick to for the next 9 days.

The Bottom Line

If you are serious about losing weight and fitting into those skinny jeans again, then this is a diet that will help you do that quickly and without starvation. The Drop A Jeans Size Diet has a unique method of eating that helps you easily boost your fat burning potential and shred off that fat.

In addition, you get some bonuses to help you keep losing weight and fighting the fat. For instance, your metabolism plays a huge part in your ability to fight fat, and learning how to reset it and keep it going strong will help you create the fat burning body you have always wanted.

In the end, this is a diet program that should excite you. It gives you the formula for success, it doesn’t include exercise, and it gives you the results you want quickly.


Do you want to learn a strength training method that will help you get stronger and stronger without plateauing? I’m assuming you said yes, and if you did, then the DUP method is a training method that you will want to get to very familiar with.


The training method is based on real case studies and science, and the creators say that anyone can build their muscles simply by using this method. Those creators are not just a couple of wanabee trainers who think they know how to help you. They are fitness professionals who just happen to know a little bit about rocket science – but more on that in a second. First, let’s take a look at what the DUP method really offers you.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get introduced to a training method that you have never seen before. This method has been shown to help people add 20 pounds to their bench press and squats, and 15 pounds to their dead lift, in less than 3 months.

DUP stands for Daily Undulating Periodization, and it goes against most conventional training methods. You will find yourself training the same muscle groups on back-to-back days. And you will only use a limited number of exercises that vary in intensity and reps.

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Inside you will find:

– The Main Manual: This is the nuts and bolts of the program. You will learn why the program works and how to get started. You will learn how you are going to get stronger, which variation of this workout will work best for you, how you can decrease soreness, and how to do every exercise that you need to do.

– A Nutrition Guide: Because a great workout method requires a great nutrition plan, you get this guide to help you figure out exactly what you need to eat while using this method. This is even broken down into the macronutrients, such as fats, carbs, and proteins. In short, you can easily optimize your diet to work for your fitness goals.

One of the great things about the DUP method is that it is not a one size fits all. The creators know that different people require a different workout schedule, and so they have created five different workout logs to fit your needs.

1. Optimal Workout Log: If you can fully dedicate yourself to this workout, then this is the workout log for you. It will give you the visual you need to know what you need to do every day for your workout.

2. 4-Day Workout Log: For people who only have 4 days per week to devote to the DUP method, this is the log for you.

3. The Busy Man’s Workout Log: This is the log for people who only have 3 days per week to devote to the DUP method.

4. Beat Up Lifters Workout Log: Many people have suffered injuries or find that they get hurt easily during workouts. If that’s you, then the DUP method has a workout log for you to help you get results while avoiding injuries.

5. Hypertrophy Workout Log: Lastly, if your main goal is to build muscle, then this is the workout log for you.

You also get three bonuses, including:

1. Video guide for bench pressing
2. Video guide for squatting
3. Video guide for deadlifts

All of these help you to train using proper form and get the results you are looking for.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who has not received the results they are looking for while working out will benefit from this method of strength training. It works for men and women, and it doesn’t matter how much training experience you have. This will teach you how to build your muscle starting today.

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About The Creators


Remember how I said one of the fitness professionals knew a thing or two about rocket science? Well, Jason Maxwell used to be a rocket scientist, but he chose to leave that career and become a fitness professional instead. He uses his background knowledge to help his clients find the success they want. He also has a master’s level nutrition certification, and he has the credentials to back up his strength expertise as well.

The other creator of the DUP method, Mike Samuels, is a fitness professional whose focus is on power lifting and strength training. He used to be focused on cardio, but has transitioned to strength sports. He doesn’t take it easy on his clients as his belief is that training shouldn’t be easy if you want to see results. This, combined with his experience, allows him to train people to get better and faster results.

The Pros

– Bonus videos will help ensure that you are doing the exercises properly
– Easy to follow program that only includes 4 exercises
– This is a digital fitness program, so you can have access to it in a few minutes from now
– Your strength will increase much more using the DUP method than it will with any other training method
– Feel healthier and stronger than ever before
– Bypass the other people in the gym by doing fewer lifts
– The DUP method was created for everyone
– You can tailor the program to fit your needs
– Nutrition aspect included for optimal results
– Comes in both MP4 and PDF format
– 60-Day money back guarantee with no hassle

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The Cons

– Success requires commitment and dedication to both the workout and nutritionMoney Back Guarantee
– The program is completely digital so you won’t get anything in the mail, but the good thing is you get immediate access.

The Bottom Line

The DUP method was made to help you build muscle and get the results you are looking for. You can’t find this method anywhere else. The best part is that it’s based on muscle biology, which means that if you are human, then it is going to work for you.

You also get access to nutrition guidelines that are going to help you make the most out of the success you get from the fitness aspect, as well as other information that will help you understand weightlifting better than some of the biggest people in your gym.

In fact, you will be the person that other people get jealous of at the gym. They won’t understand why you are only doing a few lifts per muscle group, but still get results that they had to work their ass off for. That’s worth the knowledge alone. But, of course, you can always help other people to understand what you learn in the DUP method and make some friends if you choose to do so.

In the end, the DUP method is based on science, and it works for both men and women no matter how much workout experience you have. If you want to build muscle, then this is something that can help you find the success you are looking for. And if you don’t find that success, there is a money back guarantee set in place.

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